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Donna couldn't care less about Thorne, and she makes no bones about it. He's such a nice guy, and he would be a great leading male if he wasn't always being treated like the gardener.

I never have understood the need to pre-empt our all-important, life-sustaining soaps to show, of all things, tennis during the week. And in the middle of the afternoon...when no one is home!! Just plain weird. I have never heard of anyone saying to their boss, "Uh, I need to take some vacation time so I can be home to watch tennis." I've also never heard of anyone calling in sick so they could be home to watch tennis. So what's the big deal? There were more important things to deal with than Thorne bouncing the big-boobed, always half-dressed super slut out of the wedding. Now that would be a reason to stand up and cheer!!

It was refreshing to see someone with Logan DNA talk with some sense. Go Katie, go Katie!!! She's confident, direct, and has the moral compass her sisters wish they had (or maybe don't care to have). She stands toe-to-toe with Stephanie and so far has the most intelligent dialogue of any of the Logans. Speaking of airhead dialogue, how about Donna's speech about "Logans should always stick together." Yeah, whatever. I guess Brooke got a free pass for not attending the wedding because she was busy throwing herself at Ridge.

Back to Katie. Okay...who else got the whiff of chemistry between her and Thorne? Hmmm...the possibilities are intriguing. As long as he has her sign something warning her of the possible side effects of being his wife: possible addictions, aborted weddings due to another guy winning her back, certain death by car or chandelier. Yep, if there was a guy on this show with a monster curse on him for failed marriages and dead spouses, it's Thorne. Katie...I'm pullin' for you, but girl, you better carry around a rabbit's foot the size of California!

Donna....becoming the new Brooke? I guess, though I have to say that when I scanned my memories from The Bold and the Beautiful, I don't remember her marrying a Forrester for the sheer sick enjoyment of watching Stephanie suffer. Yes, she married Eric, but I think she did love him a little. Donna couldn't care less about Thorne and makes no bones about it. Witch. He's such a nice guy (to a fault...hello?) and I have always thought he would be a great leading male on the show if he weren't always treated like the gardener. And how many more shots do we have to endure of her nearly naked in front of Thorne. That's all she has done is strip and screw him...what did he not get about all this? I was glad to see that Jackie re-thought her position on all of this...if she wants a shot at Eric when the rape story comes to light and bites Stephanie in the butt, she can't have a hand in this nonsense with Thorne.

Speaking of the Forrester family harpy, she'll be knocked right out of her pantsuit this week when the Golden Boy figures out she helped Andy orchestrate his rape of Brooke. Speaking of...has anyone noticed she bounced back a little quicker than someone should have for being so brutalized? I guess getting Ridge back trumps all, huh? Anyway...I will be ticked if Eric doesn't throw her butt out of the mansion after finding great twisted and evil? Can't wait to see how she tries to worm her way out of this.

But just when I thought it was safe to write a few positive things about the writing last week, I have discovered that the brain-trust that is the B&B writing staff are going to have Donna hook up with Eric of all people! Hello? Can you say "Been there, done that"? It's another sad example of the Xerox machine in the back room doing all the writing instead of the so-called creative minds that are paid to write B&B. This is Brooke-Eric all over again. I can't imagine anyone with a pulse thinking that pairing will be appealing to watch. Eric should be with Jackie, period. That would bug Stephanie enough all by itself. But no, we have to go back to the Forrester vs. Logan well yet again, but this time in the most ridiculous way possible. Eric and Donna. Ugh, I can't even type it without feeling sleepy. Boring!!

Wait! There is something else I am happy about....Constantine is gone! I did my little happy dance when I realized his dirty, unshaven face was deleted from the opening credits. Word has it he has gone recurring, which is code for "might see ya' twice a year." Now he is one character that had to go to the Land of the B&B Forgotten. His story was silly, poorly acted, and shameless. I hear he's going out on the road to support his CD release...after all, when 35 or 36 people buy it, they want to see you in person, right?

I am so done with watching Rick run around like a dog sniffing after Ashley and Phoebe...doesn't this guy have a job? A life? Or has his character now become nothing more than a pretty boy pseudo-teenager looking for the next piece of, well, you know? I'd love to see him grow up a little and be more involved with the business or something. Anything but chasing skirts. He could be such a great "next gen" character for the inevitable day when the Big Four leave or are back-burnered due to age. He could start his own fashion house or maybe team up with Nick and really stoke the fires of family tension. He could fall for someone his own age and have some amazing soap romance with a new female character. It's like they brought him back and now no one knows what to do with him.

As for last week's question, only a couple of folks wrote saying they have a hard time with the new Katie. The reasons really had more to do with the actress being more recognizable as Victoria Newman than Katie Logan. But the majority thought she was great with Stephanie and look forward to her being a pivotal character in the future. I see Vicky less and less with each scene...whoever is writing her dialogue is, so far, doing a very good job re-inventing her. She was the mousy and quiet sister before, and now I think she will be very entertaining to watch.

Short week, so I'll get right to this week's question.....who could this show not survive without? I have asked this about specific characters in the past but not in general. Who has to stay to make the show really work?

The Soap Box

Marie writes: "As for Katie, too early to tell. Perhaps, Bell will do Katie right but, that would be a first."

Lisa says: "I love the new Katie. She's smart, honest and decent. She's more Thorne's type. But doesn't she look 'not as Logan' with such dark hair? About Phoebe & Rick, has it ever occurred to Rick to ask Phoebe to marry him? Marriage first then sex, that's the honorable thing to do. Isn't he ready for marriage yet?"

Ann weighs in: "I love the new Katie. She will be a great asset if the writers keep her personality strong and her judgment sharp. It is nice to see a woman on this show so sure of herself besides Stephanie for a change."

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