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Let's face it...Donna is not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. She has the depth of a paper towel, and the brain power to match.

I think I need to have my head examined. Is there a shrink in the house? I really never thought I would ever hear anything even remotely constructive come out of Donna Logan's mouth but I have. In the midst of Brooke trying to put Stephanie's deliberate misdeeds behind her and move on, Donna has taken it upon herself to rally the troops and try to convince her sister to make Queenie pay somehow for what she has done. Now, I'm not sure how you can do that really but we know a gun shot is forthcoming! Yikes! How's that for Logan justice?

Let's face it everyone, Donna is not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. She has the depth of a paper towel and brain power to match. But I have to say that her point made to Brooke made sense. Stephanie has been getting away with so much since the beginning and there are some times in life when 'turning the other cheek' just doesn't work to stop repeat offenders like her. I love that she called in Daddy Logan into the mix as he has NO fear of any Forrester and could use this chance to mend fences with the kids. I can't wait for Storm's confrontation with him...we did not get that last time Stephen was in town. Some Logan testosterone is in order! Just think how formidable the Logans could be with everyone working together.

Love the dead bird, love the precarious view from the balcony that Stephanie had, and love the look on Stephen's face! Thank goodness the shows are written enough in advance that the writers strike should not affect this story too much. My question is why they don't keep ALL the Logans around longer? We existed well with Forresters and Spectra's for years...there's enough room for both. And doesn't Stephen Logan have OODLES of money now? Could be very interesting.....maybe Stephen could hook up with Jackie and help bankroll the new and improved Spectra Fashions?

And how scared am I for Taylor?? Well, it's obvious we are being set-up for another round of Bricky Part 5 (or is it 6?). Nick's reaction to Stephanie's involvement in Brooke's rape made that very clear as he still loves her. I'm on record---all it's going to take is some rare once in a millennium disease to hit little Jack and Brooke and Nick will have to save the day leaving Taylor to look over her shoulder for the next rare disease to come down the pike. Did anyone catch the shocked look on Brooke's face when Nick proclaimed that he would do anything for her? Uh-huh. That spoke volumes...the flip-flop is coming quicker than we think. Brooke-Ridge, Nick-Taylor, Brooke-Nick, etc. Geez, we can almost set our watches to it.

So why is Eric prolonging Stephanie's agony? Why wait til the fashion show to drop the bomb? Tell her now! She's already living in a hotel while Donna is about to unpack her bag in the Forrester mansion. And besides the constant needling of Thorne and Felicia (Stephanie's only remaining cheerleaders...they need to shut up already, by the way), Eric's announcement should not have to wait. I guess adding a healthy dose of public humiliation is the icing on top, huh? Oh no...wait...she's about to be shot, so I guess that's the ultimate in 'paying consequences'. We all know the shooting will be very 'JR'-like...who did it? How many people had motive? Rumour has it that Brooke will be the shooter and that she conveniently won't remember it at all. Wow, how original! Let's see...others in B&B history that suffered the same Shooting Amnesia would be Thorne (shot Ridge) and Rick (shot Grant). How do you shoot someone and not remember anything? I like it when the perp is known right from the beginning and walk around for weeks or months without being found out.

And if I had to guess, Stephen will know she did it but do everything he can to cover it up thus leaving the door open to blackmail, etc. Stephanie will know who did it but unless she is in a coma and can't blab to anyone, the wanna-be killer won't have to wait that long to be discovered. I love the list of people, though, who inhabit the 'Who Shot Stephanie' list....Brooke, Donna, Stephen, Nick, Eric and maybe even Jackie. Why not add Ridge to the list? His entire life has been molded to fit Stephanie's whims, so why not? Being his mother shouldn't matter that much either with the directions this show has taken lately.

I love Katie!!! Just wanted to put that out there. Her scenes are great, her dialogue snappy and smart, and she takes no grief! A strong and intelligent Logan sister...a breath of fresh air in my opinion! And besides Storm being such a legal buffoon, I think he is fun to have around too if they would give him half a chance. But Katie....let's just say that I hope Thorne marries her quick so she can hang around for awhile. That is, of course, after she has been giving some kind of counter-curse to keep her from falling victim to the same fates that all his wives and fiancées seem to suffer!

Anybody wonder how the writer's strike will affect the show? I'm guessing not too much considering that Brad does a good portion of the writing himself (or so I have read). He also has his close friend of many years to help him...the Xerox machine in his office. Just wite-out a few names hear and there and voila! Instant script! Seriously, I hope the strike is settled soon as I am sure the industry can accommodate whatever they are looking for to make sure the talented and hard-working show-biz writers can come back to work and entertain us all.

Oh more thing...I see that Jake McClain is coming back next week, too! I thought at first it was a strange character to bring back but now that I think about it, it could be a great way to give some of the 'lonely women' of B&B someone to fight over. Felicia and Jake have a history (and would look great together!), or he could come back and fight Thorne for Katie's affections. about Jake giving a little look to our uber-lonely and lame Bridget Forrester? She almost hooked up with his nephew Dr. Mark, so why not? I'm really curious to see how he looks to tell you the truth. Another hot stud is just what this show needs to spice things up.

Well, after all the answers were tallied from last week's questions, the overwhelming majority decided that Nick and Brooke were a more appealing couple to watch than Brooke and Ridge. No surprise there, I suppose. Those that supported Ridge and Brooke claimed that even they were growing tired of the endless back and forth. A few hoped for Ridge and Taylor to get back together but most said Nick and Brooke's passion for each other on screen was hard to beat. I agree. I was a supported then and would be lying if I said I wouldn't like them to be an item again...but not to flip-flop again. Give them a real shot together long-term or not at all. I personally cannot remember a hotter couple to watch (with the possible exception of Brooke and Deacon).

This week's burning question...since Jake is coming back for however long, what other character could liven thing up by returning? Or do we need someone new altogether? Does going to the back of the rack work anymore?

The Soap Box

Yolanda says: Since you always go on and on about wishing Brad would read your column and wake up, ah, why don't you? You don't post all of the comments you receive. I know, I have written to you several times and none of my comments make it on your soap box. I guess you're very selective about who you allow to grace your commentary screen. It's your call, but don't act like you make your readers' comments available for everyone. I'm sure this won't post either but hey, maybe you will at least start putting more than two or three fan comments.'

Frank writes: 'Why are Ridge and Brooke so upset with Stephanie, and her involvement in Brook's attack.....She certainly didn't waste anytime in forgiving Ridge, when he raped her (brook)....'

Tara says: 'I also REALLY like Thorne and Katie. I am hoping they get married and have LOTS of babies--at least three! They can be the one NORMAL couple on this getting WAY out of hand show!'

Have a great week!!!

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