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For the Week of January 14, 2008
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Sex addict?
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Felicia's entire life seems to be tied up in running around like a petulant teenager who is upset that her parents are splitting up. She needs to grow up and take care of her own child.

As we start a new year with all the anxiety of not knowing what the writing will be like while the strike goes on, I am holding out a lot of hope that we will have a fun and entertaining year in 2008. If what we saw this week was the result of 'scab' writers, I think it could be just that. I watched all the shows again today on my DVR and really was impressed and sometimes a little shocked at what I saw. But the icing on the cake HAD to be the quick thinking that Donna showed when asked why she can't marry Eric. Sex addiction? I laughed out, I REALLY LAUGHED out loud! Nearly every Forrester could be suffering the same terrible fate, you know!

Felicia has all but admitted the same, Eric has a touch of it, Ridge-well 'nuff said! But I have to say I was impressed with how Jennifer Gareis handled her scenes this last week. I hated her as Grace Turner in Y&R and was never quite sold on her acting ability but I have to admit she has really made Donna her own for better or worse. Having to dump Eric by telling him she is a sex addict was crazy and funny but such a breath of fresh air in this stale 'Brooke & Ridge' obsessed show. I have never been a big believer in this May-December romance Eric and Donna have but after this week it seems that Brad wants this to be a viable relationship. Could be, I guess. He seems like he really loves her and that this is not the standard Eric the Horn-dog nonsense he has gone on with in the past (Brooke, Lauren, Sheila, etc). Eric's scenes were touching and very believable. Too bad his harpy wife is determined to screw it all up.

I was thinking how unfair this all is to Donna and Eric (for a fleeting moment, mind you) and then I realized that she is doing the right thing. Keeping her family intact should be the most important thing. Her relationship with Eric can be resurrected down the road after he finds out that Donna was blackmailed. Eric will never forgive Stephanie and will end up with her eventually anyway. So, do the right thing now and let 'Stormy' (ugh...will SOMEONE stop calling him that???) get the help he needs before he goes postal again. Blood should be thicker than water and a troubled brother is more important than your libido. Hang in there Donna...he'll be yours soon enough. After all, it IS a soap and nothing is out of the realm of 'impossibility'.

Doesn't Felicia have a life? Her entire life seems to be tied up in running around like a petulant teenager upset that her parents are splitting up. Grow up and go handle your own child, will ya? Geez...I love her character as a rule but I find myself fast-forwarding through her scenes now.

I heard Katie (Heather Tom) will be sticking around for awhile now. Very cool...glad to hear it. She is a top-shelf actress and I see loads of potential with Katie. She just needs to have a strong non-Forrester male to pair with and we'll have a very engaging Logan female to watch that actually may spend more time upright and normal than on her back and dysfunctional.

Ok, so Taylor is literally being driven crazy by the long shadow Brooke is casting in her life. Hmmm...we all know where this is headed, don't we? She'll hit the bottle, go nutty, and Dr. James Warwick will be her savoir. I just don't see why we have to drag her down AGAIN. I know this story with the egg switch would likely make any woman go a little batty but I guess I just hate to see more and more heaped on this woman. She has 'died' twice, became a lush and killed Darla by accident, went to jail, and now had to carry Nick & Brooke's child. Ugh. Can't we give her a break already? But alas, we have to give Taylor something to do so why not make her buy the farm? Make her a delusional nut-job? Sure, why not? Nick will look like a big weenie for letting Brooke in on what's going on and Brooke will look like, well...Brooke. She will once again be the home-wrecker. Snooze. You have to wonder if KKL doesn't get a little tired of all this. I don't see this story being a particular fan favourite.

I have to say I will miss Storm. Not only is he a cutie-pie but William DeVry is a fantastic actor. It's too bad we can't have him hang around for awhile. I was hoping they would find some way to keep him around but he is another victim of the B&B Revolving Door of Recurring Doom. Bye Storm, we hardly knew ya!

Question of the Week: Do you like having the Logans around B&B or is this truly a 'one family show'?

In my growing effort to be more web-savvy, I will be trying my hand at blogging on our message board here at Soap Central. Some readers have asked if I would ever post there and I think it will be a fun new way to connect with everyone. But be gentle...I'm a virgin poster!

Have a great week!!!

Kristine Cain
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