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Rick might be the lone voice of reason in this whole mess. He sees everything clearer than the parties involved, and he provided a nice little reality check for his mother last week.

After re-watching all of last week's episodes, I have come to the conclusion that there is a REAL suspension of reality going on here (or maybe I need help, not Taylor) as I saw a whole week's worth of Brooke and Taylor existing in some kind of parallel universe. Exactly how are we to really swallow such a huge dose of Brooke being such a super-mom and all-perfect woman and Taylor being so far out of control that she can't even get through the day without hallucinating that Brooke is in her home doing everything short of showing imaginary movers where to put her stuff? And judging by the nearly record amount of emails I received this week, it's clear no one else is buying what the scab writers are selling either (if it's their scripts we see now).

I could have choked listening to Brooke tell Ridge that she 'may have saved baby Jack's life' by running him to Nick after suspecting Taylor had been drinking. Ok, first...did Brooke even have a car seat for him to drive him ANYWHERE? And why did she not just call Nick and have him come home...why run off hysterical and make things worse? Oh yeah, that's right...Brooke is not the great protector of all children everywhere. Ugh. And with all this ghouling around Taylor all the time, I can see how easy it may be to go a little batty. Brooke wants everyone to believe she wants Taylor to be the Mommy but let's not kid ourselves...she is as obsessed with Taylor as I believe sometimes that Taylor is with her. Bottom line here is that Brooke's new found sainthood when it comes to this child is getting so unbelievable that it's darn near comical to watch (and for that matter, to hear her say the actual words!).

Should Taylor be throwing back a few around the kid? No way. If she can't handle her addiction, she needs help right away. But has anyone else wondered WHY Nick hasn't gotten all of the booze out of the house? WHY hasn't he suggested rehab? If he loves her so much, he needs to do more than screw her and TELL her he loves her. He needs to show it by making sure she gets the help she needs and being an active part of it. Get a nanny for Heaven's sake! It's been good enough for Brooke for a thousand years! And Nick and Brooke's little coffee breaks spent floating down memory lane don't help either. But ultimately I just hate that Taylor is now the crazy and unstable character that allows a sympathetic and unrealistic light ot be shown on Brooke. She should be focusing on Ridgey-Poo and keeping his wounded ego in check and leave Taylor alone!

Speaking of the Wooden One, he's another one that needs a reality check. Instead of fighting this obsession Brooke has with the baby, why doesn't he haul her butt off to the altar while he has the chance? If she is so in love with him and can't wait to be his wife for the 243rd time, then why the wait? I don't see her in yet another wedding dress? I don't see the 24 hour Super Caterers working on another quickie Forrester ceremony at the mansion? What gives? I know and I suspect most readers know too...this wedding won't happen. Jack will come down with a sniffle and Brooke will ditch Ridge at the altar to go running with a tissue. After all, there is NO mother on the planet as good as Brooke, right? Yeah...right.

How can you not feel bad for Taylor, though, really? It seems that many who emailed this week feel the same. I am all for a character getting a truly meaty storyline to work with but I don't even find this even remotely entertaining to watch. It's downright painful in fact. I hope there is some kind of resolution soon because, as the Soapbox below will reveal, viewers are losing interest fast.

It was nice to see Rick again, though a little weird that he went to see Taylor. I don't remember them being that close. Anyway, I truly think he is the lone voice of reason in this whole mess. He sees everything clearer than the parties involved and provided a nice little reality check for his mother. He certainly didn't mince words and maybe he's right...Brooke and Nick obviously still have feelings for each other and Taylor is not progressing at all. Maybe with real therapy she can but this thing between Brooke and Nick (and now add Jackie's incessant harping) is too big. It's times like these that I wish Taylor would have found a man that had never been with Brooke (hence the counter-obsession she has with Brooke) and had a wonderful romance that would have complimented the great character she is, not made her a quivering and bombed fruitcake she is now.

Let's face it, there is no simple way to fix this story. Some have said the baby could be Bridget's instead (by some weird medical miracle) but then there would be another entirely different can of worms to deal with. Bridget is still obsessed with him, too and can't easily forget their baby she lost. So what does that leave? I go back to Taylor's question early in the week to Nick...would it be easier for Taylor to fade into the background while Brooke and Nick get back together and raise the kid themselves? Not the most tasteful of resolutions but what other alternative is there? I have always wanted Nick and Brooke to be together but never like this. That ship has sailed, I know, but this mess offers up few choices. I don't know, my brain hurts thinking about it.

Donna and Eric? With the Ice Queen back in LA, Donna better be careful...she won't go quietly if Donna doesn't hold up her end of the agreement. After all, we can't have 'Stormy' (ugh) go the big house, can we? Everyone but my mother has made their passionate pleas to her to do the right thing and dump Eric but she can't control herself. Well, I am getting the feeling that many of you feel like I just don't care enough about these two to have a strong opinion either way. I like Eric's character, don't get me wrong, and Donna may be more appealing to me if she was with another man but these two together? No. Just finding myself fast-forwarding the DVR through their scenes.

THINGS THAT BUGGED ME...why do we have to suffer through the 'Bridget's flat stomach camera angle' during her talk with Jackie? Thank God for good bikini waxes, huh? And that dress Brooke was wearing late in the week...I think my grandmother has some curtains that looked just like it! Are the costumers on strike, too? Don't Nick and Jackie have jobs? I see whole lot of running back and forth between coffee houses and the mansion to spy on Taylor but that's about it. And there is no way that the baby 'knows' Brooke like she thinks...Taylor carried him and nurtured him. I'd love some of whatever Brooke has been smoking because these speeches about how he looks at her and KNOWS that she is his Mother is insane. Keep kidding yourself, sweetheart!

Well I have a TON of great emails from last week weighing in on how the Baby Mama Drama may be resolved (and other of your thoughts!). But before I get to all of that, here is this week's question: Would you want to see Brooke and Nick get back together for the baby's sake? Is this 'do-able' or a train wreck for B&B?

The Soap Box

Deedy says: 'I would love to see the baby drama wrap up with Taylor getting a grip on her emotions (and alcoholism) and realize that regardless of what she says, Brooke will in some way be apart of Jack's life. The families are too close not to be. They, IMO, need to find a resolution that will work for that child and stop treating him like he is their own personal toy. Either Taylor be his mother and love him or she needs to be honest with Nick and say she can't do it. She can't it both ways. Whine time is over, either love him or not.'

Linda writes: 'To me, the only and best possible way to resolve the Baby Mama Drama is if Taylor turns out to be the real mother. She deserves a break!'

Cathie says: 'I would love to see Taylor take baby Jack and leave Nick and Brook to to whatever they want--make a baby of their very own if they desire...they are ruining Taylor's character to have her so needy and weak.'

Lia thinks: 'Baby Mamma Drama on B&B - this will end bad! Of course, Brooke & Nick will end up together again and raising this child leaving Taylor with her bottle of VODKA!! This is crazy.. enough already...and what's with the making Brooke look like a saint and Taylor look like a bad mother...where's the creative story to all this. And who does Brooke think she is - taking Jack and bringing him to Nick. I'm so disappointed in B&B with all the repetitive history going back & forth. The hottest storyline this year was Stephanie getting shot! That's it!'

Tarrel writes: 'I'd love for Taylor to get herself together, take the baby and leave. That would serve Nick, Brook, and Jackie right for the way they all are all acting. Better yet, I'd love for them to find out that Bridget is the real egg donor.'

Paula says: 'Not trying to be to harsh, but Baby Jack should die. Then Taylor and Brook can mourn together and get on with their lives.' Yikes.......

Jinnie feels: 'You can add me to the long list of disgusted, disgruntled and gone former fans! This ridiculous Taylor/Brooke/Nick story is so disgusting (Makes Stephanie/Donna/Eric look good!). Nick needs to understand that Brooke is NOT his wife and get her once and for all out of his life!! Taylor deserves better. I'm finished with this garbage show.'

Sheryl says: 'Frankly, I'm ticked! This storyline with Brooke and Taylor is over the line ridiculous! The eggs got mixed up? The 'bed hopper' is the donor? The birth mother forgets she carried the child to term? Seriously, who believes this crap? I am so incredibly sick of Brooke being seen with this halo over her head every time she unintentionally goes after some poor woman's man. It's like they're setting her up to be the next Stephanie. The fact is she doesn't love any of these men because she doesn't love herself. I get that the writers' job is to make the storyline interesting, but this is Passions-worthy!'

Have a great week!!!

Kristine Cain
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