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For the Week of February 4, 2008
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Guess who's coming to dinner
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Last week, the writers had Taylor make a truly brilliant move to smoke out Brooke's true intentions where Nick and the baby are concerned.

I thought I had seen it all. Just when I thought Taylor would go down in B&B history as a little more meek and less devious as Brooke, I was proven wrong. The writers had Taylor make a truly brilliant move to smoke out Brooke's true intentions where Nick and the baby are concerned. Actually, it was nothing Brooke would not have done herself. What a better way to force someone's hand than have the reverend there to tie the knot? Very slick. Now Taylor has been going a little b atty all week and even during Friday's show she looked a little psycho but a great move to show how much hesitant she is to marry Captain Destiny.

As I have said for weeks, it is obvious that Brooke and Nick are headed back to each other somehow. Do I agree with this? I don't know. I think Nick has been made to look like an insensitive chump in an impossible position. He is in a lose-lose no matter what and Brooke? Well, she has never had the chemistry with Ridge she had with Nick but to get back together like this is not very entertaining. It's just the baby that will have spurred it along, not their love for each other. I can tell they still have something but every time they get together, it turns out to be a train wreck.

So what do I hope is that Taylor gets off the booze and gets a chance at some non-Brooke happiness? Now I REALLY don't see how it could happen with Rick, of all people. These can't be something that's even realistic, can it? She should be with a mature man that has not slept with Brooke. Oh...wait...I guess Rick is that man, huh? Seriously, this show needs to bring in a new man for her. I just never get 'into' these May-December romances and when it's an older woman and younger man, it seems to never work on soaps. Of course, the opposite is always a winner, a la Donna and Eric.

Stephanie has her work cut out for her, huh? Eric is doing something remarkably uncharacteristic for him...he's being sneaky and devious! I LOVE IT! Call it Donnas' influence or whatever you want but I think it's about time that he start handing out some comeuppance to his 'wife'. I'm starting to believe that maybe these two really love each other and certainly Donna has surprised me with her ability to throw caution to the wind and tell the truth. Truth is just about as scarce as rain is here in the South on this show. No one tells the truth but this move by Donna is perfect as Stephanie has no way to really combat this now. My question, though, is if Eric lowers the boom sometime down the road, Stephanie can still press charges on Storm, can't she? Sounds crazy to me but it will be fun to watch what happens. Just NO more kissing between Eric and the Ice stomach can't take much more of that!

It's a shame that the rumor mill is working overtime speculating that Ashley will go back to Genoa City for good soon. The big brush-off she got from Rick seemed to foreshadow that. Ashley really brings some much needed class and intelligence to this show and has been a great foil for Brooke along the way. I have some chicken bones rattling here and some voodoo chants in hopes she can stick around. Hey! It may work....

I actually felt a little bad for Rigid this past week. I think he truly thought that getting married on the spot would be good for them. I also feel bad that he is SO LOST that he doesn't see that Brooke's hesitation has nothing to do with logistics or Taylor's motives as they have to do with her not wanting to shut the door on a future with Nick and baby Jack. It's so obvious but unless the show introduces some hot new babe soon, he will be wandering through his scenes by himself! Brooke will move on, Taylor will be hitting the sheets with Rick, and Ashley will be on the next flight to Wisconsin. Who does that leave for him? Katie? No, she's too smart for him.

Last week, I could hear crickets chirping in my I'll try another one:

Who likes the idea of Taylor and Rick hooking up?

THINGS THAT BUGGED ME: Who turned Rick's lapels inside out during his scenes with Taylor? Does the costume department need help, too? And why are all the men on this show in black? Someone needs to stop replaying 'Walk the Line' in the costume closet. James did not stick around long enough...I have always liked his character and thought he should be a regular again. And why has Nick not done a clean sweep of that house for, I don't know...BOOZE perhaps? What a schmuck to even have alcohol in that house at all! I hate what has happened to his character, in case you couldn't tell.

Sorry for the late and abbreviated column...I had some technical difficulties earlier today getting this to attach. And I was celebrating the most amazing Super Bowl I have ever watched. Congrats to all of my readers that call New York was a win for good sportsmanship and integrity everywhere. Though my Steelers did not make it this year, tonight..I am a Giants fan!

The Soap Box

Fran thinks: 'I know that Brooke was a match for little Jack's bone marrow but that doesn't necessarily prove that she is his biological mother. They never did do a paternity test so I wish they would find out that Brooke is NOT the mother of Jack. That way they could ALL get on with their lives and let some of the other actors get a chance for a storyline. I'm tired of the Brooke/Taylor feud.'

Nell says: 'I would like to see baby Jack as Taylor's biological son in the end. At this moment I have stopped watching B&B, as soon as Taylor began to hit the bottle, I stopped my daily recordings. Why does Taylor have no one to confide in on this show? Brooke has the Logan family, Ridge, and it seems Nick and Jackie. There is not one person that is on Taylor's side, not one person she can really confide in or to offer her help. Nick is always meeting with Brooke on the sly, I swear they are seen in almost every seen, but Taylor is only seen alone with the baby and now drinking herself into a stupor. I cannot take any more of this, so I am done until something change. I do not want to see Brooke win this battle.'

Jinnie wonders: 'You can add me to the long list of disgusted, disgruntled and gone former fans! This rediculous Taylor/Brooke/Nick story is so disgusting (Makes Stephanie/Donna/Eric look good!). Nick needs to understand that Brooke is NOT his wife and get her once and for all out of his life!! Taylor deserves better. I'm finished with this garbage show.'

Have a great week!!!

Kristine Cain
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