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Taylor already has a problem with Brooke; how will it mess with her head if she ends up with Brooke as her mother-in-law? Granted, Rick is the only man who has NOT slept with Brooke, but still!

Did anyone out there ever watch 'Friends'? Remember the scene when Phoebe looked out the window and saw Chandler and Monica kissing after months of wondering if they were secretly dating? Yes...that's the EXACT reaction I had Friday! No...make it stop!!!! What is this, 'American Pie: Beverly Hills'? Who is making Taylor the B&B 'mlf'? And no, I did not come up with that one...actually my stepson said that when he left the room in disgust while I was watching on Friday. Even he couldn't watch at 19! So, we all knew it was coming. What's so funny and icky about this is that for all that Taylor went on with all week about having no life without Brooke as some sick part of it, now she could be sleeping with her son of all people! Move over, Taylor...I think I need a drink!

Now before everyone labels me a prude, it's not like I don't think these May-December romances can't be hot...I thought Jackie and Deacon had some sizzle and yes, I did see the same with Rick and Ashley. But this??? Not these two!!! Talk about muddying the waters! If Taylor had such a problem with Brooke now, how will it mess with her head to potentially have Brooke as a 'mother-in-law'??? Ok, so this would be the only man Taylor could have a relationship with on this show that has NOT slept with Brooke, but still! I just don't get it. I just wished they would have brought in a new man altogether for Taylor so she could have the chance to have her own healthy and hot romance. I'd love to have someone tell me how this relationship could actually help this show. It will piss off Ridge since he hates Rick. It will piss off Brooke for a truckload of reasons that the Internet simply would not have enough room for me to list. It will NOT piss off Stephanie as she would finally be able to push Brooke into Nick's arms for good. It will piss off Nick that a MUCH younger stud will be doing time with his ex. It should make all of Taylor's kids sick as they aren't that far away in age than Rick themselves. Eww. I just don't see how this could be a 'good' thing.

Aside from all of the above, I have to say that this week was, by far, the best week I have seen in a long time on this show. How, you ask? Well, the Taylor-Nick-Brook story of him still loving her and vice versa was wrapped up in a good and reasonable amount of time. James came in (thank goodness) and nipped it in the bud right away. Everyone got a much needed reality check and now the story can move on. The main writers would have dragged this on until I was collecting my first Social Security check. And everyone's reactions were natural and well-acted, too. How Taylor ended the week was exactly what we would have expected her to do. The 'old' Taylor would not have stuck around like this to keep getting hammered emotionally and her strength and honesty on Friday about what she has really felt playing second fiddle to Brooke were fantastic. Kudos to the writers for a great week.

Of course, the delusional scenes with Brooke tormenting Taylor were a little campy and over the top but entertaining nonetheless. I found myself falling out of my chair laughing actually. I thought Taylor would start screaming 'LALALALALA...I AM NOT LISTENING TO YOU' when she covered her ears! And I was waiting for some old 'Batman' graphics to pop up between them...'KAPOW'!!! 'CRACK'! 'SMACK'!!! Loved the filtered shooting, the crazy camera angles and let's be serious people...who didn't love Brooke saying all the things we know she would really LOVE to say in real life? She's got all men drooling over her, all the Forrester men are obsessed with her, and she uses her sex appeal to her advantage all the goes on and on. I loved the speech about each Forrester man, especially the comment about Thorne eating out of the palm of her hand because that really was the saddest marriage of all. That poor slob never stood a chance. But that scene, though sad for Taylor to be 'buying the farm', was a great summary of WHY those two hate each other so much and yet are so connected.

I suppose it would be easy for everyone to hate Nick now but I don't. Now before everyone votes to have me stoned or something, I have my reasons. He needs to deal with himself and dragging Taylor's sanity through the dirt is not cool at all. Likewise, Taylor shares some responsibility on all of this as she should have known better from her experience with Ridge that Brooke casts a very long shadow with men (for better or worse). But I liked that when he finally faced his feelings he told the truth. I like that he still wanted to stay married to Taylor no matter what. And I like that despite everything he cares about the feelings of both women. Ridge never approached anyone like that when he was in the tug-of-war between Taylor and Brooke. He was too wishy-washy and never just made a decision and stuck with it. Nick, with his mountain of faults, at least he has been pretty consistent in his love for Brooke. No, he should not have married Taylor or Bridget for that matter, but if I had to choose between him and Ridge, it's Nick all day long.

And what's up with this sick rumour that Bridget may try to get him back? I swear I may stop watching if I sick this sick mother-daughter merry-go-round start all over. Talk about OBSESSION!!?? Bridget is, who am I kidding...has ALWAYS been my least favourite female on this show. She's annoying, obsessive to the point of nausea, and a worthless excuse for a medical professional. I can't fathom the idea that all this positive storytelling happened this week for it to be undone by something as silly as the show revisiting Bridget and Nick, quite possibly the worst pairing in recent memory. Brooke needs to dump Ridge and go screaming back to Nick and let that be that. Ridge can move on and disappoint some other woman and other potential stories on this show can finally have a chance to breath. Or...maybe Ridge and Bridget can revisit their own weirdo attraction they had years ago? I know....yuck.

I'll miss James...he's the conscience of the show and the only man around there that makes any sense. And I love the accent! What can I say? My analysis of the show is deep, huh? I hope they bring him back again soon. WAIT! He could be a perfect man for Taylor, right? They already have shared carnal knowledge of each other, so why not? Two shrinks running around healing the crazy people in LA!

Speaking of crazy people, Donna and the Viagra King better watch out because Stephanie will be hot on the trail leading right to the sleazy hotel they are meeting in. So if Queenie sees that the Donna-Eric break-up isn't working, she'll just shift it to Brooke having to dump Ridge to save Stormy-Poo. Either way I find all of this hilarious as Stephanie has little to do with WHO gets charged and with what. It's up to the DA and the cops, isn't it? You gotta love how they re-write criminal law around here. Eric was right when he said to Brooke that Storm is lucky he is still walking around free at all. And how uncomfortable was that with Eric standing there in nothing but a robe in a room with two of the three Logan women he has slept with? I'm surprised Katie wasn't invited over to make his set complete.

I had some very interesting emails from everyone this week weighing in on the Taylor-Rick 'thing' that I asked about last week. I don't see very much broad support for this pairing and many feel as weird about it as I do. I don't know what the scab writers are thinking but since the strike will likely be over Monday, it will be interesting to see what the writers do with this.

NEW QUESTION: As Valentine's Day approaches this week, please let me know who B&B's most romantic couple has been over the last 20 years. I will post a list in next week's column, so go all the way to the back of the rack and think about the one couple you never wanted to miss on-screen and why.

I hope everyone who shares romance with someone in your life has a wonderful Valentine's Day. For me, however, it is an extra special week as my husband and I will celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary (10th year together) on Monday. Happy Anniversary Mike and thanks for providing the male perspective each week as I watch B&B and craft my column (even though he won't admit it, I think he has a secret thing for Taylor!). I love you!

The Soap Box

Ellen thinks: 'I actually wouldn't mind seeing Rick with Taylor just to see something new, although I'm not sure why it is so hard to give Rick an age-appropriate girlfriend (which would drive Phoebe crazy, where is she anyway?)Of course, there is no future in it but that has never stopped TPTB. The fact that it would drive everyone crazy only makes it more fun.'

Tyler says: 'With regard to Taylor, the B&B writers have messed up one of the better female characters on TV. She used to be a beautiful, strong, and smart woman. All this weakness and victimization makes my stomach turn. I wish they would end this storyline, and putting her with Rick is ridiculous! The writers are turning Taylor into the promiscuous Brooke. Hunter Tylo should definitely protest her recent storylines.'

Lucie wonders: 'I've said it before... but this time I mean it. If they pair Taylor with Rick I'll stop watching the show.'

Have a great week!!!

Kristine Cain
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