Has anyone seen Taylor?

For the Week of March 3, 2008
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Has anyone seen Taylor?
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If Taylor were being written true to her character, she would have realized that it would be in her child's best interest for Nick to raise him so that she could deal with her issues with Brooke.

I would swear that I have seen Taylor on this show recently, haven't you? I sure don't know where she is now. All I have seen is a couple of weeks of some crazy woman running around screaming about egg-switching conspiracy theories and yelling that Brooke has stolen her two husbands. The Taylor I have watched over the years would not be coming as unglued as she has been. Actually, it's downright depressing to see what the scab writers have done to her during their tenure. All I can hope now is that the real writers will be able to do something with this mess before it gets any worse. This last week was about all I could take...

First let me say this...the reality of this situation with baby Jack is being stretched beyond belief. As someone who has had intimate and first-hand experience in the court system regarding custody, this notion that you can call a emergency hearing within a few minutes in a place like LA (please!) is crazy. And don't even get me started on the whole notion that Taylor is going to come back, after leaving for a few days, and take her son after admitting she has had trouble bonding with him due to it being Brooke's bio-son. She has said she can't look at him without seeing Brooke's face and NOW she is ready to be a mom to him? What is she smoking? She has hit the bottle and is delusional...now if Taylor were being written true to her character, she may have realized Nick should be raising him day-to-day while she deals with her issues with Brooke. While I don't necessarily agree the Brooke should be in the middle of all this, Taylor has no business, right now at least, being responsible for him. She's two shakes away from the rubber room if you ask me. Britney looks more stable these days...

And while I am complaining (that which I do best), why CAN'T Nick keep Jack at home with him? When did he become a bad Dad or incapable of caring for him day-to-day? After all, we never see Nick go to work or anything, so why not? He'd have nannies just like everyone else on this show, so why not let the man raise his only child? She can say he's a rotten husband but she can't say he's a rotten Dad. I sat here thinking that all week...why does he have to suffer because she can't stay married to him because he loves someone else? He never should have let her take him in the first place. Funny that the writers never had him say those words.

Even the Rick the Boy-Toy has been hinting around to Taylor that she may not be ready to have the baby alone yet. He sees what we all see and now with her attacking Brooke as the judge walks in has all but doomed her to not see the baby let alone have him to raise. No, Brooke should not have been there at all in my opinion since her testimony would clearly be seen as tainted but the 'old Taylor' would not have resorted to that behavior knowing the stakes were so high. Oh well...another female character turned into a basket case.

Brooke may have some vested interest in the welfare of the baby but her hovering around is not exactly helping matters much. She needs to focus on her own mess with Ridge and whether or not she really wants to marry him. I don't know about everyone else but this 'dance' between those two is beyond old. Yet another deep conversation last week about the same old tired subjects of Nick and them 'finally having the life they have always wanted.' That's another overworked phrase on this show, by the way. Ridge and Brooke have been on at the edge of this perfect life for over 20 years now and it's no closer to being a reality than me winning American Idol. Marry them or break them up for good but pick something!!!

Some change of heart for Stephanie, huh? I'd love to see Eric STILL kick her to the curb even after all the hearts-and-flowers oooey gooey anniversary nonsense the family will orchestrate for them. Maybe Donna was not my first choice for Eric but anything is better than him staying with that meddling harpy. Word has it that Pam is coming back soon...he better watch out or she'll make her move with some Ecstasy-laced cookies! That woman win's the award for 'Scariest Lady at B&B' for sure!

Could there been any more tension when Phoebes answered the door to find Rick standing there waiting to come in and pounce on her mother? How does anyone NOT see what's going on? Brooke seems oblivious, Phoebe thought he was doing his best Boy Scout routine and just being supportive, and anyone else just must not care to pay attention anyway. I still say it's just plain nasty. Making out with your daughter's ex is a signature 'Brooke' move and for a woman who has said for years that she did not want to be anything like Brooke, it makes no sense at all. Not to mention that all she rants about these days is not wanting to have anything to do with Brooke or with anyone associated with her...but we are making out with her son? Ugh.

I think something may have been wrong with the email link as I didn't receive any emails last week, so let's try this again...are you happy with the increased focus on the Logans or is it too much? Let me hear from you!!!

The Soap Box

Cathy thinks: 'I love having the Logans back. There's more than enough room for two families. It keeps things stirred up, and what's a soap opera without a lot of angst! I would love to see Storm paired up with Ashley. Since she won't be with Ridge (Boy, she sure dodged THAT bullet) I think Storm would be good for her.'

SueB says: 'Comedian Jeff Foxworthy once stated "You know you're a redneck when...you get married 3 times and you still have the same in-laws!" My take on this is that Brooke must be the biggest redneck EVER as she marries brothers, half-brothers, father-in-law, did I miss anyone? It's time for NEW stories. I don't think I can take much more of this.'

Lorraine wonders: 'I can't watch the show anymore. I was so glad to see Nick brought on as the first "real man". Then of course they ruined him as another man obsessed with Brooke???!!!! But the final straw was Brooke, the "worst, selfish mother-when-she-wants-to-be", running over and taking over Taylor's baby. Another fan bites the dust!'

Have a great week!!!

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