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Donna and Pam are having far too much fun in their scenes. Just watching Donna jump right out of her undies when Pam screamed last week was well worth it.

So what exactly qualifies as 'madness', you ask? Gee, I don't know...watching Rick kiss his mother's rival right in front of her or maybe it was the gag gun that Crazy Pam fired at Donna or it could be the sick triangle about to take shape between Nick-Bridget-Katie. A college basketball shortened week that was nuttier than the Planters aisle at the grocery store. Geez, where do I start?

Does anyone else out there see that Donna and Pam are having WAY too much fun in their scenes? I have to say they were funny even if I don't think the story makes much sense or has any purpose whatsoever. Just watching Donna HO-gan jump right out of her undies when Pam screamed was well worth it. I have no idea where all this psycho behavior is going to take this story but at least it's entertaining while I am wondering. There are only so many lemon bars this lady can bake before SOMEONE around LA realizes she is off her meds and ready to KILL! Eric is obviously so consumed with Donnas' 'ass-ets' that he can't see and Stephanie didn't show much sympathy either. Donna, better get some mace or something because that woman is certifiable!

I noticed no one paid attention to my comment about someone needing to ruin a comb through Eric's hair. That's ok...I guess I will just have to fly out there myself and fix it. Please Brad, it's one thing for Eric to look foolish for having a relationship with the uber-slutty Logan sister...don't make him LOOK silly, too.

Could there be a more hypocritical thing for Taylor to say to Brooke than the comment about how sick it is to compete with your daughter for a man's affection? And then she allows Rick to kiss her right in front of Brooke? Does she have some memory loss on top of all of her mental issues? After all, her precious little girl Phoebe was madly in love with Rick just a few short months ago. See, this is what lends credibility to my argument that Taylor secretly is as obsessed with 'all things Brooke' as Brooke is with her. I guess I just really hate the turn her character has taken and now this? She's going to sleep with Brooke's son? Could that BE any more twisted? And how are Nick and Ridge going to feel about Taylor's 'American Pie'-like dalliance with young Ricky-Boy? It certainly won't make them feel very good knowing that a guy less than half their ages will be doing the mattress mambo with their ex. It will sting some in the ego and the other will be worried about his daughter finding out...and he should be.

But wait! Let's just look at the kiss itself...I couldn't believe Brooke ended the episode screaming! HA! How does it feel, Mommy??? Maybe that was a little window for Brooke into what it must have felt like for Bridget to realize Mom was shagging her husband. THE HORROR! THE SHOCK! What will she do now? Will she ground him? Will she disown him? As much as I find the pairing of Taylor and Rick disturbing and very weird to watch, I have to say I am taking a smidgen of enjoyment out of watching Brooke squirm. Face it sweetheart...your daughter has got your true love in bed and your son wants to take your biggest rival there as soon as he can. Could Brooke be the next one headed for the funny farm? Stay tuned!!

Katie and Nick. Nick and Katie. Hmm...isn't quite rolling off the tongue yet but it just might. I LOVE the banter between them and this could actually be that rare female that, as Katie stated so eloquently, doesn't roll over for him when he walks in the room. Great parallels between them and the writers (whomever they are) are crafting this's a slow build up and their personalities do seem well matched. I just don't want to see another couple with infectious chemistry be shelved AGAIN for the Woman with No Spine Logan. I'd like a woman to come along and bring back the Dominick Payne I remember from his first appearance on B&B. Maybe Katie is the would be nice to see him stay with someone that is not in love with Ridge and not threatened in the least by Brooke. Though that will be interesting to see what side of the fence she falls on...her daughter's or her sister's. My money is on Katie. There is a history between Bridget and Nick that is hard for Brooke to put a wedge in between. Katie is someone new and when Brooke is ready to ping-pong back to him, she will see it as easier to get her little sister out of the picture than Bridget.

Many of you who emailed passed on your thoughts and prayers last week regarding the loss of my mother-in-law Nancy. I want to thank all of you for taking the time to be so thoughtful and sweet. My husband read them and remarked that I have a wonderful readership and how lucky I was. I couldn't agree more.

As for last week's burning was unanimous once again. No one could imagine this show with Susan Flannery portraying Stephanie and everyone agreed it would border on blasphemy to re-cast her. I agree. It would be disrespectful to do that to a staple character for this show and an actress of such great talent. When she leaves someday, I think it should be that she passes away with dignity and remembrance throughout the cast. Poor Sally Spectra was never given a proper goodbye and I still think that stinks.

Question of the week...for those that celebrate Easter in the commercial sense as I do, what B&B man would you love to have in YOUR Easter basket?

Speaking of the blessed day of marshmallow peeps and jellybeans, a Happy Easter to all this year! My son has a basket filled with cool books and Transformers with a note signed 'E. Bunny'. Hey...he has enough sugar all week long! Toys were definitely the way to go this year!! I hope everyone enjoyed a safe and happy weekend! Next week will be a full week of zany fun in LA so watch out (damn college basketball!!)!

The Soap Box

Arla says: 'You are absolutely on point with every column that you write. If I hear the word "DESTINY" one more time, I will "SCREAM." The shell of a person Taylor has become is so infuriating, especially to working professionals who are trained to handle stress and pressure. Can she be redeemed? At this point, I don't think so. Brooke is simply ridiculous and unfortunately not even humorous to watch anymore. I love B&B and for the most part I have been quite distressed because several characters fail to be developed while we play Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush" with the same old characters. I look so forward to reading your columns because I know that you will be the voice of reason...crying out in the darkness that currently is B&B.' Wow...voice of reason? Me? Well thank you Arla! No one has ever called me that before (ususally something a bit more colorful...).

Bertice complains: 'Thanks for your exceptionally composed column regarding The Bold & the Beautiful. I am so disappointed in the direction of the character of Taylor! I am seriously contemplating removing this soap opera from my playlist. They may end up like the kids in Georgia several years ago, with all of the characters sharing an STD! That would be something! After all, the sexual dalliances come full circle at some point!' YIKES!!!This entire cast may need a prescription in that case! HAHAHAHA!!

Carolyn writes in: 'I just wonder how all you Stephanie bashers would react if this young women with no regards to family would sleep with your husband and both your sons, and don't forget her son in-law, now I know this is TV, but just the thought of a person that would do such terrible things is beyond me. And Donna comes along and at first she goes after Ridge, then Thorne, then Eric come on people how would that make you feel. And Nick is just plan trash as well, he couldn't wait to convince Taylor she didn't love Thorne, then the first chance he got he dumps her for Brooke. The Logan have no morals, Eric is a disgrace to mankind, he has jumped in and out of every young girls bed in that city. I say bring back Taylor's dad for Stephanie. I love your column, even when I don't agree. Keep up the good work!' Thanks my girl Linda in NJ, you are a great counterpoint for me and keep my crazy views honest! Thanks for hanging in there over the years!!

Natasha says: 'Love the column! Here are my latest thoughts:
1 - Didn't Brooke sign away her parental rights to Jack? Legally, he is NOT her son!!! I am so sick of her talking to Nick about "their son." Her only son is Rick.
2 - I think you're too harsh about Bridget. I like her and want to see her with Nick.
3 - why have the writers turned Eric into a pathetic shell of his former self? Between the horrid hair and the "little blue pills," he's pathetic!

Have a great week everyone!!

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