Is Nick the male Brooke?

For the Week of March 31, 2008
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Is Nick the male Brooke?
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Nick has become just as much of a human ping-pong ball as Brooke. Whereas Brooke usually has to have two men fighting over her at all times, now Nick is showing her up with three women wanting him.

See? Got your attention! All week long that question rattled around in my head and while I know that there will be those that will try to tar and feather me for even broaching the subject, I think I am dead on with this one.

First let me say that I have always thought of Brooke as a woman who absolutely HAS to be wanted at all times, preferably by two men at the same time. Just try to challenge me on that one, by the way. I have been consistent in saying that if she found the 'right' man, maybe that would change and she could truly be comfortable with just one man. So far, however, the 'right' man for Brooke seems to be as elusive as Bigfoot. I'm not sure he exists at all. Maybe a new writer could change that but for now, I think Brooke's basic M.O. is staying the same.

Second, I must say that I am encouraged by Ridge's 'Logan Fog' lifting from his brain and realizing that Brooke is no more ready to marry him than Donna is ready to enter Harvard. He knows what we all know...Brooke still loves Nick but doesn't have the guts to admit it to anyone, period. Ok, so now what? How does all this relate to Nick you ask?

Nick has become just as much of a human ping pong ball as Brooke. Ok, let's look at the timeline since he sailed into port, shall we? Nick falls for Brooke. Nick gets dumped by Brooke. Nick falls for Bridget. Nick finally marries Bridget on the third try. Nick falls back in love with Brooke. Bridget dumps Nick so he can be with Brooke. Somewhere in between all this Nick has a wild night with Felicia. Nick marries Brooke. Nick sleeps with Bridget while drunk. Brooke dumps Nick. Nick falls for Taylor. Nick still loves Brooke. Nick tells Taylor and they get divorced. Nick tries to be with Brooke again. Nick ends up sleeping with Bridget. Nick also has the hots for Katie while Bridget is falling in love with him all over again. UGH!!!!!!!!!!! There is so much back and forth here with just one character that I think I need a Dramamine! SEE? Oh it possible that Nick is 'worse' than Brooke?

Don't get me wrong...he is still my favourite character on this show for many reasons but what I have always worried about is coming true. They bring a great male lead on this show and then ruin him within a year or so. Taylor's side of the bed wasn't even cold before he had Bridget rolling around in it and now he is making a move on Katie. This isn't the Nick I want to watch. He's become a man-whore since the Taylor episode and all the back and forth I noted above just shows that things seem to be going from bad to worse in a hurry. Whereas Brooke usually has to have 2 men fighting over her at all times, now Nick is showing her up with 3 woman wanting him (I include Brooke because she is making a second career out of making sure no one else is with him). Who's next? Ashley? Pam? Haha...just kidding on that last one...

I LOVE the lines being written for Rick these days. I know he's a big walking hormone but he makes the most sense of any man on this show lately. He put Mommy in her place and called her out for not wanting anyone around her to be happy. He's right. She isn't happy with Ridge so no one is allowed to be in love or happy while she is in her self-imposed denial about marrying Ridge. She doesn't want Bridget to be with Nick. She will soon be giving Katie the same speech, I'm sure. She doesn't want Taylor to hook up with her son (can see her point there, though...eww). She doesn't want Ashley to be too close to Ridge in case she may make another move. Brooke is a classic cake-eater. If I can't be truly happy (with Nick), the no one around me can either. Well Honey, you're about to choke on that cake!!

And as for Taylor and Rick...well, as much as I have tried to understand what purpose this serves, it's lost on me. Now that ol' Green Hair is back and ready to finally take off the chastity belt, this is fast becoming 'Brooke & Deacon, Part 2". If Taylor does this and sleeps with Rick as the spoilers have said, she enters a 'Never Criticize Brooke Again Zone' because anything that she tries to lay at Brooke's feet now with simply reek of hypocrisy. I know...Bridget and Deacon were married. I know it's slightly different but not enough to avoid a direct comparison. She could control herself and tell Rick that he can wait til the cows come home but she will not betray her daughter like Brooke betrayed Bridget but we all see where this is headed. Passion will take over and she will give in. Wow, the Taylor of old would never have even given a passing thought to acting like this, huh? What a shame.

Hey...I have the perfect man for Taylor...what about everyone's favourite homicidal big brother STORMY? Why does Brooke insist on calling him that, anyway? So...why not? They are both available and while it's still someone that is related to Brooke, it's not quite as seemly as her son for Heaven's sake!! I know...these May-December romances with the older woman and younger guy are all the rage on soaps but this one is SO warped because of the whole Taylor-Brooke thing that I just have a hard time even watching it. Maybe I'll feel different sometime in the future but for now, it's just a train-wreck waiting to happen. of hands...who is SICK of the cheesy 80's sit-com hi-jinks between Crazy Pam and Donna? Green hair and teeth now? Oh come on! I hate Donna too but this is taking up too much time. As a matter of fact, it's already taken up too much space in this week's column.

Can I just say one more thing about Rick...I love the change in actors and I love how his character has changed. Kyle Lowder is certainly easier on the eyes (yummmm) that the others who have portrayed Rick and a stronger presence in the cast. I have said for years that he should have a bigger role on the show as the new generation of Logans and Forresters are going to have to take center stage soon with the original four getting older. The problem now is that there are no other women for him to pair up a matter of fact, this show needs a new man AND woman so that this sick intermingling between families can stop.

I can't wait to DVR the Y&R episodes with Felicia tearing up Genoa City!! I think cross-overs can be loads of fun and who better to stir things up in the Midwest than the original Forrester 'wild child'? Should be very interesting.....

If Crazy Pam offers one more person a damn lemon bar, I'll throw myself in front of a bus. Really. I will....

QUESTION---------Do you think Nick is becoming the male 'Brooke'? Let me know...this one should be good as no other characters on this show cause my Inbox to light up like these two do.

The Soap Box

Bonnie says: 'To answer your question of the week - I would like NONE of the B&B men in my Easter basket. Ridge ? No thanks, he's been sitting around as Brooke's "destiny" since the beginning of time immemorial. He'll probably die one day telling Brooke about her last chance to have the life with him that she always wanted. Nick? NO - he's had connections with 4 women in one month - Taylor, Brooke, Bridget & now Katie. Eric - NO WAY - he's too busy chasing women half his age without any dignity. Rick - MAYBE, had he not fallen for Taylor, that's despicable? Thorne? - NO, he's not around enough and he gives up his women far too easily for others. Storm? Who is that? They are all BORING! I'd like someone that is not anyone else's "destiny", is not half or double my age, has not slept with any other female in my family and does not have kids with everyone on the block. Geez, that rules out all the B&B men!'

Anita writes: 'I used to watch B&B when I was in high school and has been a Brooke fan since then. But the way Brooke and Taylor seem obsessed with all things each other, the writers should have them both come out of the closet and walk off together into the sunset. Then the stories of their idiotic competitions over totally unworthy men would make sense.'

Lisa wants: 'I'll take a Thorne Forrester in Dark Chocolate please!'

Lucie cries out: 'PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE.... tell me that Taylor will not steal her daughter's "boyfriend"!!!!! Please tell me that Taylor won't be reduced to being as horrible a mother as Brooke is. Please, I hope the writers understand the importance for some characters to be good parents in the world of B&B....'

Have a great week everyone!!

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