A week that would make anyone bipolar

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A week that would make anyone bipolar
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Dear, sweet Katie is probably not the only person in Los Angeles who needs a heart transplant. She should be thankful that Bridget wasn't the one who performed the surgery!

We're up, we're down. We are celebrating a mom getting her child back and we are...I can't believe I am typing this...having a funeral for a dog. And if that's not enough to make us raid the medicine cabinet for some relief, we see Katie of all people get shot by her own brother and fighting for her life in the ICU! Either the Earth has stopped spinning on its axis or the writers are goin' all in with May sweeps coming soon.

Ok, help me out here, people...tell me WHY we have to have Storm accidentally shoot Katie? Is there a purpose to this? I was initially thinking it may be all about giving Nick a shot in the rear-end to DO something about his feelings for Katie. Nothing like a good emergency room near-death drama to make stubborn characters come around and admit their feelings. So she needs a heart transplant...ok, well unless Storm 'offs' himself in such a way that his heart tissue is not compromised, you would think there would not be near enough time for Dr. Bridget's miracle cure to work. After all, dear sweet Katie is probably not the ONLY one in LA that needs a heart for crying out loud! But thank goodness that Bridget didn't do the surgery or poor Katie would not have stood a chance! Seriously, I'd love to see Nick get so worked up about missing his chance to be with her that he holds vigil at her bedside right in front of Bridget! It would serve her right to see that whatever they have going on is just wishful thinking. And I really am growing to like the idea of Nick and Katie together...there is something between the actors and their dialogue that makes me NOT want to miss their scenes together. And hey, with all my griping lately, that's saying something!!

Speaking of Nick, I was so happy to see him do the right thing this week and stand up for Taylor and her right to share custody of Jack. This whole thing was ridiculous anyway...she's sober, back on track, and truth be told it doesn't matter AT ALL who she is dating so long as he is a good influence to be around the child and not some gun-toting crack-head felon. Rick may be a TAD young and impulsive but that doesn't make him a bad person to share time with a baby. I think everyone forgot he was a daddy for a while with Amber's kid and did a good job. Anyway, Nick showed he is still a stand-up guy when he wants to be and is far more level-headed than his crazy ex-wife. What is up with Brooke???? I thought there were no truer words spoken than when Taylor told her to focus on her OWN family and fiancée and stop obsessing about this baby that she signed her rights away to. I cheered out loud when I heard that!! It was nice to see the 'confident' Taylor return to form.

Brooke Logan needs therapy, period. That woman has more issues than TIME magazine! All I have heard the past few weeks is how bonded she is with Jack and how she is the best thing for him, etc. Are you kidding me? All this time you are sniffing around someone else's baby you are IGNORING YOUR OWN!! Do you remember Hope and RJ? No wonder those two are headed for therapy as well...multiple daddies and an absentee mommy that can't stay out of her ex's business! And while I'm at it here, I believe the writers are painting a clear picture that it's is Brooke that is obsessed with everything Taylor has and not the other way around. I think there could have been an argument for that angle once upon a time but not now. Brooke has gone around the bend for sure!! One minute she is writhing around on the floor with Ridge at the office and the next she is Mother Theresa in court pleading her case that she is the best mom in the world. Whatever.

Who else has the feeling that Ridge will be hitting the sheets with Ashley very soon? This episode with Storm will give him the moment I described earlier...that 'Oh my God, I could have lost you!' moment that will show him he needs to be with her and not Brooke. I do like him better with Ashley and I think the fans will warm up to it, too, provided it's done right and with a lot of romance. This show needs a truckload of that at this point. Some say Taylor and Rick have that element but I think the age thing is SO huge that it's hard to see past it. But Ridge can save himself from my 'Fast Forward' button on my DVR by just doing the right thing and marrying Ashley.

Did anyone else fall on the floor laughing 'til it hurt when we had to witness the funeral for Tiny? Well, I did and just about broke a rib in the process! An actual funeral...with black suits and veils! And then Crazy Pam can't even admit she was at least part of the reason the dog was dead! Whatever...it was so over the top I wouldn't know what else to say except Tiny probably should not have complained about a lack of a storyline! I guess the B&B revolving door doesn't discriminate between man nor beast! I was waiting to see a picture of Tiny on our webpage with the headline "Veteran Doberman Gets the Axe and Inks New Contract With Petsmart".

Ok...back to the ICU for now. Who else noticed the utter lack of interest Nick had in Bridget even being in the room when standing by Katie's bedside? Uh-huh...that's what I thought! He's got a 'thing' for her and doesn't know how to show it (and might want to be careful now anyway...Bridget could turn her cell phone off when the Heart Depot calls with a match!). But wait...I think it's safe to say that since we know Storm is heading off into the sunset, he will check out and have his heart donated to say Katie. Hmmm...what a neat and tidy ending, huh?

And who exactly brings a GUN to a conversation about how misunderstood they are for having SHOT someone out of repressed rage against your father? HELLO? That was laugh #2! And how is it that the cops still were not there at the end of the show? They should have been at the hospital questioning Storm immediately! And why didn't Nick deck Storm the minute he admitted to shooting her? And where was Eric? He should have been there to help comfort his child bride, right? Ah, so many questions and so few answers...

Well Storm, it's a shame the writers had to make you a obsessive psychopath over night. I think more could have been done with his character and I really believe a male Logan could have been a great foil for Ridge and Nick but NOOOO...we wouldn't want to write anything that actually HELPS the show, now would we? I will hate to see him go...

WAIT! One more rant...I think Judge Judy would have had more control over her kangaroo court than this guy that did the custody hearing! I have been there-done that with my husband and his cases and let me tell you...there would be no screaming chorus of people fighting for the soapbox to tell their heart-tugging stories! Rick....sit down and shut your yap! Brooke....dig out your copy of the surrendering of parental rights and realize your part in all of this was simply bad luck! Nick and Taylor had to hash things out, period! Geez!!

QUESTION---------Who thinks Katie and Nick could be a hot smokin' couple?

The Soap Box

Jody writes: 'I think Katie would be a good mom for Jack along with Sailor Boy! They make an interesting couple. I also like the Donna and Eric storyline and I know it is a matter of time before they let Stephanie have him back so i can really vomit! they could take this storyline of Donna and Eric so far! Make her queen of the castle kids etc and still have Stephanie stewing! Brooke isn't good with either of them! Need a fresh man on this soap!' Amen, sister!!!

Maria proclaims: 'Rick and Taylor look great together. I stopped watching when Taylor was drinking and when Nick wanted to be with Brooke. I think that Jack should be with Taylor. She was the one who went through so much to give Nick a baby. Doesn't he remember that? The gull of him wanting to raise the child with Brooke, as if she were a terrific mother.'

Chris says: 'I like Katie with Nick. There is a chemistry - she brings out the Old Sailor Nick. She would be a great mommy to little Jack - tons of experience babysitting all of Brooke's brood over the years. And just think of all the jealousy in the Logan clan. It could drive Brooke and Bridgett to drink. Then Taylor could be their AA sponsor!!!'


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