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The Logans have proven that, when united and focused on more than just revenge on the Forresters, they can be a very entertaining bunch to watch.

Well now THAT was a tough week to get through, huh? I was actually crying during Thursday and Friday's show watching the Logans and specifically Stephen deal with the loss of Storm and Katie's fight to reconcile that her brother's heart was beating for her. Geeesh!!!! I can't remember the last time this show produced, in my opinion, truly gut-wrenching scenes. Kudos to the actors because I really felt like they turned in an amazing performance. Yes, even Donna. But bottom line...I love having the Logans take center stage for a change. I just wish they had done it sooner.

I know the Forresters and all their philandering and over-the-top fashion drama is the anchor of this show but honestly it has just become so old and played out over the last few years. I don't know if it's just a lack of good stories amongst them or an aging ensemble that really needs to have the next generation begin its transition. And yes, the Logans have nothing to do with the fashion industry directly (except for Brooke and Donna and that's still on Forrester coat-tails) but that doesn't matter. It actually makes for better soap drama that they are just a flawed and yet average family that has been in many ways tainted by the antics of the Forrester figures heads of Stephanie and Eric. No glitz and glamour, no limos or exotic photo shoots around the world, just a set of parents who lost their way and four kids who, in their own individual lives, paid the price for their mistakes. Think about it though...if Brooke had not been working at the Forrester mansion that night so long ago and met Ridge, that family would have been left alone but then again that doesn't make for very good TV, does it?

The Logans have proven that, when united and focused on more than revenge on the Forresters, they can be a very entertaining bunch to watch. Katie is the sensible and smart one of the group who has more integrity in her bog tow than Brooke has in her entire body. She is the level-headed thinker of the group and with the exception of this latest thing with Nick, she usually sees everything with relatively clear vision. Then there is Donna. Not the sharpest tool in the shed and the one voted most likely to use her body to get what she wants. Maybe there is something more going on up there than just empty space and I believe she may really love Eric but she is definitely the most impulsive in the family. Many would probably argue that Brooke fits that bill but not quite. Donna is the 'fly by the seat of her pants' sister and does nothing under the radar...it's all out there for all the world to see, even if it's bad. Poor Storm did not have a chance with the issues he was dealing with...lack of a long term contract and Daddy abandonment issues. I still wish there was a way to keep him around...this show is miserably short on M-E-N! And then there is Brooke. Oh Lord, she needs her own paragraph!

Brooke has the dubious distinction of being the Logan sibling with brains (yes, I will give her character credit for that) and extreme impulsivity but always with a grand plan in mind. The only exception would have been her affair with Deacon as that was totally out in left field. But everything else had an agenda underlying it and it was usually out of her obsession with Ridge. She is reckless and not very considerate of anyone's feelings but hers. Not such a great mom and rarely ever makes a good decision for her or anyone else. In short...the typical soap bad girl. Every show has one....Y&R has Jill, ATWT has Carly and GL has Reva. They all fit the mold and that's why we tune in. we wish would could not only look like them and have their wild lives but we also secretly wish we could do all the rotten stuff they do AND get away with it.

The other Logan I really like is Stephen. I was never sold on Patrick Duffy taking over this role but I stand corrected and have been really happy to watch his scenes (the few that there have been). I wish he would go on contract as I could see him getting involved with Jackie in a heartbeat! His scenes last week were so sad and yet amazing that I hope the writers have a heart (forgive the pun) and give the character a shot to stick around. With Katie recovering and harboring a secret thing for Nick and Donna about to become Mrs. Eric Forrester #4 (or is it #5?), he should be around for his girls now.

And where the hell is Beth Logan? Do the writers expect us all to have special 'soap amnesia' and forget that the Logans have a Mom? She should have been brought back a long time ago even if only for special events, likes weddings and certainly for Storm's funeral. This is just ridiculous not to have her come back for a few shows here and there. I'd like to see her come back permanently and give her daughter a run for her money with Eric. Or maybe to uncover some more deep dark secrets between the two families. Either bring her back or kill her off once and for all...it's insulting the few brain cells I have left after watching this show!

Could Dr. Bridget BE any more annoying????? I think even the heart doctor was mad that she was constantly in the way in Katie's room! Worthless. I am waiting for the day when I actually enjoy watching her in scenes but until then, she's on MUTE! Standing around crying and making goo-goo eyes at Nick...yeah, she's vital to Katie's recovery! That will all wear off when Katie and Nick become closer after this ordeal and then Bridget will lecture both of them on the importance of blind obsession and co-dependent attachment. Ugh...I can't stand her.

Ok, so now Eric and Stephanie have officially called it quits. Hmmmm....I wonder how long that will last. Maybe another heart attack or terminal illness to bring them back together? I loved how he pushed back at Ridge, though, when be prodded yet AGAIN about getting Mommy and Daddy back together like this is the Brady Bunch or something. Eric said he was glad he was leaving! HA! Take that one, Wooden Boy!! I would have thrown myself in front of a bus if I had my kids harassing me like that every time I made a life decision for ME. These kids are all grown and should be dealing with their own families...when was the last time we heard Felicia or Thorne even mention their kid's names?

I don't like the kinder and gentler Stephanie. She may be a meddling harpy most of the time but that's what we have come to expect from her and for her to be mellowed over night is a crime.

Well, not many people are in favour of Nick and Katie getting together but not for the reason that I may have thought. It would seem that the Scoops 'faithful' feel that Katie is too good for him and he'll dog her that way he has all the women he has been involved with. I hope that's not the case as I would love to see him in a romantic and yet fun relationship. I am not holding out any more hope that he and Brooke will be together as it seems the writers have other plans...you know, like giving her libido a case of whiplash between him and Ridge every other scene.

And for those of you wondering, no I'm not going anywhere. The powers-that-be here at Soapcentral feel that sometimes it's cool to have a different voice and opinion to liven up the Scoops page and I agree. I have been doing this for over 5 years now and I'll be the first to admit there have been weeks here and there where I would have liked a break (usually following some personal or family crisis or just having wicked PMS). I have always said it's good to have a 'counterpoint' to my own as I know not everyone agrees with my assessment of B&B and that's healthy. So don't worry, my fans can still get a kick out of my warped insights and my detractors can still put voodoo curses on me!

QUESTION---------Do you like or dislike the Storm suicide angle to the current storyline?

The Soap Box

Lisa K screams: 'Kristin please use your MAGIC to make B&B give us more MEN on this dry show. PLEASE!? This is why all of the woman go around in a circle taking their turn with Nick and Ridge. It`s so sick! i can`t really root for Katie and Nick because I hate the way he let Brooke destroy he and Taylor`s marriage by not giving her the TRUE support she needed and always sneaking off into corners to whisper to Brooke that he wanted her to be in Jack`s life. Nick has been with Brooke and her daughter and now little Katie gets a ride? How long will it be before Brooke sees that ridge is tired of her crap and goes off to marry Ashley, then she`ll be there to break up Katie and Nick. Please fairy god-mother Kristen makes them give us MORE MEN! NOW!'

Annette proclaims: 'I think its a damn shame Storm had to die and in that manner ,why did he have to die ?? What are the writers thinking??? He was always the level headed one from Clan Logan. I think it was so sad he had to die , and so stupid of Katie to try and hold a gun towards her by the barrel. Then did any one else think it was strange that old man Ridge stayed with Ashley , did not even call Brooke to let her know Katie was shot and even go to Hospital to be with her ?. What a human being .Then there was Ashley, who watched someone get shot and someone else had to tell her to call 911. If I remember Ridge was no alter boy , I also remember that brother Thorne shot Ridge in the head for sleeping with his wife /Thorne did not go to Jail.'

Shevy says: 'I used to be a huge fan but now I refuse to watch the show ever since they introduced the storyline with Taylor being implanted with Brooke's egg. I absolutely hate these plots! Why is everyone sleeping with each?!!! Where is Thorne??!! Not only are the storylines ridiculous, they are also recycling old plots. I can't watch a show that can't be creative and do something different for a change.'


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