Too bad the Emmys were already announced...

For the Week of May 19, 2008
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Too bad the Emmys were already announced...
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Bridget will be doing a lot of long nights at the hospital while Nick and Katie play footsy over another jigsaw puzzle.

Having watched the whole week's worth of shows today, I thought it was too bad the Best Actress nominees have already been chosen because Heather Tom's performance last week was nothing short of amazing. And no...I have not fallen down and hit my head. I'm allowed to start my column with something positive (though it happens rarely, I'll admit!). It was one of the longest goodbye's to a soap character in history but a home-run nonetheless. Well, except for Katie's dress which looked like it came out of June Cleaver's closet but that's for another time.

Actually, all the performances were great in my humble opinion...even Donna's and that's really saying something! But Katie's dialogue was such a surprise coming from a writing corps that I have likened to an eighth grade English class. It was smart, poignant, and believable. I guess if my brother had done the same thing for me under the same circumstances, I'd be a bit 'conflicted', too. She portrayed it well and I hope her agent has set aside those tapes to show the Emmy committee for next year because any one of those scenes would be pretty hard to beat. Good call, Brad, for bringing someone of her acting talent on the show and giving her a contract to stick around. But don't think I'm getting soft on you...I'm sure I'll be pissed off about something next week!

I have to also give out kudos to how Brooke dealt with Ridgid...he's such swine! Ok, so he shot your've done plenty that wasn't getting you any Boy Scout badges yourself! Let it go already...standing there right after the memorial service and STILL bitching about Storm. Brooke seemed bothered by his insensitivity and she was right...wait a minute...why ARE they still together anyway? She even admitted that their relationship is built on 'make-up sex' earlier in the week so what's the hold-up? Break up already and move on! He'll get worse about Storm and now Donna being his new step-mommy. How much more is Brooke going to take? I'd kick him in the...well, you know where and tell him to go marry his mother if that's all he can talk about.

I may not be the biggest fan of this Eric and Donna train-wreck of a marriage but I have to hand it to Eric, he is really trying to be the dutiful husband in the face of some pretty nasty attitudes. His kids need to get a life and QUICK! Of course no one wants to see Stephanie's part in the marriage ending and all they do in every scene they are in is complain and backstab. I don't know why they were even at the memorial service for Storm...odd. Whatever...if this is the best the writers have for these two (Thorne and Felicia), I say scrap them both and get in some new blood because it's just too ridiculous to watch.

So what's up with this young guy hanging around Donna? I guess this is supposed to be the giant skeleton in her closet that the Forrester Brats have been waiting for. Ok, so? She gave a kid up for adoption...big deal. Brooke has an airplane hangar full of misdeeds so if this is the worst Donna has done, she'll survive it. And Eric won't care anyway as long as his Viagra prescriptions are still being ordered. My question is how he will play into the existing cast of characters. Maybe he will hook up with Phoebe or Steffy now that she is being cast. Could be another Logan-Forrester hook-up, huh? Gosh, why would it be any other way?

Anyone catch the evil look Brooke gave Katie and Nick as they hugged? We all know this living situation coming between Bridget, Nick, and Katie will make them closer. Bridget will be doing a lot of long nights at the hospital while Nick and Katie play footsy over another jigsaw puzzle. I still say that pairing would be very interesting to watch...I think it would redeem Nick a little in some fans eyes. Brooke can't cut the cord to Ridge, Bridget is too scary and obsessive but he and Katie would make for great TV, period. I was secretly hoping Bridget would say no about living at Nick's but oh well...I guess we all get to suffer through another sick triangle. I say writer her off the show and let's focus more on Ashley or maybe give Felicia a real story...they are better characters and better actors.

I will say one thing (getting back to the memorial scene)...I was a little uncomfortable with the 'incision showing'...I'm not sure that was necessary to illustrate the point Katie was making. Eww. And though I think it was fair to touch on the social and religious issues surrounding suicide, I was surprised they harped on it to the point of quietly blasting the minister that showed up. I'm all for social issues to be examined but this one is too hard to handle in soaps. Maybe I'm wrong but I can't say that I'm no glad it's over. I agree with one of my readers when they suggested Storm's death could have been better written if he were shot by the cops when they came to the hospital...anything but shooting himself. It was just really grisly even if it was only implied through careful camera angles. But without it I guess we would not have hit the 'Soap Home Run' of a wedding and funeral all in one week and all in the same set.

Why DID Ashley speak at the service? Hello? Could that have BEEN any weirder?

Stephanie at the beach house, huh? I keep forgetting the Forrester's still own it and everyone but myself has lived there at some point or another. I somehow can't see her spending her spare time surfing or collecting seashells.

I hope all the Moms out there have a fabulous day and I'll be carefully crafting my Father's Day tribute in the coming weeks in honor of the B&B Daddies...the good, the bad, and the absent (and there are many of those!).

QUESTION---------How do you think the writers are doing lately? What grade would you give them?

The Soap Box

Holly says: 'Hate IT. They could have had a pretty productive storyline with Storm & Ashley--that would have driven old wooden-one crazy. Now we are back to few male pickens.'

Blue observes: 'I think the Storm suicide angle to the current storyline is good soap opera because I am torn between being awed by the purity of his sacrifice and horrified by the ugliness of the actual act.'

Sue writes: 'I personally do not, nor have I ever liked Bridget and Nick together; I prefer Nick and Taylor work out their marriage; they are a hot couple. Please get Donna a man of her own age.'

Have a great week everyone!!

Kristine Cain
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