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A prescription for success
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Where is Thomas? With all of this emphasis on Ridge's kids being involved at Forrester, Thomas should be there to blast Rick about dating Taylor or something, shouldn't he?

Well everyone, I believe I may have a few antidotes to help this show a little! After all, I may not be Dr. Bridget, all-purpose doctor and jack-of-all-trades, but I think I have watched the show long enough to come up with a good course of treatment. This week, even my readers will chime in with their answers to the now age old question...how do we save this show from itself? The medicine may not go down easy but something needs to happen and if nothing else, maybe Brad will stop by and take the pulse of the viewers. Hey...we can hope, can't we?

My 'fixes'...give Thorne and Felicia a REAL story so that we can be reminded that Eric and Stephanie had some kids of their own...get back to fashion for a change (this show was built on it and yet we see little about it these days-all Brooke all the time)...bring back Massimo, even if he's a recast because we need another Alpha-Male around for Stephanie...bring Nick back-the old Nick that was wisecracking and fun and not just a lap-dog for the Logan women...Ridge and Brooke need to call it off for heaven's sake because the 'dance' as I call it is getting SO OLD...send Crazy Pam back to Chicago...bring in a hot man and a hot women to add to the cast because all the Logan-Forrester inter-family noodling is bordering on sick...and let's have some intrigue-a mystery or some other juicy secret come out about one of the characters already there because this Marcus-Donna secret love child thing isn't working too well...get rid of Bridget if this is the best they can do with her character (co-dependent clone of her mother fighting for her man-scraps). That's it...simple, huh? Now for my readers....and watch out! They are a feisty bunch!!

Kim says: 'If I could change something from this show it would be the casting director. I mean first Donna's son that looks like she had him at 5 and now a new and improved Steffy. Did we not see her "identical" twin last week. What happened? Did she change her look while she was away or are we supposed to forget that they're identical? And what is with the Katie storyline anyways. We all know that be some miracle she will survive and push out Bridget in order to become the next Marone. What I would really love to see is Stephanie moving on. Imagine if she stopped pining after Eric and found someone else? Think of the storylines!!!'

Connie says: 'Bring back Mass for Stephanie!' Oooh, great minds think alike!

Gene believes: I would make Brooke and Stephanie be a couple and admitted their love for each other and shock the fashion industry and have them kiss on stage and leave in the sunset. I have the Forrester dynasty collapse and have Marcus and Rick join forces and take over the business and kick the Forrester's brats out of their tushes. I have Nick and Donna be a couple and have a bunch of babies and have Katie become a nun and Bridget a scientist and be celibate to be a good doctor. I make Ridge be penniless and miserable and have Taylor remember being a Moroccan princess and be Prince Omar's bride. This is more exciting than Brad Bell writing ever will be.'

Crenclan says: '1st..Bring back Fashion... I loved the Spectra vs Forrester Days... They have Jackie and Clarke just hanging around doing nothing. Expand their role, the few times they were on I loved it. Put Ridge and Brooke together, the show will need a power Forrester couple in the next 20+ years and who better?(that is if the show makes it that long) Learn how to make a long term couple work... Have Brooke mature...She is regressing...Pretty soon she will be playing with Barbie dolls..'

Alayna writes in: 'What I Would Change:
-The fact that Eric will probably lose his company because of Donna's new son
-Brooke not standing up for Donna (if that was my sister, my husband/fiance would watch his tongue at least in front of others)
-Pam trying to sabatoge Donna and Eric
-Bridget and Nick together, he NEEDS to be with Katie
-There are no real storylines for "peripheral" characters (Thorne, Felicia, Jackie)
By the way, love your column every week! Keep up the great work, love checking in every Monday morning to see what you have to say.'

Dee suggests: 'I would like to see some hotties on the show. I just saw Antonio Sabato jr on tv and it made me think, why can't B&B get some hotties on the show. The stories on right now except for Taylor & Rick, are BORING! Give us something hot, romantic, touching, can't wait til the next day scenes. Ridge is so over, Nick was great when he first came on but now he is just Brook in men's clothing. We have no good looking men except Rick and Marcus isn't bad. Please give us something to look forward to.'

Bev says: 'What would I change?
Get a guy for Felicia - she has too much time on her hands to go around faulting Donna.
Get a romance for Thorne. He sounds like a broken record with his constant "you know" sentence endings.
Ridge needs to go back to Ashley, he can't seem to keep her out of his reach and what business did she really have at the meeting?
Brooke needs to kick Ridge to the curb.
Bridget needs to take a hike and turn Nick loose. He loves her, but is obviously NOT IN love with her.
I am rather liking the Katie and Nick playful banters.
Send Pam to a looney bin. Sorry, she shows me no humor whatsoever. No body as stupid as her would be able to pull off the wicked things she manages to do.
Bring back more stories for Jackie and Clarke.
I can't decide how I feel about Taylor and Rick. I don't think it is any worse than Brooke and Deacon or Brooke and Nick while he was still married to Bridget.
We don't need love triangles. In real life, how many people do you actually know that are involved in triangles? That's what I thought - zero.
Maybe Brad should watch some of the other soaps and get some ideas.
I have said for a very long time if everyone, (which would never be, but at least if a large percentage the audience) would tune out. Not tape it (they can track that), Not go on the boards, not post on the boards, it would only take 2-3 mos. and Brad would get the message. Just my two cents.'

Ok, problem solved, right???? Well, I like to vent and like for my readers to get a chance to vent as well! Now here what bugged me last week......

Why do we still know NOTHING about how this kid Marcus grew up? Basketball in Texas is all I know...how about throwing us a little bone, Brad? And what's up with Steffy? I assumed that she is a TWIN that it would be portrayed by the same actress to make it realistic! And I can't believe we have to suffer (along with Katie) through this near-death-but-saved-just-in-time-by-Dr.Bridget's miracle cure? UGH!!!! So how long to we have to see her sit around a sweat through the 'mystery fever' that should be killing her but is? I swear there would have been any number of easier ways to have her hook up with Nick than this! And where is Thomas with all this emphasis on Ridge's kids being involved at Forrester? He should be there to blast Rick about dating his mom or something, shouldn't he? All I kept thinking last week was if the writers don't start having the new generation of Forresters/Logans grow up real fast, the original four will be in the nursing home before we know it! We need Alexandra, Dino, Hopeless and RJ to put down the toys, grow up quick, and start working at Forrester!

Next week I will feature my Father's Day column with a look back at all the B&B dad's and who was the best and who was the worst. And to the dad's out there...have a great day and remember...when you get a necktie made out of construction paper, act like it's the best thing you have ever gotten in your whole life! Hahahahahah!

QUESTION---------Anybody like the Marcus-Donna story???

Kristine Cain
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