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Eric may be a bit slow to see what's going on with his kids -- especially Brooke's kiddies -- but for the most part, he's an okay dad.

Ok, so I am a little late. Everyone here at Scoops Headquarters is sick and it's bitten me now, too. But in the spirit of Father's Day I did not want to forget the B&B Dads and what I really think of them (insert evil laughter)!

Eric....the Head Papa of the show all these years. He may be a bit slow to see what's going on with his kids, particularly Brooke's kiddies, but for the most part he's an ok Dad. One thing is for Dad would not have put up with the kind of Forrester Mutiny that his older kids are getting away with. Sneaking around and whispering in corners about how to get rid of Donna and blackmailing their father with leaving the company if 'scandal' occurs. What a HOOT! I'd tell them all to hit the bricks if they don't like the lay of the land with my new 'lay'! Donna hasn't done anything irreparable and all of them need to get a life and FAST! Eric needs to show them all a little tough love because the alternate is just too nauseating to think of!

Stephen...Eric's antithesis and the oft-absentee patriarch of the Logan clan. I like him actually and have long been a supported of more screen time for him. So he split years ago...he's back now and that's what matters. His oldest daughter could use some fatherly guidance right about now and he should be telling her to dump the Wooden #1 Son and keep on going. Apparently he is due to have some scenes with the nu-Beth so that should prove interesting. But I like him with all his flaws and sensitivity....

Ridge...does he even parent AT ALL? He either ignores his brood or he barks orders at them like he does Steffy and Phoebe. I can't figure out what the writers are trying to get across about him. I think he sucks as a dad. Sucks wind...BIG wind. Maybe with his history on this show, he is not meant to be 'that kind of dad'. Just a king-sized walking hormone and ego maniac. Poor RJ...he has likely already been shipped out to a boarding school overseas so he can't interrupt Dad's 'special office meetings' with Mom! And we never hear him talk about Thomas...another ghost that if the writers were smart would come back and challenge Dad's place at Forrester! Oooooh, wouldn't THAT be cool?

Nick...finally a 'Dad' and yet has spent most of his time playing Chief Ego Stroker for Dr. Bridget-Medicine Woman. And, of course, re-enacting a prom that Katie never had as she was approaching Death's Door. All that is fine I guess but I still say it's crap that he doesn't have Baby Jack more. He's a cute know, the funny and goofy type that ends up embarrassing their kids when they get older. And in my opinion, he IS the ONLY Dad that poor Hope has ever had. I hope Katie gets pregnant and he gets a chance to have another one (oh come on people! We all know it's gonna happen!).

Thorne...has Alexandria been shipped away with RJ? Can't comment too much as he is never on-screen and when he is, there is no mention of her.

Rick...about to be a new step-daddy! cute! Well, he has experience with kids thanks to his sexual head-start with Amber. He'll be written as a great stepdad and fabulous husband, I'm sure...that is until they introduce some 20 year-old hottie that turns his head!

Deacon...the Dad I wish they would bring back. Talk about spicing things up! He could come back, claims his daughter, and seduce Brooke away from Ridge! Now that would be a great way to shake up the adoption scandal/dying Logan snooze-fest we have now. I'm glad Katie lived but lets move on to something HOT like Deacon being recast and causing everyone in the show to get a little 'tense'. Think about the ripple effect for one second...Brooke, Bridget, Jackie, Ridge, Thorne, Eric, Nick...all of them would wonder what he's up to and freak out if he came back. I'll start rattling my chicken bones and doing my voodoo!

Thanks to everyone that gave their own 'two cents' about what changes would help this show along. I have added more below as well!!

As for the Marcus-Donna story and its appeal with you readers...well, there was few if any emails saying that you all liked it. I mean, NO ONE said they liked the story or were in the least little bit interested. Actually, so many of you commented that she could have been 8 or 9 having this kid they way it looks onscreen! I tend to agree but we have never had a definitive age for Donna, so who really knows? I'm no fan of the story either.

QUESTION---------Should B&B bring back Deacon Sharp?

The Soap Box

Lisa says ''My next impression is that the Donna and Marcus storyline is unrealistic. First of all he looks to old to be Donna's son and no one blinks twice about him being African American. I am in an interracial marriage and believe me when I tell you this is not the case. They should have someone in there that is racist. It might even be a good storyline and open some people's eyes to there own stupidity. Just my opinion on the Marcus storyline.' Great point and one that I will get into next week!

Debbie complains 'If they expect us to believe that Marcus is Donna's son then they need to think again. It doesn't even interest me enough to stay tuned to what the real story is. And what is up with the prom?? How stupid was that. I only hope I look that good on by death bed. I used my DVR and went right through the prom on fast which took me right to the end of the show. At least I didn't waste much time.'

Anastasia laments ' I find the whole Marcus-Donna story unbelievable. Had Marcus been 12 years old maybe the story would a bit more believable. Instead from his appearance, Marcus looks about 23 years of age. Watching the two together just makes me laugh. Also, the writers have provided no real background of Donna's relationship with Marcus' father. How they met, how long they were together, did any of her parents know the truth about the pregnancy, I could go on and on. Instead the writers have said, Donna has a son who looks old enough to be her lover and that's it......ACCEPT IT! I just don't understand what is going on with this show. It was so wonderful once.'

Mary writes 'The Marcus - Donna storyline is a huge yawn. My gosh, how old was she when she had him? Or, how old is she really now? Perhaps more than her boobs have been enhanced...'

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