Why all the Nick hate?

For the Week of June 23, 2008
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Why all the Nick hate?
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Nick doesn't mince words, and, with the exception of his weakness for Logan women, he has no problem doing what he thinks is right.

Now I know I have made my feelings about Nick Marone clear over the years and have taken a lot of heat for it I might add but with the events of last week, readers are losing their minds over his little jaunt to Paris. Want to know what I think about it? WAIT! Don't shut off the computer!!! Come back!!!!

I suppose it might look, to the untrained and novice B&B eye, that Nick is being a little heavy-handed with regards to his trip to confront Beth Logan in Paris. I suppose it might even look a little like over-blown bravado or assumption to be calling out a Mom for not being there for her kids. After all, who is he to take her to task, right? Hmmmm. Well, I was happy to see it! Yes, I'm doing it AGAIN...taking his slack. But I feel like, when compared to all the other men on this show, it's nice to see a man act like he has something 'south of the border' for a change. Sure it may have been shocking to Beth to see him standing their after she came back but give me a man that will defend me or my family like THAT any day of the week over a spineless and easily-led momma's boy like Ridge who spends all of his time whispering in corners with his jealous siblings instead of being a man and just getting on with his own life. Nick doesn't mince words and, with the exception of his weakness for Logan women, has no problem doing what he thinks is right. Is it always right? No and he's as flawed as the rest of them but in this case, someone needed to do something to find out why Beth has turned into some spaced out flake.

I mean SOMEONE has to take Katie's side in all this...her sisters certainly weren't going to spring into action and find out what's going on with their absentee Mom. Both of them standing around making excuses for her and focusing on their own screwed up lives instead of getting off their butts and making the trip Nick made. He did it of course in large part due to the feelings he obviously has for Katie but won't just admit once and for all. Jackie nearly got it out of him, though, so you know it's not far behind.

So what? He takes charge! Enough already with the 'control freak' rhetoric! Ridge, as the other male lead on the show, has had enough times at both side of the 'man spectrum' being a control freak himself and being a card-carrying wimp!! Now he is trying to oust his father from his own company! Ok, well...yes, Nick did that too but there was a better justification than 'I don't like my Dad's hot young wife'. Please.

And speaking of the hot younger wife, could she really be THAT stupid to think that not telling her husband about her long lost son is a good idea? She is definitely not the 'smart Logan' (if there is such a thing). Now that nosey Steffi knows the truth, it's only a matter of time. I think I read somewhere that her equally annoying sister overhears a convo between Steffi and Marcus...well, we all know how that will end up.

You know it occurred to me that no one in all of these encounters with Marcus have raised any eyebrows about the fact that he is African-American. I say this not to say that they should in some grand socially conscious fashion but in real life the subject would naturally come up as a reason for the Forresters not to know about him as Donna would think they would judge her for having a baby with an African American man. Instead, the writers have confused me a little with this omission of any reaction...after all, why did they cast the character the way they did in the first place if they did not have the intention of introducing this as a 'problem' for the Forresters and/or Eric to accept? In a medium where the socially conscious stories are front and center, this would have been a good platform to deal with the prejudices that people of mixed heritage face today. Maybe I'm wrong and they will have this addressed somewhere down the road...we'll see but I hope the writers don't drop the ball on this.

Ok...back to the Marone Mansion...could Bridget BE any more deluded about her relationship with Nick? What was that garbage about 'every time Nick has gone away, he always comes back to me?' I'd love a little bit of whatever she is smoking these days because that was frickin' hilarious!!!! He did not come back to her (ever?) in my memory except when he found out she was pregnant and he left Brooke to be with her. Or was it Brooke telling him to go to her? I can't remember. Ok...so? He ran to Taylor this last time he couldn't have Brooke and then it was Bridget who threw herself at Nick after he and Taylor split. And she only did that to beat her Mom to the punch. Please! She has an ego that Paris Hilton would be jealous of! Her confidence in her relationship with Nick is so naïve...I can't wait for her to get dumped yet again. Maybe she should move on, huh? All this drivel about history and knowing each other so well...HA! If Brooke showed up one day naked and ready to hop into bed with Nick and get married, he'd dump Bridget like a bad habit. Even as much as I think he and Katie hooking up would be entertaining, I know that ultimately that's doomed as well because he still has a thing for Brooke.

Love the rooftop exercise café on top of Forrester. You know it's a blatant attempt to have that 'outside' feel that Guiding Light and ATWT have been shooting lately. More natural, I suppose. But I loved how people just mingle, hang and walk on the treadmill on its lowest setting. You know, just like a real workout. But I gotta say, watching Rick on that bench glistening in fake sweat wasn't too shabby!! And please, show of hands, who doesn't absolutely LOVE the dialogue between Rick and Ridge? I love it!! See? There is another guy who could turn into an assertive 'man' like Nick. He gets what he wants and defends the ones he loves. He's growing up well, I suppose. I should cut him a little more slack on the Taylor thing. The writers, if they were smart and the jury is still out on that let me tell you, should really make him a force to be reckoned with at Forrester and give Ridge a run for his money. The new generation has to take over sometime and why not start with him?

As far as my question last week about bringing Deacon back, I had a 100% positive response from everyone saying he would be a welcome return to B&B. He was a hot character without a doubt and if they can't get Sean Kanan, at least recast with someone similar because his return would stir the pot so bad that no one would take B&B off their DVR!! He would make everyone nervous and if he came back with his son (SORAS of course!) he could make trouble for the Forrester Princesses and drive Ridge crazy in the process!

I'll be taking next week off ( I rarely take a break but I am taking a whole week off for the first time in 2 years to hang with the family at the beach!) and will be anxious to see what your responses are to the questions below. I think a few shows are hitting some social 'hot button' issues lately and I wonder if B&B has done enough or not nearly enough in recent years. Let me know you thoughts!!!!

QUESTION---------What, if any, socially relevant stories/topics would you like to see on B&B?

The Soap Box

Miafamous says 'Donna/Marcus...I believe Donna said she was 17 (her semester away from school) when she had Marcus so if he's at least 20 that makes her 37?? He does look a little too old and I'm not crazy about the actor they cast - he looks older than he probably is. What's up with this whole SCANDEL business - this secret does not even come close to all the things Stephanie has done so if Eric leaves Donna for this. . . he's an idiot.'

Kellie proclaims 'To answer your question - YES YES YES please bring back Sean Kanan as Deacon. I loved him - I always knew he would be good - this time, but he always had something up his sleeve that would turn the show upside down. While we're bringing folks back, how about letting Amber visit for a bit too - she can see Rick w/ his new baby and they can recall the old times together. And let's not forget that it was Rick that brought Hurricane Deacon into their lives. So many possibilities - BRING BACK DEACON!!!!'

Amy suggests 'If Deacon Sharpe came back to the show so might I. I haven't watched it since they killed Nick and Brooke with that ridiculous sleeping with Bridget storyline and sent her running back to the Wooden One. One word BORING! Deacon brought an attitude and heat to the show which has been lacking for years. All you have to do is watch some old YouTube clips of him and Brooke to know how good he was. I mean does Hope even know who her real Dad is? Him and Little D (SORAS of course) should come rolling into town to break some hearts. Love the column I read this as opposed to watching the show itself.' Thanks Amy!!

Marilyn writes 'Let me tell you that the only way this show could get better is for Nick and Brooke to be back together. They had chemistry that sizzled and it still does. The day that Brooke turned her back on Nick in his house and walked out with her first Rapist was the day I quit watching and I will not be back until I read that Brooke has kicked the Rapist to the curb and is again with Nick!!

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