Mutiny in the boardroom, again

For the Week of July 21, 2008
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Mutiny in the boardroom, again
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Marcus is a nice, neat little addition to the cast, and he ships a mean package, but does that really make him deserving of money down the road?

Here we go again! Another hostile takeover by always-a-step-behind Ridge Forrester who seems eternally hell-bent on running the company. Of course this time, he doesn't care if he kicks his own father to the curb. Haven't we had enough of these inner-family mutinies? There are a few things that the Wooden One doesn't realize though...

Let's see...without Dad, Ridge would have no company to run and without Dad he would have no idea how to draw a dress or over-act on the runway. He also should remember that he and Brooke, the proposed 'First Couple' of Forrester, have brought more scandal on the company than Donna ever has (too many to list here). Marriages, divorces, infidelity, fighting within the family, etc has done plenty of damage but Ridge and his California-size ego could care less. I have to say it was painful to watch Eric tuck his tail between his legs and accept the forced retirement. I was surprised at that but not at all surprised that sex with Donna caused some kind of heart attack (or something like that). With her libido it's a wonder it hasn't happened before now. But didn't anyone notice the expression on his face, though? He was smiling! I hope I look that happy after a heart attack!

So Eric makes Marcus an 'heir'? Isn't that a bit pre-mature? I know it's a nice neat little addition to the cast and he ships a mean package but does that really make him deserving of money down the road? I mean, if Eric kicks and Donna gets her share, she can just float him some cash out of that, right? I guess the Forrester kiddies will be a bit upset about that but Donna better hope he lives long enough to change the will because Donnas' word on it won't be enough. Which makes me wonder one other thing? Did Eric sign anything in front of Ridge before he left the office? Maybe I missed it but I would swear he didn't which means nothing has changed and now the Big Dumb Oak has to have the board meeting and hope everyone votes Daddy out while he's hooked up to machines in ICU. Gee, how touching. The Manson family was warmer than this bunch.

Brooke seems to be as easily swayed as always by Ridge...sad to see her brain never returned. I swear, when she is not with Nick, all reason and free will goes right out the window. That was one of the things I loved about how her character was written when she was with Nick (or at least 'seeing' or 'sleeping' with him. Now she is back to being her normal Stepford Forrester Wife (or soon to be) busy ignoring her family and doing Ridge's bidding. I swear I can't take any more sex on the desk or well-timed photo album retrospectives on their sick relationship over the years. It doesn't read like a storybook...more like a Stephen King novel.

Can anyone give Felicia a life, PLEASE? Ugh! I normally love her character but this is just so far over the top...every show has her sneaking around and conspiring to destroy Donna. Ok, so she is not the sharpest tool in the shed but she hasn't done anything to warrant all this! The writers are ruingin her character...they should have focused on getting her a new man and this is where I think they missed the boat with this guy Owen. Hot guy and in her age range...she should be mixing it up with him and maybe using him as inspiration for a new Men's line. See? Imagine the possibilities! No...instead he is Donnas' personal assistant, like THAT makes any sense!

Don't get me wrong, I love seeing him on-screen...could his eyes be any hotter? Yum. But this whole twist is crazy and how Eric doesn't find all this a little weird is beyond me. Marcus look like he wet himself realizing this guy is here to stay and Steffy even got in on the third degree. I personally like his character a lot and love that his conscience is getting the better of him about setting up Donna. He's least for now she is totally into Eric. What are his true motives? I think the writers will have him seriously fall for Donna (as Felicia theorized) and likely she will for him as well...especially if he is there to 'comfort' her through Eric's health crisis. She'll leave Eric to help his save the company and his family and ride off into the sunset with Owen...or not. I don't know. The writers have been all over the place lately so my ability to predict anything accurately is shot.

Speaking of Steffy...has anyone noticed that they have not kissed yet? They get close but nothing. Are we afraid, Brad? This show goes to great lengths to avoid controversial subjects and scenes for that matter (and I mean REAL out of the box stuff...come on people, ATWT has two guys kissing) so why put this off? I say they should be sucking face right in front of Ridge, how about that?! If we are to accept that everyone in the show doesn't see Marcus' race as an issue to bring up (and in theory they shouldn't), then let's see the relationship 'look' as normal as everyone would have us believe it is. I'll be watching this very closely...

Well, Nick and Bridget got married again. Great. Hey guys...look for my wedding present-it's the year's supply of No-Doze to help US stay awake through your scenes.

So what's next for Katie? I hope more than sitting around baking cookies with Mommy and staring at Nick like she wants to throw him down on the floor and make him forget his all-purpose doc. It's so obvious that it's sad to watch. But as I said above, the writers are not making much sense and it's tough to see where anything is going. I guess that's the point, huh? But I like her and hope she gets a juicy story that involves more than her lying in a hospital bed with no makeup on.

I guess you guys will be reading me again in two weeks as we have a guess columnist alternating weeks with me. Give her a read and enjoy the variety. I'm not going anywhere and for those of you, who have been with me for years, keep in touch and keep me honest as you always do (and you know who you are!). I'll still be doing the Question of the week and will post results every other week when I post the column.

QUESTION---------What woman should have a crack at B&B's new hottie Owen Knight?

The Soap Box

Miafamous says 'Donna/Marcus...I believe Donna said she was 17 (her semester away from school) when she had Marcus so if he's at least 20 that makes her 37?? He does look a little too old and I'm not crazy about the actor they cast - he looks older than he probably is. What's up with this whole SCANDEL business - this secret does not even come close to all the things Stephanie has done so if Eric leaves Donna for this. . . he's an idiot.'

Kellie proclaims 'To answer your question - YES YES YES please bring back Sean Kanan as Deacon. I loved him - I always knew he would be good - this time, but he always had something up his sleeve that would turn the show upside down. While we're bringing folks back, how about letting Amber visit for a bit too - she can see Rick w/ his new baby and they can recall the old times together. And let's not forget that it was Rick that brought Hurricane Deacon into their lives. So many possibilities - BRING BACK DEACON!!!!'

Amy suggests 'If Deacon Sharpe came back to the show so might I. I haven't watched it since they killed Nick and Brooke with that ridiculous sleeping with Bridget storyline and sent her running back to the Wooden One. One word BORING! Deacon brought an attitude and heat to the show which has been lacking for years. All you have to do is watch some old YouTube clips of him and Brooke to know how good he was. I mean does Hope even know who her real Dad is? Him and Little D (SORAS of course) should come rolling into town to break some hearts. Love the column I read this as opposed to watching the show itself.' Thanks Amy!!

Marilyn writes 'Let me tell you that the only way this show could get better is for Nick and Brooke to be back together. They had chemistry that sizzled and it still does. The day that Brooke turned her back on Nick in his house and walked out with her first Rapist was the day I quit watching and I will not be back until I read that Brooke has kicked the Rapist to the curb and is again with Nick!!

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