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It's too bad that Owen is quickly headed into the gutter, but that may be the point. There hasn't been a manipulative bad-boy since Deacon stopped wreaking havoc on the ladies of Los Angeles.

But wait! I meant that in the nicest possible way, really...I swear! Ok...did anyone buy it? No, I didn't think so. Seriously, after watching this past week, I am not really sure where to start but I know there were a few things that surprised me, some good and some bad. Yikes...we had a little bit of everything, huh? Well, sit down and take a load'll be a bumpy ride!

Ok, did I miss something here between Katie and Nick? Did they do the deed? When? Now she is pregnant? OMG!!! This is N=U-T-S!! I love her character (hey, that was positive!) and everyone on the planet knows I love Nick but how did that happen? Prom night? Was it one of those 'perceived rolls in the hay' that we don't necessarily see but we are told it happened? But when were we told? I'm so confused!!! I can say this...I am not up for another 'Bridget is childless and others in her family keep giving Nick kids'. First Brooke is the unknowing egg donor and now Aunt Katie could have his next kid? I'm sorry but this is a cheap way to get these two together. I always thought the chemistry between Katie and Nick was great all by itself so I'm not sure why we need to go to the low road with another 'oops' baby. Let them find there way to each other in a more healthy way, people! Every camera shot between them is like staring at a 50 foot billboard for them as a couple.

Now, as for the changing of the guard at Forrester, I will say this (watch out...more good stuff to say!)...I don't understand why Rigid was let go. Felicia is becoming a meddling harpy but it's true the company needs him to draw pretty dresses, so why boost him? Let him stay, send Felicia and Thorne packing (they don't do anything in the show anyway despite my pleading to the writers to give them a real story) and have Donna be the 'figurehead' while Brooke and Ridge run things until Eric wakes up. Make sense to me and Donna wouldn't look so psycho. I was surprised that Ridge would say anything nice about her when he commented about her tenacity in protecting the company for Eric. Well, she's protecting her way of life, too...let's call it for what it is. Go back to waiting tables or hang with the rich sugar daddy enjoying the high life? I'll take the latter, thank you!

Owen is behind all of this, you can take that to the bank! He probably spiked the gin so he'd go into cardiac arrest. I think Marcus was right that he also probably busted up everything in her bedroom, too. Was anyone as creeped out as I was about him snooping around in her underwear? I was waiting for him to sniff it or something equally gross. Too bad his character is headed quickly into the gutter. Maybe that was the point, though. There has not been that manipulative bad-boy since Deacon wreaking havoc on the ladies of B&B. But I have to be honest...I laughed out loud when he told Donna that she is every man's dream woman! HA! Depends on what's happening in the dream, right?

Glad to see Steffi and Marcus showing some real affection for each other like a normal young couple. I could have done without the cheesy MTV-inspired romp at the beach (seemed strange to end the week on such happy-feel-good frolicking but its ok) but its summer and that spells one thing for the soaps...teen romance. Gotta keep the bored teens at home watching the tube somehow and every show features some set of star-crossed lovers destined to be broken up by the disapproving parents in the lives. Now all they need is to age some of the other kiddies to make things even more interesting. I am telling you...bring back Deacon's son and let him make a play for Steffi and watch the sparks fly then!

I miss Stephanie. Yes, I said it. I have always loved watching her on-screen and boy, does the show suffer without her! I hope we see her soon...

And wow, another week with Brooke and Ridge in bed. It was so wonderful. (wink-wink) And let me say, it's amazing that Dr. Bridget Medicine Woman can spend all day in bed with Nick when the world has so many sick people that need her attention. Now she is a coma expert...she's my hero. But I do like the doc taking care of Katie...he always has this fatherly look on his face that says 'You better tell the truth, young lady.' But I wonder if Katie will.......

I read some rumors about Eric (John McCook) maybe leaving the show...I hope not but as I have said in the past, it is inevitable. He's been in soaps for over 30 years now (I watched him on Y&R as Lance Prentiss) and though I think he has gotten better with age, maybe the rumors speak to other issues we don't know about. Either way, I think he has more time to anchor this show and hope he 'wakes up' soon!

Since I complain a lot, I thought I would show how bright and cheery I can be about B&B and jot down a few things that I liked this week (I's like I've been possessed or something)...I liked watching Donna act (at least in front of the press) mature and like a loving wife...I liked her decision to boot Owen even though we know he'll be back doing something to cause trouble...I liked seeing more of Rick this week (I actually think he should run the company with Ridge drawing the dresses)...I liked seeing Nick look at a Lakers hat under his bed knowing he married the wrong woman...I liked that Brooke did not leave her sister hanging in front of the press and is sticking around to help her NOT ruin the company and I really liked Ridge stepping out from behind his colossal ego long enough to support her doing so. See? A regular ray of sunshine!!

I asked a couple of weeks ago who should hook up with Owen and I didn't get much of a response. I'll have to come up with better questions or maybe it's just that there is too much time between columns. I don't know...I'll work on it.

Question------------------------What do YOU like about B&B? Why do you watch everyday?

The Soap Box

Sheryl says 'This is my first time for reading you column, I LOVE IT?? I have not laughed this much since I Love Lucy. Okay, I'm dating myself, but seriously, you are a breath of fresh air. Keeping speaking for the majority of the "regular folks."

evalina writes I do not agree with you about the Forrester kids. After all, this is a Forrester family business....not Logan. I am so tired of the Logans, especially Brooke and Donna. Stephanie is really needed. She is the only one who can make this story believable. She may have done some serious things but she has always tried to keep them together. She has always taken Eric's other kids under her wing without a fuss and treats them just like they were her own. If I were in her shoes and had to watch Eric in all of his fantasies over the years, I would probably be somewhat bitter also. I also do not like what has been with Taylor's part; the same for Ashley (so much more interesting with Ridge). I don't agree with you about Ridge. Rape implies intent and he didn't Brooke he didn't know that Brooke had taken a sedative. After all he is the oldest designer in the family. Who else should try to save the family business but him with the other Forresters. I just can't stand to watch Eric and Donna. In fact I always fast-forward on them. I hate what the writers have done with his character.'

Lady li1 laments 'On B&B, isn't Bridget Nick's son's half-sister? It's sick that she expects this kid to call her mom!'

Bev writes 'Brooke, it would be terrible if some one new came on the show and she did not sleep with them.Why are there not any Eric-and-someone-else offspring? Somebody who could design better then Ridge ever thought about! That would send Forester brats into a rage.'


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