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Invasion of the body snatchers
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Katie's pregnancy is being portrayed as a miracle, just like Katie surviving the transplant was a miracle. Of course, getting shot by Storm wasn't a miracle. That was just stupidity.

There were some strange times on B&B this week, friends. Really, it took me by surprise. The week began with a shock and ended with a bigger one, and in between was just some of the most unusual stuff I've ever seen on a Bell show.

First, let's talk about the miracle that is Katie Logan. In two months time, Katie's been shot, had major transplant surgery, made love (presumably for the first time, although we haven't been told that - yet), contemplated suicide (refusing to take her meds) and now we learn that she's having a baby. Can you imagine what her diary reads like? -- "Dear Diary, today I made love to Nick, even though he's marrying my niece, whom I love to pieces, but it really wasn't disloyal of me because I expect to be dead any minute now. In fact, I might as well say goodbye now. Goodbye, diary."

Seriously, Katie's pregnant. Wow! I didn't see that one comin', did you? It's quite a twist in the storytelling, especially when you really think about the fact that it was just that one time on Catalina Island and Katie was hardly in condition to conceive. The show seems to be leaning heavily on this being a miracle. Like Katie surviving the transplant was a miracle. Of course, getting shot by Storm wasn't a miracle. That was just stupidity; I mean, why did Storm even have bullets in the gun if he was just trying to show Ashley how harmless he was?

Back to Katie, I appreciate that she was smart enough to do two things right away: 1) not blurt it out to Bridget; and 2) tell Nick immediately. His reaction was refreshing. He was the voice of reason, although I think Nick's biggest problem is that he wants more than one wife. Polygamy would work for him. One husband, four wives. He wants Taylor (for Jack), Bridget (for romance), Katie (for fun) and Brooke (forever). But I don't think Brad Bell is going to try to turn this into a show like HBO's Big Love.

Maybe Nick had to appear restrained because Katie was flipping out. Have you ever seen a sequence on B&B like Katie's imagining a visit from naked Storm as an underwater demon? Perhaps Katie's meds were responsible for that psychotic vision, but it seemed more like a page out of Passions than B&B. At the same time, Brooke and Bridget were having an equally strange scene. Their talk about light and spirit and New Age philosophy or whatever theology the writers had in mine were completely out of character for B&B. I found it oddly discomforting because it came out of nowhere. This show isn't Guiding Light, which was originally a religious based soap. Did anyone else find the miracle/demon/light storyline a jarring alteration in the storytelling?

It was great to see Taylor back at work, wasn't it? Her session with Beth was great and could be leading to more insight into what's wrong with Beth. I think Taylor may have a different diagnosis that dementia.

What's Ridge's excuse for acting deranged? His action, turning off Eric's respirator, was criminal. He has no right to do that. Donna is Eric's wife and she is the one to determine if he stays on the breathing apparatus or not. She's not just his power of attorney; she's the next of kin. I couldn't believe how presumptuous Ridge was; to not even consult his family? Who is he to make that decision? If Eric dies from this action - I don't think he will - Ridge's move is murder.

And, please, somebody tell me where the hell is Stephanie? Her not being at the hospital is out of character. She should be there for Eric, hectoring the doctors, being the dominating presence she has always been in the Forrester family. Divorce hasn't changed her love for Eric, just like when she had a heart attack a couple of years ago he was at her side and it lead to their remarriage (one of them). By the way, since we're looking for Forresters, if Kristen can come to L.A. for a wedding, she should be at her father's bed if he's at death's door.

One thing about B&B this past week, we had a chance to see some heavy duty acting. With Heather Tom as Katie, we're seeing a really wonderful actress who is up to the challenge of these emotional earthquakes. She brings credibility to even the most outrageous plotting. If another actress was dealing with this, we might be laughing at the histrionics. On the other hand, Ronn Moss is not meant for crying and tearing at his hair. Really. He looked completely out of his element. The scenes on Friday with him hearing Eric's voice and his motivation to turn off the respirator were embarrassing.

Looking ahead, I expected every bell and alarm will sound in Eric's room and the doctors will rush in to find Eric is breathing without the respirator. Another miracle? No, it may turn out that he's been misdiagnosed (like Beth?), which will open the door for his recovery.

Steffy and Marcus will also be back in the spotlight, as will that skunk Owen (could he be related to someone from the past?) as well as Donna. Considering Brooke's experience in the business, she should really be the one advising Donna, not Owen. Finally, I'm really hoping that someone goes down to the beach house to see if Stephanie has sunk into the Pacific because there's no other reason she could give for her absence from the hospital and the boardroom.

So, what are you thinking? Write with your comments. See you online soon.

Allison J. Waldman
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