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Does Donna really love Eric, or is this all just a cleverly disguised ruse to steal all of his money and get even with the Forrester kids?

As I struggled to pick up my jaw from the floor after watching the week's worth of shows, I thought I would list a few of the burning questions I have rattling around in my own mind (I usually ask for my readers to answer the burning questions!) And let me be clear here...I have some real head-scratchers!

Has Ridge gone crazy? Is he having premature senior moments? One minute pulling the plug on his father and hearing voices and then holding hands with Donna? This guy doesn't know if he is coming or going! The bigger question may much longer is Ridge going to be a focal character? I have to wonder since all we see him do is hang around and whine about his life. I have been saying for a while that the next generation needs to start making some noise, and maybe Ridge's current mental state can help that along.

Is Donna for real? Does she really love Eric or is this all this a cleverly disguised ruse to snake all his money and get even with the Forrester kids? She seems like she is focused on getting Eric back from the medical clutches of coma-induced brain damage. When will she sleep with Owen (because you know that will end of happening, right?) and how long before Felicia catches them together in some compromising position?

What's Owen's true motive with all this "over the top" caring and concern for Donna? Could he be really falling for her, or is all this for the cash? My bet is on the latter...he has slime written all over his pretty little face! But honestly...could he be any cuter? I know...I'm bad but I can't help but see a little of Deacon Sharpe in his character. Funny that he is all sweetness and caring with Donna, but when he and Marcus are in a scene together, he turns into a total jerk. I have a feeling everyone should be watching out for this let's hope the writers keep him around for a while! This show needs a bad boy!

Are the viewers going to get a week's worth of Dramamine for the shows because I am having a hard time watching all the funky camera angles and switching back and forth without getting motion sickness. I feel like I am watching ER or something! And I wonder how long the weird music samples will be popping up before and after every scene. For a minute there, I thought I was watching One Tree Hill! I am all for keeping this show fresh and "hip," but it's getting to be a little distracting. If I want all that, I'll watch the CW.

Is Stephanie ever going to come back and bring Eric out of this coma? I'm sure she can do it...all she has to do is say something that would annoy him, and he'll wake right up!! I would rather see her sparring with Donna than Ridge, and she should be there anyway because all the "I love my Honey Bear" nonsense in the world cannot erase the "Eric and Stephanie" mystique that the show has survived on for over 20 years. Someone get her back now!!

Where has Taylor been? She and Rick have not been backburnered...they have been thrown off the stove! When will she get a juicy story, and will these two ever get married? Maybe the writers are a little stuck with what to do now...we have already had all the drama and disapproval, so what's left? A wedding and an "oops" baby, that's what. Okay, who's betting on that, huh? I am! And speaking of family disapproval...Brooke better watch the "hypocrisy meter," as it went into overdrive last week when she was lecturing Ridge on not interfering in his grown daughter's love life! Has she forgotten her own crazed behavior when Rick announced he was in love with Taylor?

Have the writers had it in for Nick's character all this time? How could he not be painted out to be a monster after this latest impregnation with Katie? He will have messed over Bridget yet again while she sits at home depressed over not being able to carry a baby of her own. Everyone will hate him and Katie for betraying poor Dr. Bridget. I guess it's just that this slant to stories involving Nick is getting so boring that I was hoping that if they were going to keep him with Bridget (even though I am not a fan and will always believe he should be with Brooke) that it would stick this time and that's that. No question, however, that Nick will surpass Ridge very soon as the biggest pig on this show. What a shame.

Do you think there is any hope that the writers could keep Beth around? I really think it's cool to have the Logan matriarch (even if her memory is a little fuzzy) around, since we don't have Stephanie at the moment. Let's hope she can be a good family "anchor" for the troubled Logan women.

Kristine Cain
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