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Our columnist was unable to provide a new column this week. Instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Los Angeles during the week of September 6, 2004.

Our Two Scoopers are unable to provide a column this week, so in place of a new column here is a throwback to this week in 2004. What was happening then? Some fans joke that you don't have to watch for years and can still keep up to date. You be the judge!

Is it just me or was there a significant lack of real action last week? As I sit here in front of the computer, it occurred to me that I did not have as much to write about this week. Maybe there is some truth to the opinions around the Net that B&B is going soft and lulling us all into a state of unconsciousness faster than we can say "Pass the No-Doze."

The token bit of intrigue this week came from the preview of things to come with the new regime at Spectra Fashions. It seems that Thorne has an ally back at Forrester that will be pulling double agent duty and funneling designs his way. Is this ethical? No. Is it in keeping with Thorne's character? No. Does the family deserve it? Yes. After the way he has been treated as of late by ALL parties, Thorne has finally figured out that sometimes you have to deliver a message the same way it was delivered to you to have the desired effect. What goes around, comes around. You reap what you sow. He did say that he would make the knock-offs better quality and is likely to steal some of the buyers as well. You have to give him credit for one thing, he did his homework and planned his attack well. I, for one, am enjoying the new and powerful Thorne. He was almost too nice at times and deserves his time in the spotlight. Just wait until the first fashion show and watch as the rabid fashion press foam at the mouth looking for the grisly details of why he is steering the Spectra ship. I hope the almighty House of Egomania Creations takes a serious beating for the way they cast aside the 'good son'. I can see it now...about five years from now when Alexandria takes the helm at Spectra, she will be competing against RJ at Forrester. With SORAS working its magic these days, that's not an unrealistic timeline! Go Spectra!

Of course no week is complete these days without a visit from one of the guilty family members trying to convince Thorne to come back into the fold. Stephanie slid into the president's office begging him to take it all out on her, not his father. I'm with you Thorne...too little, too late. Why did it take such drastic actions to get these people to wake up? Who's next, Brooke? "Hi Thorne, I know I broke your heart in a thousand pieces and had a hand in keeping you down in the basement while I ran the company, but can't you be nice to us now?" Well, lets remember how nasty she got after she was run out of the company herself. Bottom line...there is nothing that can stop him and nothing would make me smile bigger than to see the Forrester's take one in the chops publicly.

Meanwhile, at the marina, Nick and Felicia had a breakthrough in their new romance including the long-awaited roll in the hay. It stills seemed a little awkward, though. I am still not feeling the heat between these two. I am, however, trying to give them a break and am hoping for there to be some more tender moments that aren't drenched in post-cancer survival references. It's getting almost as bad as all the sailing dialogue Nick gives us all the time. Don't get me wrong...it's great that her cancer is gone but I would find it more entertaining to see them going to Brooke and Ridge's for dinner and watching them all squirm at the sight of Nick moving on. Ridge will hate it because she's his sister and Brooke will be uncomfortable watching someone else falling for him. After all, she has always been a little tense when her castoff's find another.

Felicia also had a little quality time with Mommy at the end of the week. Kudos to both for a solid performance. These two characters have never gotten along and now that Stephanie knows how close she came to never seeing her again, maybe things will change. Stephanie has been blinded by the god-like glow that surrounds Ridge for too long and needs to pay attention to the others she brought into the world. But will she embrace Nick as a potential boyfriend? Probably. He is a truly nice guy and it never seemed as though her or Eric had a problem with him. Do I see a wedding in the future...no. I think they are destined for lots of dating, etc. but with the wounds still fresh from Brooke, Nick may not want Stephanie to arrange another quickie ceremony at the main house just yet.

In Malibu, Jackie has dropped the bomb on poor Deacon that she is going back to Mojo. Ok people, who did not see that coming? Give up all that money? All the prestige? Now she has her son talking to her again and that proved to be the icing on the cake. I did get a little sick hearing all the 'You screwed up but now I will forgive you' rhetoric coming from Massimo. Gee, could you sound a little LESS parental and more like a man who misses their wife? Face it, she's coming back because of Nickeeee and can't stand the thought of him being sick of the relationship between her and Deacon. It's only a matter of time before they all find out and Deacon helps let the cat out of the bag. I hope he has his life insurance policy updated because Massimo won't let this one slide.

We all had to get treated to yet another couple of days watching The Brooke & Ridge Soft Porn show which also helped me find the time to do other things during my lunch break. Come on, writers...can't we go one week without watching this stale and tired couple act like they are 15? Watching grass grow is more exciting than watching these two go at it. Though it was nice to see their baby...I had almost forgot they had one. Too bad he had to watch it, too.

The Ramirez household went through a bit of an upheaval this week. Caitlin made the classic 'If I can't see him, I'll move out' speech which is every parent's nightmare to hear. He looks like he will give in, though, and my theory from last week might hold true. Tell them they can date but no carnal knowledge. They will either stick it out and obey the rules or they will fall apart due to raging hormones. I do agree with one thing, though...I see this as more of a viable relationship than the twisted 'thing' going on between Amber and Thomas. She's a gold digger and he's just about as immature as he can be....a match made in Hell if you ask me. Rumor has it that next week the Forrester's will level Amber and Ridge will take some sort of legal action to prevent the relationship at any cost. Good luck Dad because Junior is determined to get even with Rick and Caitlin and show how much he loves Amber. What a great example of another generation of self-centered Forrester's believing that all women should adore them all the time.

Who's on the Soapbox?----

Linda writes..."I was wondering about Deacon's little boy?" Good question. It seems that the writers have forgotten these kids along the way. Maybe they are having theie SORAS treatment as we speak! I'd love to see little E/D come back about 13 years old and try to score with one of the Stepford Twins, Phoebe and Stepphy. Deacon's bad boy making time with Ridge's daughters...ooh, the possibilities!

Brandy in SC writes..."It would put a spin on things if Thorne had been designing clothes 'in the closet' so to speak for years but never shared the designs with the family because they would say they were nothing compared to Ridge's creations." WOW! Now that would be a great twist! He has always been written off as the brother with no creativity and if he had undiscovered talent, that would be enough to make Ridge throw himself off a building. Great thoughts, Brandy!

Until next week, stay in touch with your thoughts...it's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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