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For the Week of September 22, 2008
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Stephanie sure is acting like Eric's one and only wife. Doesn't anyone recall that she had moved out of the mansion, that she was living in the beach house, and that Eric had moved on?

Oh, what a week! The Bold and the Beautiful is on the verge of turning Eric's household imprisonment into a twisted version of Misery with Stephanie in the Kathy Bates role. I mean, really, when she was washing his feet, weren't you reminded of Bates' character breaking James Caan's ankles so he couldn't leave the cabin?

Okay, maybe that's extreme, but still, what's with Stephanie? Stephanie sure is acting like Eric's one and only wife, isn't she? Doesn't anyone recall that she moved out of the mansion, that she was living in the beach house, that Eric moved on? I think that look in Eric's eyes when he sees Stephanie peering down on him is, "Get me out of here!" Seriously, when he finally gets his bearings, I hope he tells Stephanie to take a hike. She's so overplaying her tenure as the first Mrs. Forrester.

It's really hard to feel for the current Mrs. Forrester because Donna was dead wrong to get that close to Owen while Eric was in a coma. I'm sorry; she let herself get caught in a compromising position by putting herself in that position. She should have maintained an above-board relationship. She shouldn't have NEVER been alone with him. Why is that such a hard concept to understand?

Just a thought, but why if you were Donna and had control of Forrester Creations and Eric's power of attorney, wouldn't you be contacting a lawyer? Where's Owen to advise her that she's the next of kin. She could call the cops and throw all the Forresters out of the mansion. She's the lady of the house. When Brooke told her to contact the law, Donna brushed that idea aside. But really, do you think security guards could stop Detective Baker from seeing Eric at Donna's behest? Let him ask Eric if he wants Stephanie running everything.

Granted, Eric is very fragile and just coming out of the coma, but is he really so weak-willed that he can't tell Stephanie that he wants to see Donna alone? Even if I saw my husband with another woman, I'd want to talk to him one on one about what he was doing! Instead, Eric is a prisoner and he's letting it happen.

By the way, is Eric's beard supposed to signify his fraility? Geez, if Stephanie can wash his tootsies, why not give him a shave?

I thought Katherine Kelly Lang was great in the scene when Brooke finally was able to see Eric and speak with him. Those tears were so real -- and yet she looked gorgeous! Speaking of gorgeous, it looks like Ronn Moss has visited the stylist. He looks much more handsome with the gray out of his hair and a new cut.

What can I say about Taylor and the baby? She's raised three children before Jack (albeit with a few years missing because she was presumed dead), but now she can't bond with this little one? This is a fraudulent story. What if Jack were an adopted child; would she reject him because she can't bond with him? Of course not. You don't/can't return an adopted baby. This is a ridiculous development.

As for Bridget and Nick, I know a lot of people are really blasting Nick for making all this happen, but back up a bit. Bridget chased after Nick when he marriage to Taylor fell apart. She went into the re-marriage with her eyes wide open. She also threw Nick and Katie together. Does it stink that her unselfishness and generosity was never repaid? Yes, but she had the choice to forgive Nick and Katie and continue her marriage. Other women have forgiven a husband who strays, and Nick's cheating was quite unique. He thought Katie was dying; he thought he was doing something kind, fulfilling a last request. If Bridget really wanted to forgive Nick, she could have. The way I see it, she should now close the door on Nick forever. Do not go back to him ever. You need a new man, Bridget -- one of your own.

By the end of the week, Donna finally managed to sneak in to Eric's room -- pulling a Lucy Ricardo move in the process! -- but he really didn't seem responsive to her. It's going to take a while for Eric to get back on track. In the meanwhile, when are Ridge and Thorne and Felicia going to start worrying about Forrester Creations, which when last we heard was falling apart thanks to Donna.

Looking ahead, I'm anxious to see Eric take control and make up his own mind about Donna and Stephanie. I'm also anticipating some surprising turns. For instance, what was Stephanie really doing those weeks when she wasn't around? Can't wait to find out. And till next time, see you online.

Allison J. Waldman
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