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Brooke Brady?
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Taylor has a hot young thing lying next to her, who seems to really love her, and she is thinking about the husband who habitually cheated on her with Brooke?

Just when you thought Brooke's Mother Teresa act could not get any more overblown, she is now going to take Baby Jack under her wing and raise him due to Taylor's inability to get over his DNA profile. Are you serious? Ugh...well I will say this...I really did like the scenes between them this week. If this is the real problem then Taylor did the right thing. That means Brooke has a total of 5 more and we could call her Carol Brady. Would this happen in real life, no, but then again soaps require a suspension of disbelief and I guess it all made sense. That poor kid...bouncing from here to there and has no idea that he will become another pawn in the next great triangle on B&B. Maybe it's a good thing he will be spending more time around RJ because he's already been there, done that.

So it's clear that two things are going to set-up here and Brooke is likely going to be in the middle of BOTH of them...Brooke-Ridge-Taylor and Brooke-Nick-Katie. Okay people, try to keep up...Nick and Katie have been 'greenlighted' to be together but now Brooke will need to be involved with Nick on a regular basis because of her taking over the mommy duties with Jack. Katie won't be happy about this as it means competing with her sister for Nick's time and attention since she has a wait before her baby pops out. It could rekindle all kinds of old feelings and everyone will be looking over their shoulder.

The OTHER triangle seems to be taking shape as Friday's episode ended with Taylor laying next to her boy-toy Rick and dreaming of Ridge (of all people...gimme a break). So Taylor will see that Ridge is not happy with Jack being around and distracting Brooke and will swoop in to make him feel better. Brooke may or may not notice that as he becomes closer to Taylor, she could be out in the cold altogether (if Nick stays with Katie and she has a healthy baby). She will have fights on two different fronts between Katie and Taylor. Whew!

How do I feel about all of the above? Well, I would ultimately love to see Brooke and Nick together but it's clear that Brad & the Gang don't want them together in any kind of healthy way. I am ok with Nick and Katie though and think it may be a cool onscreen romance to watch. She is different...brainy, sweet, and someone who really doesn't 'need' Nick. Bridget, Taylor and Brooke have all been much more needy with him and if this is written the right way, I think fans could really get behind this pairing. I know I could.

So Taylor is dreaming about Ridge? WHAT???? There has been nothing to lead up to this!! I thought she was in love with Rick?? And honestly, why would she be dreaming about that rat anyway? She has a hot young thing lying next to her that seems to really love her and she is thinking about the husband that habitually cheated on her with Brooke? Don't get me wrong...I really always thought they should have been together but having Brooke constantly in the middle just made it too hard to cheer for after awhile. Who knows where this is going but I hope it's something that makes sense and not just for the overall 'shock' of it. I hope Rick isn't run too far under the bus either as I really like his character a lot. The thought of him and Bridget sitting around crying in their beer over failed relationships is nauseating.

Speaking of Bridget, I was laughing out loud watching her run around town all hard-as-nails and full of attitude. While I think she has been needing to be less childlike and na´ve, this was a little too much too soon. I did like the interaction between her and Owen. He's such a cutie!! How can she not be softened by him? Maybe it's about time that Dr. Perfect find a man that doesn't have the last name of Marone or Forrester. I'm looking forward to that....

Who thinks Donna is sincere about still loving Eric so much? I tend to think maybe she is. She could have easily taken off with the younger hottie and gotten as much money as she could out of her marriage to Eric but no, she is scratching and screaming to stay in his room to pledge her love. Thorne is nearly throwing her down the stairs and she is yelling all the way (by the way, the slow-mo filming was hysterical...I thought I was watching a bad Bon Jovi video from the 80's). Maybe she is for real but Eric brought up the exact thing I was thinking while I watched her speech...if it only took 2 months to jump into bed with someone, how could you really be that in love? Most people have some kind of gradual mourning of some kind. Donna? Nope...wipe away the tears with one hand and open Owens' fly with the other. I hope she's for real...I'd rather see Eric with her than the Ice Queen. She really has SO much nerve to be treating Eric like a child and Donna like a monster. Her ability to butt into EVERYTHING knows no bounds!

Just a few things that drove me insane last week...somebody tell Nick to get a haircut (the blonde mullet is a little tired)...the wardrobe department needs to stop dressing Ridge like Johnny Cash...and what was up with Katie's outfit? She sure went from pseudo-Tomboy to sex kitten real fast, didn't she? And could we have come up with a better ruse for sneaking Donna into the house than a crate? And how did Thorne and Stephanie come to that conclusion THAT quick that Donna smuggled herself in? Whatever...but my favorite thing ALL week by far was Stephanie using the phrase "lame-ass"! HAHA!!! There is just something so cool about such a wonderful actress delivering 'real life' language like that! Susan Flannery is awesome!

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