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Thorne, Felicia, and Stephanie have no right to be so high and mighty. They've all done horrific things in their time, and they shouldn't stand in judgment of Donna the way that they do.

What's been more of a soap opera this past week? The presidential politics, the economic bailout, or the specter of Pam rearing her ugly head metaphorically -- on The Bold & the Beautiful. You know how Sarah Palin talked about Vladimir Putin rearing his ugly head and looming over Alaska, that's what I thought of when Pam suddenly reemerged as the brains behind the deadly snake in a shipment of shoes to Forrester. She was out to get Donna -- big surprise -- but instead Marcus was the victim. Bit by a snake...ouch!

You know, they're getting pretty nutty with Pam's murderous machinations. Lemon bars are one thing, but the honey with the bear was right out of a bad fairy tale. Now we have a snake in the shoes, which smacks of Arabian nights. What's next, a scud missile blast at Donna while she's having a cup of coffee at Insomnia? By the way, how is she financing this murderous rage? Could Stephanie be slipping her little sister some cash to remain a fugitive, albeit one with a killer's agenda. At least Donna was smart enough to realize that the snake was put in the crate by Pam.

I have to say that I'm really disappointed with this Donna and Eric separation. I guess we're to believe that Eric is really a different man now that he's survived the heart attack and poisoning. I would have thought his attitude would have been the exact opposite. I think he should want to seize this second chance at life, not fall back into the same old thing that Stephanie represents. And if he really doesn't trust Donna anymore, how shaky was that marriage? He could go out on a ledge in his birthday suit -- and endure the subsequent public ridicule for the woman he loves -- but he can't believe her when she says she never had intercourse with Owen and wasn't unfaithful? He can't get over it and tell her, clean slate, let's start again!

The Forresters are too insufferable for me. Thorne and Felicia and Stephanie have no right to be so high and mighty. They've all done horrific things in their time and shouldn't stand in judgment of Donna the way they do. This is especially true of Thorne. When I saw him confronting Marcus, I wanted to smack him. On the other hand, Marcus hasn't been working at Forrester long enough to be so insubordinate, so I guess it cuts both ways.

My heart broke for Katie losing her baby because she was really invested in having a child before she dies. With a transplanted heart, she probably has a shorter life expectancy, so this baby might have been her only chance to be a mom. Fortunately, Nick quickly dispelled the notion that he was only with her for the sake of the baby. It would be inappropriate for him to propose to her now when he hasn't even signed divorce papers with Bridget yet, but maybe by Thanksgiving, we'll see a romantic Nick Marone prospoal for Katie, complete with Laker tickets and musical serenade.

Unless the newly-formed parental partnership with Brooke causes Nick to resurrect his undying feelings for Katie's big sister. Don't laugh, it's happened before and it could happen again. Ridge surely thinks that Popeye still harbors love for Brooke that trumps anything he's felt for Katie, Taylor or Bridget. I was surprised to see Ridge acting so magnanimous this past week, adding that codicil to the custody agreement in which they all agreed to love Jack and care for him responsibly and without reservation. And the wedding outfits for the kids was adorable. ...Still, doesn't it seem like this is the calm before the storm. Something is bound to blow up in all the Ridge and Brooke happiness.

The same is true of Rick and Taylor. They're just too happy. The loss of Jack is going to affect Taylor and upset her bliss with Rick. And what's happened to Steffy and Phoebe? They've completely disappeared. How's that possible?

So, if Marcus is rushed to the hospital for the snake bite -- and that's going to happen -- Phoebe should pop up by his side. I've also heard that Steffy's on her way back into the storyline, so that could be interesting.

Finally, did it strike you funny that Owen was surprised that Donna fired him? I nearly laughed out loud. Is he really that dense? How could Donna justify keeping him on as her assistant while trying to convince Eric that she wants to reunite? Duh! If Donna was a really smart cookie -- which is debatable -- she would hire a staff of loyal workers and insulate herself at Forrester. Right now she's just hanging by a thread, the kind of thread that Stephanie will cut as soon as she gets the chance.

So, it should be a fun week to come. Marcus and the snake bite, Katie clinging to baby Jack, Ridge wondering about Brooke and Nick, Donna clinging to the hope of keeping Eric. I'll be tuning in, won't you?

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