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Taylor's supposed to be one of the most ethical characters on the show, a morally righteous, brilliant woman. She could have at least broken up with Rick first, before propositioning Ridge.

You've heard about the October surprise in politics, haven't you? You know, it's that last minute stunning shock that's meant to influence the November election. So, with politics in mind, I think The Bold and the Beautiful has hit us with an October surprise -- Ridge and Taylor. In some ways, this resurrection of their love story is an even bigger twist than the time Taylor returned from the dead!

What do you think of this out-of-nowhere one more time around for Ridge and Taylor? Does it make you feel all comfy and cozy inside? It turns me off.

How can Taylor look at herself in the mirror these days? She's really been acting reprehensible. She wakes up in bed with Rick, kisses him and makes plans to meet with a wedding planner, then a few hours later is standing in Ridge's office telling him to dump Brooke -- so Logan and Nick could raise Jack -- and return to her. Kissing him and offering herself up to him in a definite sexual come on! And in typical Ridge fashion, he let her kiss him. He didn't push her away or pull back and say, "Whoa, I'm engaged to Brooke."

Speaking of engagements, Taylor didn't once even think of Rick while propositioning Ridge! What kind of person would do that? Where's her conscience? She's supposed to be one of the most ethical characters on the show, a morally-righteous, brilliant woman. At least she could have broken up with Rick first, then approached Ridge. It still would have been in shocking bad taste to try to swipe another woman's fiancé, but when it comes to Taylor and Brooke, good manners are out the window.

I nearly gagged when Ridge said he was in awe of Taylor's ability to give up Jack. What? That's ridiculous. If she really adored her child, she would have never given up that baby. It wasn't a sacrifice for Jack, no matter how much they keep saying it. Think about the options: Taylor could have hired a nanny to help her with Jack. She could have worked with a child psychologist -- a trained professional like she is -- to develop techniques that would bond her and Jack together. There were other ways for her to have kept Jack if she really wanted to!

The stage is now set for major drama, which is really the point of all this. Ridge will start to really think about reuniting with Taylor. Brooke will question whether or not Ridge is committed to staying with her. Nick will face the prospect of another chance with Brooke, which will make Katie progressively more insecure about their relationship. Oh, and did I mention Rick? He's going to go ballistic -- rightfully so. Taylor has used him. She's treated him shabbily, and it's not going to take much for Rick to affix the blame on Ridge, his nemesis.

Which reminds me about Stephanie... Is Donna really her nemesis? I don't know. I can't tell if Stephanie is good or bad these days. I think there's no character more brilliant and manipulative on B&B that she is. Her love for Eric and Ridge and her family is obsessive and predatory. I was stunned when she confronted Donna about why she had given up on Eric. After all, that's what Stephanie wanted, and yet she had to know why Donna was breaking up with Eric. Winning Eric back wasn't enough for Stephanie, so in that way I admire her love. There is an element of -- dare I say it -- fairness in her. Of course, once she realizes that Donna's telling the truth, that she's been doing what she's doing because Pam is threatening to kill Eric, will Stephanie find herself in a position where she's helping Eric and Donna to get back together?

Finally, one more thought: you call that a first birthday party? Come on, where were the kids? Where was the family? All the decorations in the world couldn't cover up the fact that Jack's siblings and step/half siblings were MIA. In my clan, birthday parties are required attendance. I felt bad for little Jack. His b-day was just a backdrop for Ridge to get all paranoid about Brooke and Nick. This child has been jostled around horribly. Maybe Bradley Bell is planting seeds for future stories, you know, projecting about ten years from now when rapid soap opera aging will have Jack be about 17 and rebelling against his parents for treating him like a football when he was a tot.

I'm on the edge of my seat about what's coming next. The fireworks are coming, you can count on it! Pam, Ridge, Brooke, Taylor, Rick, Eric, Owen...ka-boom! I can't wait to see what happens next.

So, read on, fellow fans and I'll see you online really soon.

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