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Just when it looked like Donna wasn't the woman she had portrayed herself to be, she goes and does the noble and selfless thing.

I guess some new blood in the writing corral was just the ticket for B&B as I have to say that the last couple of weeks, with all its over-the-top craziness, has been very fun to watch. I feel like there is finally some movement in some areas and new possibilities in others. Bravo and it's about time! There is a lot to comment on, so here goes...

True love will prevail I believe now that Donna's real reasons for going through with the divorce have been exposed. I am hoping that if these two are meant to be in the soap world that they will get some peace and quiet for awhile. Eric loves her, she loves him, and best of all, Stephanie admitted it FINALLY! Just when we thought that Donna wasn't the woman she portrayed herself to be, she goes and does the noble and selfless thing (very un-Logan like these days). Of course you would think that in a city like LA that a crazy like Pam would not be able to run free all over town to stalk Donna like she did but as we all know soaps ask all of us to deal with a lot of suspension of disbelief. My question is now that everything is out in the open, how long before the Eric moves back in with Donna and how long before the Forrester Brats revolt and throw a fit about Stephanie being ousted again? Ridge will have his hands full (I'll get to that in a minute) but the other two are just silly. Thorne and Felicia act like they are 10 years old and they are the only family to go through a divorce. I hope we are spared all that.

Kudos to all the actors, though, involved with the Crazy Pam the Stalker storyline. Their acting really holds this show together in my opinion and I can say that even though she sometimes got on my last nerve with the 'hot tamale' talk and Tiny the Killer Doberman, Alley Mills has done a great job portraying her. Crazy, creepy, a touch of quirkiness and a whole lotta PSYCHOTIC!! A top-shelf soap villainess!

All hail to Susan Flannery and John McCook...when it comes time for these two to leave the show someday, it might make me re-think whether or not I can still watch it. They are both just that good. In the soap world it is hard to deliver lines with that much professionalism year after year and make it truly effortless in the process. They have become #1 on my short list of reason I still watch this show after all these years.

Taylor sure is starting to channel Brooke a little bit these days. She sure seems to relish the position of "relationship wrecker" with all this "I want my Ridge back" stuff she's been going on with. And how about that kiss with Mr. Ego? She's right...I sure didn't see him too eager to push her away in disgust, did any of you? Big problems there, Brooke...HUGE! I don't think it take a rocket scientist to figure out what the writers likely have in store for us. With this latest issue with Rick, Brooke will find herself turning to Nick more, Ridge will feel insecure with that, Taylor will pounce a moment of weakness and her and Ridge will do the deed. Brooke will find out, break off the engagement and turn to Nick so they can all be one big happy family with baby Jack. Thomas and the Twins will try to officially get the 'Rents back together. The End. this is what I would like to see happen: Brooke breaks up with Ridge after seeing what a rage-filled idiot he is and instead of shacking up with Nick, tells everyone she is taking a sabbatical in Europe with the kids. She wants some 'man-free time' to figure things out. Meanwhile, Taylor and Ridge sleep together after he finds out Brooke left, she finds out she is pregnant with the miracle baby of the ages and they get remarried. Nick, finding out that Brooke is MIA, decides to stay with Katie and make a go of it (I still say they would be a good couple...if he and Brooke can't have a decent shot together). Brooke comes back, fights Katie for Nick's affections, and instead gets swept away in seeing Deacon again for the first time in years. Do you like I snuck that in there as if it's really got a shot of happening? I swear, this show is primed and ready for his character to come back and cause all kinds of trouble. Between that and aging all the kiddies to inject some new blood into the character landscape, B&B would really be making great strides for the future.

Poor Rick...can't feel his legs and can't stop blaming Ridge for all the bad stuff he has endured in his life. I may not like Ridge but I wouldn't go that far. He'd have to give Mommy Dearest equal blame for making the early years of his life a train wreck, too. But I guess Rick has gotten the short end of the stick throughout his time on B&B. First manipulated into marriage by his former babysitter, then gets involved with Sheila's daughter of all people and that goes South in a hurry. Add the ill-fated relationship with Hector's daughter (I'm blanking on the name) that garnered him another ER visit from being run over with a car for no good reason. Then he's boy toy to cougars Ashley and Taylor and both end up getting stuck on Ridge of all people. Wait! I forgot to throw in there his underage dalliance with Phoebe that was like one long 'Dawson's Creek' episode. Ok, this guy probably should have thrown himself off the building instead of having Ridge do it for him. I hope better days are ahead for him but I have a feeling the writers are going to make him into a very bitter and mean person before that happens. You all know that after he makes sure Ridge is gone from his mother's life he will 'suddenly' feel his legs but forget to tell anyone. It's an old but trusty plot device that many shows have used. No matter what, the next couple of weeks will change the entire dynamic of 'The Brooke Logan Show' for a long time. Amen to that!!

I'm not one to get all political in this column but I will say this to all of my readers...GO VOTE! It's important and it feels good to do it. I never get tired of feeling like a real grown-up and casting my ballot.

And for all the parents out there, have a safe and Happy Halloween! I will be walking through my neighborhood with Optimus Prime so I know I'll be safe!

Kristine Cain
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