Wild, wild horses...

For the Week of November 24, 2008
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Wild, wild horses...
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Rick just can't catch a break. All of his maniacal schemes to keep Brooke and Ridge apart seem doomed to fail, and his attempt to send Marcus on a wild goose chase didn't work, either.

This week, we're taking a break from the usual routine. Our column this week has been provided by Tamilu, who many of our readers know from the General Hospital section, where she's written the Two Scoops for about five years. Tamilu watches GH and B&B -- and she also writes recaps for The Bold and the Beautiful. We'd like to know what you think of Tamilu's column, so drop us a line and let us know what you think.

Hello dear readers. My name is Tamilu and for the past five years, I have been writing the Two Scoops columns for General Hospital. This week, Grand Master Dan (our editor) asked me to fill in for The Bold and the Beautiful, which I am delighted to do.

It's an especially juicy week to have the opportunity to comment on B&B. First, we had the romantic reunion of the quarreling Ridge and Brooke...

Brooke was riding on horseback in Malibu and Ridge spotted her from far off. With his powerful "Baby Come Back" lungs, Ridge shouted LOGAN from atop a cliff and she actually heard him! Brooke put the horse in reverse and galloped back to Ridge's side.

I haven't seen or heard of that horse for years. I was a little startled to hear Brooke ask someone to saddle up her horse so she could ride. What has that poor horse been doing since the last time I saw it in 1998? I am surprised the poor thing could even walk much less carry Brooke down to the ocean.

Rick just can't cut a break. All of his maniacal schemes to keep Brooke and Ridge apart seem doomed to fail. His latest gimmick to send Marcus on a wild goose chase to Paris while he tries to seduce Steffy didn't go all that well either.

Rick used Stephanie's fear about Eric's health to draw her into his demented ideas, although she was none too pleased about it.

After Rick edited the video of Brooke's speech during the press conference, I kept waiting for Brooke, Eric, Stephanie or even the tech guy, who were all in the room when Brooke spoke, to mention that what ended up on the podcast was no what Brooke originally said. I'm still waiting.

The only explanation is that the writer's don't want Ridge to know yet. My guess is they will wait until Ridge has just said "I do" to Taylor and then the next day he will discover that Rick was behind all the problems he and Brooke had. It's manufactured drama, and really it has to be...how many more times can Ridge bounce back and forth between Taylor and Brooke? Who am I kidding? In 2028 Brooke and Taylor will probably be hitting each other with canes and hiding each other dentures in a fight over Ridge.

To boost his own ego, Rick's first big act as president of Forrester was to banish Ridge's name from the building. He sent his minions out to take Ridge's name off parking spots, door placards, tossed away business cards and anything else bearing the evil name of Ridge Forrester. A little childish, perhaps, but most of what Rick has done lately has been childish.

What is it about the Forrester's fighting on balconies? You would think after Stephanie accidentally knocked Jackie over the railing at her house, all Forrester's would have made a set rule "No fights near high railings or rooftops." So, I guess its Ridges' fault that Rick was able to fake paralysis since Ridge made the bad choice to fight him near a roof. Rick blames Ridge for so many bad events in his life, and everything Rick is doing right now is centered on revenge against Ridge. Rick is determined to split up Ridge and Brooke for good.

Brooke isn't the only Logan having relationship difficulties... We can't neglect a discussion of Donna finding reasons to stick her hands down Owen's swim trunks... all in the name of fashion of course.

If your husband caught you in bed kissing another man, and you really wanted to make your marriage work, it seems to me the better route to feeling the fabric on swim trunks and removing the tags would be to do that while the garment was OFF of Owen and not while it was on. But hey, that's just me.

Eric is watching Owen and Donna's every move on a webcam he secretly installed in Owen's office. Thorne is the only other person who knows about the webcam, and I think he is getting off on voyeuristic pleasures because he continually drops by Eric's office to find out what's going on and to peer over Eric's shoulder. So far, Donna is still clothed, but since Owen can't seem to keep his shirt on and Donna's bottom lip is trembling, I think Eric and his webcam will get the money shot soon.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Marcus come home wearing a beret and with sporting a French accent? Will Stephanie find more photo albums of the grandkids to share with Eric? Will Brooke and Ridge remember they are supposed to have joint custody of baby Jack and pick him up from Nick's house before he turns five? Will Rick go into department stores and cut Ridge's name off of dress labels? Will Steffy pretend to like Rick for another free steak?

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