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As of the last census, the population of Los Angeles was 3,849,378 people. That suggests that Steffy and Rick have a myriad of choices of people to date, if only they would think to look outside of their family.

I checked the Census Bureau website and discovered that as of the last census, the population of Los Angeles was 3,849,378 people. That would seem to indicate that Steffy and Rick (and the rest of their families for that matter) have a myriad of choices of people to date if only they would think to look outside of their family.

When they declared their love for one another this week, I threw up a little in my mouth. Phoebe died December 5th. Before Phoebe died, Steffy despised Rick. The first time he tried to kiss her she had the appropriate reaction. She told him he was disgusting and slapped him. After all, he had already slept with her mother and her sister and it was just plain nasty that he was hitting on her, too. But now, a little more than a month later, Steffy is completely head over heels crazy in love with Rick and couldn't possibly stop seeing him? Eww.

While I realize Phoebe's death was indeed an accident, I still can't imagine someone falling in love with the guy who was behind the wheel when her twin sister died in a car crash. And how do you fall in love with someone when the sole extent of your relationship has been a couple of stolen kisses? They haven't been on a date, or even had a real conversation yet at this point. I think a great many people have a problem differentiating between love and lust.

Bridget, the self appointed morality police, tried her best to persuade Rick and Steffy to leave Big Bear, and forget about one another. But her words fell on deaf (and horny) ears. The writers need to give Bridget her own storyline and a new relationship. I like the idea of Bridget and Owen together, except for the inevitable fact that Donna will eventually steal him away from her. If I were Bridget, I'd try to switch teams because at least if she was in a relationship with another woman, her mom wouldn't try to steal her partner.

I can't blame Ridge for his reaction to Steffy taking a road trip with Rick. If one of your kids was killed in a car accident with Rick, would you want your other kids riding with him? No, me neither. I had to laugh when Ridge called Steffy by Phoebe's name. Once upon a time the twins were identical, so I would be able to understand Ridge confusing the two. But since Steffy is now a "mini me" brunette version of Taylor, I don't think Ridge could confuse her with the cascade of golden ringlets that was Phoebe. But the point they were making is that Ridge is still very raw- his grief is right below the surface and they keep pushing him over the edge. I feel great sympathy for Ridge - he lost a child and is trying to do that with grace for Brooke's sake, but no one in his family is making it easy on him.

I also feel sorry for poor Marcus. He planned such a sweet and romantic weekend for Steffy at Big Bear, and she stomped his heart. Marcus is a really decent guy who actually loved Steffy, and didn't drive her sister off the road to her death. But he's the guy who got dumped! But hey, Marcus is part of their big weird incestuous family, so I am certain another girl he's kind of related to will come along and want him.

On to other matters...which one of the Forrester clan is so angry with Eric that they would be willing to tank his new collection? Someone has been anonymously sending secret Forrester designs to Nick's e-mail, and Jackie is chomping at the bit to make knock off's of them to save Jackie M.

It's nice to see one of the soaps actually addressing the economic climate and showing a business in trouble. I am fairly certain most all of us know someone who has lost their job, their home, or their company and it's good for our Daytime Dramas to stay current and address the state of the world now and then. Hooray for CBS.

I especially liked the scene where Katie assured Nick she didn't love him for his money and would be content if they were poor. I think that's a gift everyone should give the person they love. In this economy, some very spoiled people will have to learn to live without designer clothes and nights out at 5 star restaurants. Hopefully your partner knows you will love them even if you have to eat Ramen noodles for a month. So, right now, pull a Katie. Make a vow to the person you love and let them know you aren't going anywhere, even if their company goes bankrupt tomorrow. No really, I mean it.

But will Nick pull himself out of the hole on the wings of a stolen dress design? I doubt Nick would resort to using such tactics on his own; however with his very persuasive mother whispering "Yes! Yes! Yes!" in his ear, it will be hard for him to hear the voice of his conscience saying "No." I think the ghost of Sally Spectra is in the house, or that Jackie found her playbook. I have to say, I still miss Sally Spectra. She always livened up the joint.

Who is the culprit? My money is on the whiny and underappreciated Thorne. But Jackie was right; the list of plausible suspects goes on for days. Thorne just recently pulled another scam by hiring a fake Owen and Donna to get it on for the cameras, so it's not a very far reach to believe he'd do something else underhanded and slimy. Besides, he's felt slighted for years, so creating a self fulfilling prophecy would be the greatest revenge. Thorne told Eric the company would fail with Rick and the Logan girls at the helm. Thus if Thorne can actually make that happen, he can gloat and tell Eric "I told you so!" while his family goes bankrupt. That Thorne is a snively one alright.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Clarke make a knock off of one of Eric's designs in polka dot polyester? Will Thomas come home and decide he's hot for Brooke? Will Aunt Pam knit a g-string for Donna? Will Thorne's creepy little daughter magically age to 12 year by summer? Will Ridge and Brooke ever make it to the courthouse to make their fake hippie beach wedding legal? Will Marcus sell the ring he bought Steffy on e-Bay?

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