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Last week, Brooke referred to Donna as Eric's muse. Well, isn't that special? Too bad the muse hasn't inspired old Honey Bear to do any more than call family meetings and discuss job titles and nepotism.

You know the old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it?" What about "Everything old is new again?" Maybe it's the one that goes, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Well, whatever expression you think works, I have to confess that I was a little stunned when Bill Spencer, Jr. - BSJ to his friends - declared to Stephanie that the reason he's in Los Angeles is to buy Forrester Creations for himself. He has had a master plan that involved using Stephanie's antipathy for the Logans and her need for revenge after Eric's ill treatment of her to his advantage. That plus the power of the new media and his apparent oodles of moolah (in the middle of an economic recession that's sinking most media companies?) has him poised to pick up Forrester for ten cents on the dollar. But, wait, haven't we done this story before?

Yes, of course, we have. Nick Marone, shipping magnate once-removed, had the brilliant idea of buying Forrester just a couple of years ago. He leveraged all his assets and secretly bought up all the Forrester outlets or something like that. I even recall a super secret meeting with some investor that purported to be something like Nick selling his soul to the devil, but they never followed up with that. Anyway, Nick was a fish out of water in the fashion biz and soon discovered that wanting Forrester was more fun than owning it. In fact, he was in over his head and sinking faster than the original Shady Marlin. The point of that story, as I recall, was that Forrester Creations is Eric and Ridge's brilliant designs more than the name on the label. Without those designs, Forrester was just a name. Then the real Forresters slapped the name on Forrester Originals, which eventually reverted to Forrester Creations when Nick got out of the deal.

So, how long will it take before Spencer Junior is in the same position as Nick was - owning Forrester but not having any idea how to make it succeed? And why does he want the damn design house anyway? His business is publishing and communications, not the rag trade. I realize B&B is a show about fashion, but the Spencer story could have incorporated another angle on the business. Why not do an Ugly Betty thing with a fashion magazine story (which would make more sense on B&B than the Restless Style fashion mag in Genoa City on The Young & the Restless).

Speaking of Eric and Ridge and their brilliant designs, um...why haven't they been doing any business? Since Jackie M swiped their last line - remember how Rick emailed all the sketches to Nick and Jackie? - what exactly have the Forrester men been up to? I know Ridge has been too obsessed with Steffy and Rick to pick up a pencil and design a pair of panties, let alone an actual ensemble, but what's Eric's excuse. The other day, Brooke referred to Donna as Eric's muse. Well, isn't that special? Too bad the muse hasn't inspired old Honey Bear to do any more than call family meetings and discuss job titles and nepotism. Isn't it time for the Forresters to announce a fashion show and get some actual clothes out there to sell? The last time they had a show it was Owen and Pam's Surf Line, and boy, could they use a comeback from that!

I'm going to be sad if Stephanie really give up The Logan Chronicles. Of course, I'm sure she probably was opening herself up to a lawsuit; weren't her words slanderous? Maybe you have to prove damages to make those charges stick, but I would sure think twice before I wrote or said some of the things she did on line. Stephanie felt completely justified in calling it like she sees it, but that's not exactly the truth. Just like Brooke's response was not exactly the truth, but her interpretation of it. It's funny, you would think after all these years, Stephanie would accept the fact that the thing that makes Ridge hot in the BVDs is Brooke. She's got his number and always has. Mother just doesn't understand that for Ridge, the sexual thermostat goes up for him with Brooke unlike any other woman, including Taylor. I think he loved Doc, but I think he lusts after Brooke. No man's mother is ever going to understand that. Never!

I guess Nick and Bridget fall into the same sexual chemistry class. I was one who really thought that Katie and Nick were a good combination. Well, I guess not. But as I wrote in one of my Lathered Up blogs (you are reading it daily, aren't you?), Bridget should have her head examined. She's been down this road with Nick before, and he's broken her heart more than once. So this week when she was giving Nick his instructions for how to win her back - no more beer? - I was screaming at the TV set that she should demand that they go to couple's counseling. If Nick and Bridget really want to make their relationship work this time, get some professional help upfront. Don't wait till Brooke or Katie or some other damsel in distress lures Nick to help, nip it in the bud. Nick and Bridget could be a great pair, but only if they really work on it.

It was nice to see that Thorne and Felicia are still on the show. If you blinked, however, you might have missed them. It's a crying shame that Thorne's been reduced to a day player, especially when he's far more qualified to be president of the company than Rick. And speaking of the incestuous Forrester family business practices, what precisely is Thomas doing for the company? After making a big deal about how he belongs there because he's Ridge's son, is he going to work in the mailroom like Steffy? Is his a designer? Does he know accounting? From the way it looks, the design work is strictly Eric and Ridge's domain. Felicia was some kind of fabric expert once upon a time, and apparently Stephanie was a management genius, and Brooke once wore a lab coat and created BeLief, but lately everybody just walks around and complains about what everybody else is doing or not doing.

Well, you never have to worry about what I'm doing or all the rest of us worker bees at Soap Central! Just check out the site every day for all the soap news, scoops and info. And remember to read my daily blog - Lathered Up. I need your input! Till next time, then, keep reading and watching.

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