Man on the edge of a nervous breakdown!

For the Week of June 15, 2009
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Man on the edge of a nervous breakdown!
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The powers that be keep hitting us over the head with reminders that Rick was responsible for Phoebe's death, but it was a car crash. He didn't stab her in the heart or shoot her. It was an accident!

Remember that movie from years ago called Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown? I think we're seeing the Forrester interpretation of that but it's all about Ridge. Truly, this guy is out of control. His irrational fear of Rick destroying Steffy is out of control. The powers-that-be keep hitting us over the head with reminders that Rick was responsible for Phoebe's death, but it was a car crash. He didn't stab her in the heart or shoot her. It was an ACCIDENT! Remember when Taylor was in a car accident that killed Darla? Taylor was driving drunk and ran over Darla. Why was that accident not called murder, but Rick's is? And if Thorne was able to forgive Taylor for taking Darla's life - killing Ally's mother - why are Taylor and Ridge unable to forgive Rick? All things considered, their intolerance is really wrong. And what kind of message does that send? Maybe Ridge and Taylor would benefit from spending a day at church or a spiritual retreat where they could find the humanity in their souls to forgive Rick instead of continuing to want to punish him.

Speaking of tolerance, Nick needs to find some. His mother is a woman in love and Nick just doesn't want to let her live her life. His fear that Owen is taking advantage of Jackie is blinding him to the fact that Jackie is enjoying her life for the first time in forever. If Nick is worried that Owen has nefarious intent, that is that he's after Jackie's money, why not just warn Jackie to get a pre-nup if she co-habitates or goes ahead and actually marries Owen. It's not that complicated and if Owen were to balk, that would prove that his feelings for Jackie are suspect. Meanwhile, Nick and Bridget are back in bed and on their way to marriage number three. Maybe Nick and Bridget should have a double wedding with Owen and Jackie!

Stephanie wrapped up the Spencer Junior takeover attempt pretty quickly. Do you think the folks at Forrester have cleaned up the immigration fraud in the past week? What's to stop Bill from making an anonymous call to the INS just to stir up some trouble for Eric and the Forresters? Stephanie had the gumption to tell Eric she's not coming back to the Logan-filled halls of Forrester Creations. By the way, is anybody actually bothering to create anything at the big FC? Ridge was AWOL all week, off in Big Bear to lick his wounds (like a big old bear) and pop pills like Tic-Tacs.

What kind of psychiatrist is Taylor Hayes, M.D. that she would give Ridge an anti-anxiety medication and encourage him to take it without warning him that just one was enough. She left the bottle around and Ridge helped himself to more. Taylor is not just a physician who should have known better than to share medication - she should have written him a prescription for limited number of pills and a small dosage - assuming that she was even ethically within her rights to treat her ex-husband. And considering her personal problems with alcohol, why on earth would Taylor give Ridge a crutch to get through an emotional crisis without maybe consulting with James Warrick? She could have called James and asked his advice, or had him speak with Ridge. If I'm Brooke and I've lost my husband in part because of Dr. Hayes' ill-advised medical advice, I'm reporting "Doc" to the A.M.A. This shrink has crossed multiple lines of what's right and what's wrong and she should not be licensed to treat patients until she has a remedial course in medical ethics!

Leave it to Stephanie to lend a hand to rescue Ridge - and perhaps protect Taylor. When Steph saw the bottle of pills in Ridge's stuff, she picked it up and pocketed it. We'll see just how hooked Ridge has gotten after a few pills if he goes out this week looking for more. My bet is that he's definitely going to want more chill pills. He was way too overjoyed by the affects of the anti-depressants, confusing the serotonin in the medication with the wind on his face and that smell of the pine trees in Big Bear. Lucky for Ridge and Taylor, Big Bear didn't include any visits from the black bear that stalked Donna not too long ago. (Maybe the bear was working on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here last week?)

There was a scene last week on another soap, but the character said something that I think really applies to B&B. This woman said that as much as she loved her husband, the love for her child was always going to be more because she gave birth to that child. Well, that's how it is for Brooke. How can Ridge ask her to turn her back on Rick? No matter what he's done, Rick is her first born. He's her flesh and blood. She would die for her child, as would almost any mother. That's how it is in nature, a lioness protecting her cubs. If Ridge can explain his actions because of his all-consuming love for his child, Steffy, then why does he expect Brooke to choose Ridge over Rick?

Here's what I would like to see happen, but probably won't. Steffy needs to speak with Ridge alone, just the two of them, one on one. She must impress her father with her maturity and reasoning, stating very clearly that whether Ridge approves or not, Steffy is an adult and she's making her own choices. If she's making a mistake by loving Rick, it will be her mistake and not the end of the world. It would also serve Steffy well to let her father know what she sees down the road for her. If she were to tell Ridge where she sees herself five years from now, what her plan is, maybe Ridge would have some faith in her. And it would be wise if the five-year-plan was not all about playing house with Rick. Steffy, tell your Dad - and us - if you are going to be running Forrester Creations someday. Will you be a buyer? Will you be designing dresses? Will you still be in the mailroom?

Well, you never have to worry about what I'm doing or all the rest of us worker bees at! Just check out the site every day for all the soap news, scoops and info. Till next time, then, keep reading and watching.

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