That was some showstopper!

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That was some showstopper!
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Clearly, when it comes to making peace, Donna and Pam do not speak the same language. Pam's honey-soaking, mixed with the gold confetti, made for a heck of a showstopper for the Forrester fashion show.

After their experience on The Price Is Right, I thought that Pam and Donna might have actually bonded. Well, wrong again. Clearly, when it comes to making peace, Donna and Pam do not speak the same language. Pam's honey soaking mixed with the gold confetti made for a great sight gag, not to mention a heck of a showstopper for the Forrester fashion show. Eric was acting like Midas with the golden touch on every gown, but the trophy wife turned golden girl once Pam doused dopey Donna with the honey pot. How will it play out, you wonder... Will Forrester benefit from any publicity is good publicity, or have the Forresters wound up with egg - um, honey - on their faces again?

While the week ended with a laugh, there were sure a lot of tears along the way. First of all, what is Brooke thinking? She is not the noble type. It's not in her nature to send Ridge back to Taylor for his own good. And why is Brooke listening to Stephanie of all people? Brooke, Stephanie is not your friend. She never was and never will be. If you want advice, read Dear Abby or call your sisters. Don't listen to Stephanie!

Ridge is another one who should not be listening to Stephanie. Oh, yeah, I know she's his mother, but what kind of grown man lets his mother choose his spouse? Ridge has all the backbone of a caterpillar! Seriously, while Taylor may be a calming influence in his life, while she's a no-drama mama when it comes to Ridge (she was all drama with Nick!), Taylor is a bore. Ridge and Taylor together are beyond boring. Where's the conflict? Where's the passion? Why are they together when the entire relationship seems to be based on nostalgia? It's also really ridiculous to me that grown children like Steffy and Thomas are so involved in their parents reconciliation. They should be concentrating on their own lives, not Mommy and Daddy's. By the way, does anybody even care that Hope and R.J. are getting completely traumatized by Ridge's sudden exit from their lives? Really nice, Ridge! You're one great Daddy. I seem to recall that you originally chose Brooke over Taylor in part to be able to raise R.J. and Hope during their formative years. I guess that was then, this is now, hmm?

On the subject of parent and child relationships, let's discuss Nick and Jackie. One question: who's the parent and who's the child? Nick is acting like Archie Bunker, which I guess would make Jackie either Edith or Gloria! But before going down that path, I have to say that Owen and Jackie's Hawaiian honeymoon was lovely. And even though it was the previous week, I thought the wedding was great. I had never seen a Hawaiian beach wedding and, considering all the soap marriages I've seen - oy vey, have I seen soap weddings! - this one was unique.

Nick's overreaction to Jackie's wedding has at least been played comically. It can't be a serious thing with Nick wanting to kill Owen because that's just too ridiculous to buy. It would be nice if Nick would respect his mother's point of view. I thought Jackie explained her marriage to Owen quite succinctly. She's having a fling and enjoying every minute of it. If Eric can be the honey bear with a trophy wife, why can't Jackie be a wild cougar with a stud for a spouse? Sounds fair to me. It's not like Jackie is delusional; she knows exactly what she's doing - she's celebrating her life while she's well enough and strong enough to do so. I say more power to her! You only need to look at Beth Logan - when they bother to show her - to see what illness can do to a woman in her 60's. Jackie is the essence of carpe diem. She's seizing the day, everyday and in every way. Good for her.

Nothing says failure like a graph with sales figures plummeting. Then when the banker questioned why Eric is still keeping Forrester stores open in this economy, I understood why the sales are in the tank. Geez, Eric, get a clue. Close those stores and get back to creating fashion instead of running brick and mortar shops! Anyway, as if the sales figures weren't depressing enough, Eric gets Thorne and Felicia's resignations, followed by Brooke's leave of absence. Before we get to T & F, let's talk about Brooke for a minute. What is she thinking? Whoever heard of getting over a broken heart by staying home and wallowing in self-pity? She should be throwing herself into work to get over Ridge. Why not develop a new product line or a new fabric, do something productive? The idea of her mooning over Ridge and avoiding the office just reeks of a bad romance novel! Even Rick told her that she needed to work, that she needed a reason to wake up in the morning and get out of bed.

As for Thorne and Felicia, I understand why they did what they did. They have both been treated like second-class citizens ever since Eric returned to running the company. And I thought Eric really played dirty pool with them, accusing them of cutting his grandchildren from his life. Wow, what a low blow! This is supposed to be a business, but Eric has shown no loyalty to Thorne and Felicia. He's promoted Ridge and Rick, elevated Donna and Brooke to the highest degree, but basically exiled Thorne and Felicia to the back room. Where's the respect? Thorne has much more experience running the business than Rick, but Eric has never given Thorne his due. And has Eric forgotten that Felicia nearly died a couple of years ago? He barely acknowledges her, so - yeah - she should get out of the company and start over somewhere else. Hmm...maybe Thorne and Felicia should start their own label? That's a thought.

If there is anyone who should be listening to Stephanie, it's Eric. He knows it, too. Ever since she's left the company, he's been drowning in debt. Of course, I say that now even though her advice this week stunk. If I were Eric and Stephanie told me to walk away from the business and give it all to Ridge, I'd tell her to go to hell, too. You know, say what you will, but with all the men on the show, Stephanie has the biggest pair of balls hiding in those pants suits! She's gutsy all right, and full of herself, but you gotta love that attitude. She says what's on her mind. Her agenda has always been to push Ridge to the top. That's the top of the business and - now -- the top of Taylor!

And what was Stephanie talking about when she said that Ridge and Taylor would restore Forrester Creations' reputation? Taylor? Are you kidding me? Aside from the fact that she's not in the fashion business, she has a tabloid past that would give Bill Spencer reams to write about, starting with her hit-and-run of Darla and ending with her tossing away her custody of Jack to Nick! Yes, that's some classy psychiatrist! Really stable, Steph!

Wouldn't Sally Spectra have loved the Jackie M. team gathering around to watch the Forrester fashion show like it was the Super Bowl? Especially when Clarke was depressed because Eric and Ridge's designs were so good! Of course, how bizarre is it now that it's Jackie M. that's thriving, while Forrester Creations is struggling. Talk about turning the world upside down. I have a question, though: would Jackie M. be on top if Rick hadn't sent Nick the previous Forrester designs? Just wondering...

That covers it for this past week, but please email me with your thoughts and check out Soap Central every day for news and recaps and all kinds of good soap stuff. Till next time, keep watching B&B and comment if you like. I love to hear what you think!

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