Photo shoots trump fashion...since when?

For the Week of August 10, 2009
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Photo shoots trump fashion...since when?
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Considering how vexed Nick was when Jackie got married to Owen, why is he suddenly nowhere to be found when she's being paraded around like she's Jungle Jim, cougar-tamer?

This past week on The Bold & the Beautiful we were subject to two of the most bizarre photo shoots imaginable for two companies that are supposed to be about fashion and clothing, but suddenly felt the need to go all public relations on us! What is going on in Los Angeles fashion when pictures of Jackie dressed in safari duds and facing off with a real cougar is considered the right strategy for selling dresses? Oh, don't give me that "we're selling the image" bull. Where's the clothes?

And where's Nick? His mother is being stalked by a killer cat - and a killer publicist - and he's missing in action. Bridget? Out to lunch or still on a honeymoon? Considering how vexed Nick was when Jackie got married to Owen, why is he suddenly nowhere to be found when she's being paraded around like she Jungle Jim, cougar-tamer?

Speaking of where's Nick, over at Forrester I'd like to know where's Rick? He's the president of the company, but when the Logans were deciding on the new "royalty" campaign, kvetching about how expensive it would be, diddling about presentation and the face of Forrester, the prez wasn't in the room. What gives? Even after the photo shoot was done, it was Stephanie who showed up to make a stink and give criticism. Rick was nowhere in sight. Maybe when he comes back next week somebody will clue him in about Daddy selling the corporate jet to pay for all those hideous costumes on his mother and aunts. Really, did you see those frocks? Were those supposed to represent Ridge and Eric's designs, because they looked ridiculous. Again, I ask you, was that supposed to scream "Forrester" class and dignity? It screamed, "Get these girls out of these schmattas!" instead.

I think Brooke can be forgiven for her part because she must have suffered brain damage when she fell off her horse on the way to stopping Ridge's wedding. Was that hilarious or what? I thought it was a hoot, especially since it looked like she had to go about a hundred miles to get there! You know, Barbra Streisand's house overlooks Point Dume. Could you imagine if she had looked out her window and scene crazy blonde Brooke riding over the beach, up the trails, past her house on her way to Ridge? She could have called out to Brooke, "You go, girl. Nobody, no, nobody is gonna rain on your parade!" Maybe next time Brooke should try a tugboat?

Was Ridge awake for that wedding? I couldn't tell. He stands there like a wooden Indian and just doesn't say anything. Everybody yaps all around him - Brooke, Taylor, Stephanie. But Ridge, he's like processing all the time and never speaks his mind. Does he even know what he wants? Stephanie is certain that he needs peace of mind. I think he needs a piece of mind, as in a brain transfusion. What man makes a decision based on peace of mind? Men are motivated by primal urges and lustful passions. Who do you think Ridge lusts for? Who do you think makes his blood boil? I think Taylor may have once been that woman, but he gets a look in his eyes with Brooke that I don't see with Taylor anymore. And Stephanie is not the right person to choose who he wants in his bed!

I was very disappointed with the way Steffy and Thomas were dealt with considering the level of their deception. I realize they are adults - young adults - but there were no consequences for their actions. They hacked into their father's phone and kept his messages from him. That's duplicitious and deceitful. Why were they not even reprimanded? After Thomas had violent rages last year that nearly landed him in jail, he supposedly learned something about self-control. Apparently not. And Steffy? Well, I just don't understand her at all. I thought she was very together and down to earth, but this obsession with Mom and Dad reuniting has shown her to be sneaky and small. Dare I say, a spoiled little bitch. Why not just get a life of your own and leave your parents to either unite or separate on their own.

I'm a little worried about Whip. So far he's been Miracle Whip for Marone, but that thing with the real life cougar was over the top. Don't you need a license to bring a real cougar to a photo shoot? There's no doubt that he's going after Jackie. It's pretty funny to see Owen being treated like a lackey, which is why I'm surprised that Nick isn't there cheering Whip on. He's doing what Nick wasn't able to do - get in between Jackie and Owen.

Finally, I know I bring this up all the time, but why should I stop now - why are R.J. and Hope less important to Ridge than Steffy and Thomas? I don't understand how he can give Brooke's children such short shrift. They're little kids. They need a father's presence. Ridge has already raised Thomas and Steffy. Why don't they, as young adults, recognize that Ridge has responsibilities to R.J. and Hope (even if she's not actually Ridge's child, he treats her like a daughter)? And while I'm harping on the unseen little ones, why wasn't Jack at Taylor's wedding? She carried that baby in her body and now she can't even bother to spend time with him? Nice...really nice. Parent of the year, don't you think?

Well, if you'll excuse me now, I'm going to a photo shoot. I think there are some lions and tigers and bears - oh my - waiting to pose for my head shot. In the meantime, please email me with your thoughts and check out every day for news and recaps and all kinds of good soap stuff. Till next time, keep watching B&B and comment if you like. I love to hear what you think!

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