The return of romance

For the Week of September 7, 2009
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The return of romance
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Could it be that Steffy wants to sow some wild oats? Perhaps Rick should get off of his butt and start dating again. The man needs to mingle outside of the Forrester offices.

Oh my goodness, Ronn Moss can act! For months now I've been watching him stumbling and bumbling around, popping pills, trying to stir up a violent rage, gazing blankly at other actors as if he was confused or lost or nonplussed. He's been a train wreck. Finally - finally - now I know why. Ronn needs to play the romantic. This week he had a chance to reclaim his soul and act. Once Ridge realized that he belonged with Logan, Ronn Moss returned to form. He was positively energetic when Ridge reunited with Brooke and told her that she was the love of his life. The scenes of them rolling around between the sheets, clearly in the throes of hot, monkey love, were the essence of soap opera romanticism. Ronn was in his element.

I'm so relieved that this Ridge-Taylor-Brooke triangle is over. Resolution is a wonderful, necessary thing on soaps. You can't keep languishing around with dialogue scenes that rehash the same ideas again and again. I've been writing for weeks that Ridge was the key to this story because he was the one who had the decision to make. It never made sense for him to choose Taylor just because Steffy and Thomas wanted their family reunited. Men think with her little head, the one below the belt, not the big head, the one above the neck, when it comes to whom they want in their bed. Ridge had once been turned on by Taylor - when they were younger and she had the kids -- but that was then, this is now. Now it's Brooke who stirs his libido. The only time we saw Taylor and Ridge do the deed was when he was hopped up on anti-depressants and wine.

Taylor deserves better, and Brooke deserves the man she loves. Ridge has to get over the antipathy to Rick and just focus on Brooke and Hope and R.J. Rick's a grown man and he and Ridge should just agree to stay out of each other's hair. It seems like the Steffy situation is over. I'd be really surprised if she goes back to Rick now because she has shown no inclination to see him this summer, let alone marry him. Could it be that Steffy wants to sow some wild oats? Perhaps Rick should get off his butt and start dating again. The man needs to mingle outside the Forrester offices, though, don't you think?

Another guy who should start playing the field in Whip. Whip, baby, enough with the fascination with Jackie. Look around! Go to a club, go to the beach, go to a Dodger game! These men are really not thinking outside the box. Maybe it's all the estrogen that surrounds them. Too many dresses. Here's what I think B&B needs - a neighborhood coffee house. What the heck happened to CJ's place? Didn't Rick and Phoebe sing there? Please, resurrect that place and give the hard working Marone and Forrester folks a place to unwind!

It was really touching to watch Stephen propose to Beth, wasn't it? Bobby Ewing - I mean Stephen Logan - made me tear up. What's especially emotional about the reconciliation is that Stephen knows that the future with Beth is going to be very difficult. Alzheimer's Disease takes a horrible toll on the person afflicted as well as the family. I hope Brad Bell cashes in on the confidence he's earned from winning the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Show by committing to playing out Beth's story even when it gets grim and depressing. B&B spends enough time with fashion and fun and bikinis and honey, not to mention "The Price is Right," to devote some part of the year ahead of the resolution of Beth Logan's disease. It won't be a happy ending, we know that. But we can take it and B&B should play it out.

This doesn't mean there won't still be great fun on B&B. Jackie and Owen kissed and made up after a few missteps. First, he wasn't sure he wanted a parasailing wifey who smooched with the PR man of the company. Then Jackie went all noble and decided to give up Owen for his own good. How out of character was that for Jackie M.? Remember, when she first hired Owen and treated him like a paid escort? It wasn't that long ago, but this past week she became Jackie the martyr, ready to sacrifice her happiness for his. Ummm, no. That's not our Jackie.

By the by, I'm still not getting how Owen is affording this beach house! I'm sorry, he shouldn't be able to afford renting that kind of home! He's on the beach, for goodness sake, in California - the richest real estate in on the West Coast. I don't get it.

Oh, here's another thing that irked me. Didn't Eric sell his corporate jet a month or so ago when he had to finance the "Royalty" line? Remember the model of the plane he held up and said he would give it up for the company? I do! But when Brooke decided to fly to Paris this past week, there she was on the Forrester private jet. DOH! Did I miss something or did Eric never really sell the jet? I think the B&B writers dropped the ball and forgot what they had written.

Another week gone by and still nothing for Nick and Bridget. Also little for Katie and Bill. Zippo for Eric and Donna. See what I mean about happy couples? They never get stories. Why is it so hard to write complications for a happy couple that doesn't threaten their relationship? Maybe Bridget and Nick could fight over Jack's pre-school situation. She wants him to go to a progressive pre-school and he wants private tutors till Jack is 10? Or vice-versa. By now Jack might be 10. Does Taylor ever visit her son? I'm just asking. It would be refreshing to see Steffy and Thomas take little Jack swimming in the pool. After all, they are related.

Anyway, I'm anxious to hear what you think about Ridge and Brooke's reconciliation? Are you happy or sad? Do you want more action? Do you wish there was another Sally Spectra on B&B? Write in with your comments. Here's a couple of comments we've received in the past few weeks: o Great column and as someone who watched her grandfather die from Alzheimer's, it was gut wrenching to watch Robin Riker as Beth brilliantly portray the struggles that come with having that disease. I agree that Brooke revealing all to Ridge is a pivotal point for them, it comes down to seizing the moment and living out life because you don't know what is coming tomorrow in life. -- Marie

o B&B is best when it handles serious storylines based in family, such as Storm's death and Beth's illness. I could do with much less of the knee-jerk repeat romances and over-the-top love play. I was hoping Bill's arrival would lead to more corporate intrigue and less near-incest bedroom shenanigans. I say trim the families and introduce a new clan and story arena (such as politics or Hollywood). B&B is losing steam with me, and I cannot agree with a Best Drama Emmy. -- Iakovos

And remember, check in every day on Soap Central for all the news and recaps and all kinds of good soap stuff. Till next time, from your humble observer...

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