Denial isn't just a river in Egypt

For the Week of September 28, 2009
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Denial isn't just a river in Egypt
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Stephanie experienced every symptom of a stroke, had a doctor who told her she had a minor stroke, read the symptoms of strokes on Web MD, and yet denied that she was having a stroke.

Stephanie experienced every symptom of a stroke, had a doctor who told her she had a minor stroke, read the symptoms of strokes on Web MD, and yet denied she was having a stroke. Watching Stephanie have blurry vision and stumble into her desk made me dizzy too. I had to hold onto my arm chair to keep from spinning with those crazy camera angles.

People seem to fall into two categories: 1) The people who go to the doctor every time the get a splinter in their finger and 2) The people who won't admit anything is wrong with them and go see a doctor until part of their body falls off.

Obviously, Stephanie Forrester falls into the second group. Stephanie's life has taken some ugly turns in the past year and it's taken a toll on her both emotionally and physically. But Stephanie is proud and stubborn and just continues pushing ahead and ignoring her body's cries for help. Dear readers. This was meant to educate you as well as propel the story along, so pay attention. If you have any of these symptoms yourself, get your butt to a doctor.

Stephanie swore Steffy to silence after her hospital scare and then went back to work the next day against her doctor's advice as if nothing happened. Not me, I would have totally stayed in the hospital overnight as Stephanie's doctor suggested. Free slippers; lime Jell-o, and a day off work? I mean really, what's not to love?

After returning to work, Stephanie was unable to make her hand cooperate to sign an urgent document. When Aunt Pam pushed Stephanie to sign it, Stephanie went ballistic on her. Stephanie wouldn't even confide in her own sister about her symptoms, so Pam had to go all Veronica Mars on Stephanie and peek at her laptop screen to discover that Stephanie had been researching stroke symptoms.

Is Stephanie in line for a major stroke? Well dear readers it sure looks like where they are heading from my P.O.V. And if that happens, I predict Eric will suddenly realize he still loves her and rush to her bedside which will leave Donna free to reignite her thing with her baby daddy Justin. Just guessing. Eric treated Donna to a trip down memory lane...of his life with Stephanie. Eric showed his current wife photos of his former wife and raved about how stunning she was, which in my opinion was just plain rude! :

Justin is one fine looking man, which explains why Marcus is so darned cute. Oh wait all soap guys are kind of hot, that's how they get us to keep tuning in... While I am really enjoying the dynamic between Donna and Justin, pieces of their past being resurrected, I am really not enjoying the ludicrous part of the plot which is Eric deciding to adopt Marcus.

First off, Marcus is a grown man. Hey, any rich fashion moguls out there want to adopt me? Sure, I'm in my 40's but I'm delightful company and I won't crash your car or throw wild parties while you're out of town just like Marcus.

Second, Marcus had adoptive parents who raised him. This is a bit of revisionist history because when Marcus showed up on Donna's doorstep he made a point of assuring her his adoptive parents treated him well and he had a good childhood. Now, one short year of knowing Eric Forrester and Marcus is ready to toss aside the parents that adopted him and raised him for 20 years in favor of his very wealthy step dad. Ouch. That's got to hurt.

And last but not least, I don't buy the fact that Marcus would have been hell bent on finding his biological mom but not even be curious about his real father. It just doesn't add up. We'll have to wait and see whether or not the completely inappropriate adoption goes through or not now that Marcus has his biological father in his life.

And let's not forget the real issues; if Eric is tying up the adoption court by adopting his 33 year old stepson, what will become of Angelina Jolie and Madonna? (And just for the record, Jennifer Gareis' Donna is only 6 years older than her son in real life.)

Jokes aside, at least these are interesting storylines, and not recycled. Hooray for originality.

I cannot say the same for some of the storylines in the romance department. I am bored stiff by Ridge and Brooke and Bridget and Nick. When Nick pulled out his guitar and made up the "Unsung Hero of Jackie M" song I threw up a little in my mouth. It was that cheesy. When Brooke and Ridge lay in their bed raving about how they will be together forever, I think "Yeah, until the next time Taylor slips Ridge some muscle-relaxers in a weak moment."

The recycled couples lose their edge for me over time and I find myself fast forwarding through their scenes. I am very fond of the Bill and Katie match up but I fear it will end badly because Bill spilled the beans this week and admitted he still intends to take down Forrester. When Katie gets wind of that, I don't think she will feel so warm and fuzzy about "Dollar Bill."

Now that Justin is in the mix too with his connection to Donna, I fear Stephanie will really have the Big One after Donna and Katie's boyfriends take over Forrester Creations.

I'd like to give special affirmation to Alley Mills this week. "Aunt Pam" has always done a brilliant job of playing a lunatic, but I had forgotten what a good dramatic actress she was until this week when she was worried about Stephanie's health. Her emotions were right on the surface, very believable and moving work.

So, readers, what do you think is going on with Steffy and Owen? They keep being thrown together as confidants and I just get a hunch the writers are laying the groundwork for a future fling between the two of them. Or maybe Steffy and Owen's evil twin will hook up with Steffy thinking it is Owen. Or something goofy like that... I just know they aren't making those two best friends for nothing.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Stephanie ask for a glass of lampposts instead of lemonade? Will Justin and Marcus play a little shirtless one on one at the Sky Lounge hoops? Will Bill Spencer try to get Katie pregnant to compete with Justin so he's not the only one who got a Logan girl knocked up? Will Nick make up another impromptu song about Bridget's amazing ability to waste her medical education to design clothes without any residual guilt? Will Eric try to adopt Owen because he's Stephanie's pal if his Marcus adoption falls through?

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