That's how to treat a stroke?

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That's how to treat a stroke?
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Stephanie has suffered a minor stroke. She's lucky that the symptoms have been slight, but she's acting like an idiot by not dealing with it. Throwing in the towel is not the Stephanie way.

Soaps are fantasy. Yes, I agree. But when fantasy is a denial of medical fact, that's just bad writing. So, this past week when the Jackie M. group learned the truth about Stephanie's stroke, their reaction was not only dumb, it was insulting. What kind of a message were they sending by saying that if your loved one has a stroke, become a cheerleader and will them into wellness. Excuse me, but that's just ridiculous. Stephanie has suffered a minor stroke. She's lucky that the symptoms have been slight, but she's acting like an idiot by not dealing with it. If you were Stephanie, would you honestly ignore the doctors and stonewall therapy?

What would have been smarter and more realistic would have been if Stephanie tried to hide her problems by leaving the scene on some ruse and go to the Mayo Clinic or the Sorbonne for treatment. That's sneaky and smart, like Stephanie. Throwing in the towel is not the Stephanie way.

Another thing that's not the Stephanie way is how she's suddenly checked out of Ridge's life. Say what? Stephanie is always - ALWAYS - in Ridge's grill. For the last few weeks, though, virtually no communication. She hasn't even bugged him about reuniting with Brooke. If I were Ridge, I'd get my nose out of the Forrester Quik-book files and go see my mother. Surely he's curious why she hasn't been rushing over to Forrester Creations to save their bacon.

As for the Bill Spencer threat to possess Forrester Creations, I have a question: do you really think he's doing what he's doing to fulfill his father's wishes? I don't. He hated his father. He loathed his father. Why would Bill want to honor his last request? Also, considering the time, effort and money involved, what's in it for Bill unless he has the sincere desire to be a fashion mogul? You can't force your feelings. If he doesn't have it in his heart, he wouldn't be doing it. Bill's too much of a selfish bastard to do it for the sake of his old man.

But I'm not so naïve about Bill to think that he doesn't have some hidden agenda. And it needs to be said that Eric and Ridge are lousy businessmen! They're designers, not CEOs. If the Forresters really had their stuff together, they would have let Thorne run the operation as he did a few years ago. That was when Thorne had a storyline! But, think about it, Thorne has always been the business side of the business. He's not a fashionista. If Eric had truly been a wise Papa, he would have handed the reins to Thorne and concentrated on clothes with Ridge. There have been too many instances when Donna or Brooke or Rick were put in charge when they were clearly ill-prepared.

So what is Bill's agenda? I think he wants the whole enchilada. He wants Katie, he wants Forrester and he wants to be king of the hill. Bill sees all this like a big game and he's a big kid. The kid with the most toys at the end is the winner. He's collecting pieces and intends to be the last kid standing at the top of the mountain. ...And then when he is, that's when someone will come along and knock him off the perch!

Did you catch all the obvious allusions to fairy tales this week? Katie was caught by the big bad wolf, and Donna and Brooke were the wicked sisters. How did they keep Goldilocks and the honey bear out of that dialogue? I love analogies, but these were a bit trite, don't you think?

I have a big problem with the latest Owen and Jackie development. Where does Owen come to be surprised that Jackie doesn't want to have a child at this point in her life? Owen, sweetie, you married Jackie with no illusions. It was a marriage between an older woman and a boy toy. Kids were never in the equation. For Owen to suddenly act like Jackie has misled him or deceived him about a family is bizarre. Please, what do they need a baby for anyway? They have baby Jack, Jackie's grandson. We never see him, but he's right there if Owen wants to play Daddy for a day or two. Why doesn't Jackie bring Jack for a visit and let Owen change some poopy diapers.

Oh wait, that wouldn't work with the story in the works. Can't you see it? Steffy will offer to carry Owen's child as a surrogate since Jackie can't conceive. It'll all seem very reasonable, and Steffy will be all gung-ho to do this for Owen, her new best friend. Jackie will be suspicious, but Owen will be convincing. Oy vey, what a mess!

I'm hoping for some sense to strike B&B this week. The Stephanie situation needs a reality check and quickly. You know a storyline is in trouble when Pam is the most sensible character in a scene. Considering how well B&B did with the public service announcement about Alzheimer's when Beth was diagnosed, it would behoove the writers to treat stroke with the same kind of care, telling the story responsibly.

I really appreciate it when you comment, so here's a few - and keep 'em coming:

o I agree that we don't know enough about Bill to trust him, but I have to admit to really liking his character. Anyone who stands up to the arrogance of Eric and Ridge is okay in my book. As for the way Brooke and Donna treated Katie, I was extremely irritated. Katie appears to have a good head on her shoulders for business and she's exceptionally loyal to Forrester and her family. Plus, with what Eric, Ridge and Brooke have done with the company during their reign, Katie can't do any worse especially with the money of the Spencer Empire behind her. What could Bill be using Katie for? I don't get it. I kind of see Bill and Katie as the makings of B&B's version of Y&R's Victor and Nikki. He's a hard business man who will step over the line to make a deal happen and she's the not-so-secure woman in his realm, who has the capacity to soften him while she finds her own place in the world. As Bill said the other day, I think he and Katie are going to have an amazing ride; I just hope it's good. - Toni K.

o I cannot for the life of me fathom the reaction Katie is receiving from her sisters over Bill's takeover. Even if Katie refused to be CEO, Bill would STILL be taking over and naming someone the Forresters/ and Logans don't even know. Perhaps Bill is using Katie, but it doesn't really matter; outside of Forrester Creations getting the money they need, Katie is their only hope of "saving" Forrester once Bill takes over. - DL

Well, thank you all for reading. Remember, we're here for you to share all the news and fun of the soaps. Come over often and share your thought. Check us out daily at Soap Central. Till next time, your friend in soap...

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