It's all meows on the catwalk

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It's all meows on the catwalk
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In the offices of Forrester Creations, the old guard is bucking under the yoke of new leadership. It has to be hard on Katie, who is trying so hard to be good to the Forresters, good to her family, and good to Bill.

There was a lot of action of The Bold and the Beautiful this past week, wasn't there? It was almost like you could see them turning the pages and getting us into new storylines, involving characters who've been sitting on the sidelines, and generally stirring things up. And I say to that, "Hooray!" Let's get this Emmy-winning soap to kick it up a notch.

As I mentioned recently, Bridget has heart set on having a baby. My suspicions that she was going to pursue another pregnancy were confirmed when she visited the doctor. She's healthy and strong, but she wants a baby. I understand her frustration. She can conceive, but she cannot carry a baby to term. But for the first time in a long time, a character spoke the blunt, honest truth and I was completely in synch with him. The character was Nick. He told Bridget that they already have a baby, Jack. He's their child in every way that matters. And he's still a toddler.

I loved it when Nick remind her that they are teaching Jack that "no"means no. Bridget has to learn that it's not meant for her to have a baby. When he heard that the doctor had told Bridget that the chances of her carrying a child to term was "vanishingly low," he lowered the boom on her. He told her that he was scared to go through another pregnancy and lose a child, the way they lost Nicole. He may have been like a cold slap of reality, but he was right.

It was a great piece of acting by Jack Wagner. I mean, he really played the heck out of that scene. You could tell he was really in the moment and understood the characters and the scene. I was really, really impressed. Even when he seemingly went off script and said, "Praise, Jesus" I was all right with him. It was a little Jimmy Swaggert, but it felt true. Nick loves the life he and Bridget have. He doesn't want to spoil what has taken them so long to get right.

But they will. It's a soap opera. Happiness is never meant to last. There'll be complications because there has to be. You know those surrogacy folders that Jackie was looking at watch for them to wind up on Nick or Bridget's desks.

In the offices of Forrester Creations, the old guard is bucking under the yoke of new leadership. It has to be hard on Katie, trying so hard to be good to the Forresters, good to her family, good to Bill. She's really in an impossible situation, but I admire her trying. She reached out to Thorne and got her hand slapped. She wanted Ridge to be president, and he gave her a "no way." Her sisters agreed to help her only because they're blood. Honestly, are the Forresters being fair? Bill was right, Ridge was acting like a petulant child.

Another thing about the Katie situation Brooke and Donna had no right asking Katie to llie to Bill. Neither Brooke nor Donna would lie to their husbands under the same circumstances, so why did they disrespect Katie by telling her to treat Bill the man she loves with dishonesty? Okay, th they don't trust Bill, I get it. But put yourself in Katie's shoes, when you're in love and starting a life with that person, you have to commit totally. Isn't there something in the wedding vows about cleaving unto your husband or wife?

If Bill was doing all this just to get Forrester Creations, he didn't need to go so far as to propose to Katie. Maybe I'm going to be disappointed when Bill is revealed to be a wolf in sheep's clothing "" a ridiculous turn of phrase, I know but I'm sort off hoping that Bill's sincere and he's in love with Katie. They could be each other's soul mates, couldn't they?

I appreciated what Brooke tried to do for Ridge, but she should have known better. It was nave of her to think that Bill would reverse the deal, take her entire fortune as a buyout (that was what she offered him, wasn't it?). Bill's a businessman and this Forrester acquisition if bigger than money. But Brooke has to be smarter than that. She's a professional. If anything, she should be convincing Ridge to start acting like a pro. Ridge has made his bed, he has to lie in it. So his family business is owned by Spencer Publications, that's business. Ridge's mother has been banished to Jackie M., she's made the best of it.

The cheap device of overhearing Brooke with Bill was enough to make Ridge see that he's been a jerk. I hate that. Couldn't they have found a better way for him to figure it out? Eavesdropping is just poor writing.

Finally, let's shine the light on Pam and Donna. I see a match here, don't you? Bill will hire Pam to be Donna's co-host and together they'll be the The Catwalk pussycats. They'll scratch and meow and fight over the litter box. It'll be a real catfight! It makes more sense than Donna as VEEP of Forrester. I mean, seriously, where does she have the brains for that position. They're throwing rocks at Katie for her inability to be CEO, well what about Donna's abilities? She's a model.

Going through the mail, here's a couple of your comments. Keep "em coming:

• As Ridge rants that "Bill Spencer will never take over Forrester Creations," no one seems to remember that Ridge is the one who sent the fatal check to the bank by courier less than one hour before the deadline. Who can deliver anything anywhere in L.A. in that time? Evan Z. • I think you missed the boat about Stephanie and the stroke. Yes, the cheerleading was very silly to say the least, but as far as Stephanie's reaction to the stroke it is actually very real. A lot of strong and independent people get scared about what having a stroke means and about losing control so they do nothing. It's kind of like sticking your head in the sand and pretending it didn't happen. As for Ridge, I'm so sick of him and Brooke. Maybe Stephanie has finally figured out that her kids only come around when they want or need something and she's enjoying be valued as a person at Jackie M. Booth V.

Well, thank you for sharing and reading. Remember, we're here for you when it comes to the soaps. We want your input. Check us out daily at Soap Central. 'Til next time, your friend in soap

Allison J. Waldman
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