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Steffy's Hollywood campaign made Bill sit up and take notice. It even managed to momentarily make Ridge less abrasive. But the real question is, will it sell dresses? In this economy, probably not.

Steffy Forrester's Hollywood campaign made Bill Spencer sit up and take notice. It even managed to make Ridge less abrasive momentarily. But the real question is, will it sell dresses? In this economy, probably not. Just for the record, if we got to vote on which shots they used, I liked the black-and-white frames better than the color. Of course, I'd never buy a dress like that because you can't wear evening gowns to Wal-Mart without ending up on the hilarious people of Wal-Mart website.

Taylor must give the best pep talks in the world. After Taylor urged Steffy to "make a mark," Steffy went to the pitch meeting like gangbusters and made a mark. I bet there is some disgruntled employee at Forrester who will despise Steffy forever. You know, someone who actually went to school to study advertising and PR, and thought since the company was no longer in Forrester hands they might have a shot at a promotion. Ah, nepotism... Instead, Steffy, who started in the mail room last summer, has been promoted to head of PR. If only it worked that way in the real world work, wouldn't suck so much.

Steffy warmed up to Bill and there was a spark, which culminated in a kiss (which I saw coming when Steffy started "close talking" Bill), but they certainly wouldn't put them together as a couple, would they? Will Katie get her heart broken before her wedding day? I hope not, because I want to see that fabulous wedding gown Ridge designed for her.

It seems like that's where we are headed, and it makes me a little sad. I like Katie and Bill together, so if the powers that be decide to have Steffy break up their relationship, I'll be disappointed. What IS it with Steffy, anyway? She tried to come between Jackie and Owen, and now this?

Hey Steffy, Marcus and Rick still want you. Why not try going after someone who is actually SINGLE? I have always liked Steffy's character since Jacqueline MacInnes Wood took over the role, but now, not so much. I don't know why the writers feel the need to turn Steffy into a meddling home wrecker. Of course, as Jackie pointed out, she was named after Stephanie.

Okay, dear readers, would you ever watch the show The Catwalk? Mind you, we didn't see it before the old host stormed out and Donna (in another act of nepotism) stepped into the host's seat. Pam and Donna are always comic gold together, but when the interview was Donna and Brio, the studio audience was yawning and so was I. I only hope we aren't subjected to daily episodes of Catwalk where Donna interviews random employees of Forrester and Jackie M. Zzzzzz.

The TV show is merely a catalyst to put Donna into orbit with Justin, who finally made his intentions clear. Justin wants Donna to leave Eric, and to bring Marcus along so the three of them can finally be a family. Donna is understandably hesitant; after all, Eric is an old gazillionaire that listed her and her kid in his will. Not to imply Donna is Anna Nicole-ish, because I don't think Anna Nicole every actually slept with her geezer husband.

Eric was insistent that Donna give up the job, but she dug her heels in and explained she had fantasized about being on TV since she was a little girl and didn't want to give up the opportunity to make that dream a reality. And rightly so... Hey girls, if you have a dream and some dude wants to squash it and insists that you fall under his obedience, ditch him.

Maybe Justin is using the show as a way to get close to Donna, but so what? If Donna knows that, she can still take advantage of the opportunity without caving in to Justin's come-ons. She won't, of course, but it's conceivable that someone not on a soap opera could manage that sort of self-restraint.

On the other side of town at Jackie M, Nick and Bridget interviewed surrogate mom candidate Sandy Sommers. Sandy is clearly not what she was billed to be, but we don't know what her issues are just yet, only that she has a really filthy apartment and uses generic hair color--and that someone inexplicably named her Agnes.

B and B fans don't fully realize what a treat they are in for yet with Sarah Joy Brown. She is an amazing actress who has thrilled, infuriated, and delighted audiences on GH until last week when he character got an axe to the head. (No really, she did.) And, if you follow her on Twitter, she's a lovely person, to boot.

Sarah Joy Brown has an ability to play both vulnerable and tough, and I sense we'll get to see both sides in this new storyline. We know Sandy Sommers is a fake name and that "Sandy" and the surrogate agency lady, Andrea, are involved in some sort of con game. But I saw a glimpse of something real in Sandy during her interview with Nick and Bridget. Or maybe I just wanted to see it...Perhaps she is merely a desperately poor woman who made a deal to split the surrogacy cash with Andrea. But maybe it's something far worse.

And, since the recommendation of the agency came from Owen, is he in on it, too? Or was he about to be conned by the same ladies? Or maybe Owen's creepy twin brother is in on it. There are just so many possibilities.

Readers, I admit I still have trouble with Nick Marone as a suit. I liked him so much more as a sailor. He had a rough edge that was very appealing, and now the character is so homogenized, he's lost all that rugged appeal that made us fall for him in the first place. If he has to work at Jackie M, so be it, but at least let him take an occasional trip to the Shady Marlin II and take off on some exciting sea voyage.

And finally, I want to make a plea to the writers of B and B to use Rick Hearst as more than just the guy who does sales pitches at Jackie M. They brought Hearst to B and B with great fanfare, and since he's arrived, he has had very minimal storyline. His amazing gifts were squandered at GH and I fear the same thing has happened to him at B and B. The guy is a three-time Emmy winner. It's crazy to take someone that good and leave him lingering in the hallways of Jackie M with nothing to do. Writers, please hear me and give Whip Jones a real storyline.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Pam come on Catwalk and do a cooking segment on the fine art of lemon bar making? Will Steffy stick her tongue down Nick's throat the next time she drops by Jackie M? Will Rick try to talk Ashley Abbott into moving back to L.A. now that she has dumped Victor? Will Eric declare his entire family traitors when he sees the Hollywood campaign? Will Jackie M's ever lightening hair be fully platinum blonde by Christmas?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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