A wedding in the park

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A wedding in the park
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It was cool to see Eric and Stephanie hanging out together last week, being bitchy as hell about Katie's wedding in the valley, and enjoying martinis, truffles, and caviar.

It was a very happy week on The Bold and the Beautiful, wasn't it? Happiness usually means that nothing's happening on a soap, but that's not how it felt at all. There were a lot of developments, a lot of action, and a lot of stuff to muse about.

Let's start with the wedding. I don't apologize for loving Katie Logan. I think she might be my favorite Logan sister. I relate to that younger sister who has lived in the shadow of her glamorous siblings, always getting the hand-me-downs -- the broken red wagon with Brooke's name painted on the side -- the kid who never had anything of her own. They don't say for sure, but do you think Katie even went to more than community college? I don't. Even her heart is second-hand, the life-saving variety that Storm's suicide provided.

So was it corny that Katie wanted to get married in a suburban playground, the park on the street where she grew up? Yes, it was. But did it work? Yes, it did. In some ways, it made the wedding more of a reality. It wasn't something out of a magazine layout.

And kudos to B&B producers for adding the touches that gave the wedding some really sweet touches, like Bill's sister being there, and Beth and Stephen showing up. The references to Katie's bedroom overlooking the park were brilliantly cut in with images of Heather Tom (from The Young and the Restless) as a teenager, shown in black and white, looking every bit like little Katie from the Valley. Didn't you love the red convertible -- and Katie driving it, too!

I really want to believe that Bill Spencer has been transformed by Katie's love and he meant what he said at the wedding. Why can't Katie and Bill be as true a love story and Nick and Bridget, or Brooke and Ridge? I have hopes, but I also have fears. After all, there was the "thing" with Steffy!

Steffy needs to be smacked, and smacked hard. Maybe I'm just confused about how a seemingly sweet girl like Steffy has turned into a viper. It's one thing to be enthusiastically brainstorming with your boss, to be excited about your new job, to let your emotions get the better of you, but it's quite another to take a step forward and kiss the man. What on earth was Steffy thinking? I literally jumped out of my chair when I saw that!

Steffy then exacerbated the situation by inviting/ordering Bill to come to Big Bear to talk to her. (By the way, I thought the cabin was for sale? It didn't look like it's on the market -- any thoughts?)

Her calling Bill to her was pure Forrester. Who was she to tell Bill to come to her like that? And did you see that she set the scene like a seduction? The fireplace was lit and the setting was too damn intimate. Imagine what might have happened if someone showed up and saw them there...talking. I would have loved it if Bill had told Steffy, "Who do you think you are, little girl?" Then he should have told her to come to his office and kept the door open!

And did you hear their conversation? Where did Bill find the patience to listen to her twaddle? She was berating herself for going after an unattainable man...but was still going after him! Steffy had no right to ask Bill why she was compelled to make bad choices. She should be talking with her mother, the shrink, to figure out her bizarre behavior.

And another thing about Steffy, what does she know about being the head of public relations? I realize they throw titles around on soaps like toilet paper, but really, it's insulting to think that she can do that job. She doesn't have a clue about how to write a press release or build a campaign. I'm not sure she could write a check, let alone a business plan.

Wasn't it cool to see Eric and Stephanie hanging out together? They were bitchy as hell about Katie's wedding in the valley -- make that snobby -- but I liked that they were spending time together with the martinis and the truffles and the caviar. Eric seems a bit fed up with his Logan lady. Have her "honey bear" hot times hit a wall?

Donna's busy with The Catwalk, busy with her sisters, busy getting on with her life, while her big daddy-hubby is wallowing in self-pity because he's working for Spencer Publications. Come on, Eric, get over it. Embrace the change. You're going to come off better in the end because it's still Forrester Creations, aren't you?

Speaking of creations (how's that for a segue?), does it seem like Nick and Bridget are a wee bit over-anxious about the surrogacy? You know, I think they would've spent more time picking out a car than they did a surrogate mother! Sandy appears to be okay, but we know that she's just putting up an act. How come Bridget and Nick didn't go to see Sandy's home? How come they didn't ask her questions about where she grew up, if she had brothers and sisters, if she ever had a baby before? For the expediency of the story, Nick and Bridget simply trusted the file Andrea handed them. That's a lot of trust for a company and executive they'd just met.

When Nick and Bridget saw Carl in the lab -- which was a funny and sweet touch, if you ask me, considering that he was very loyal to Bridget -- that should have reminded them that things aren't always lickety-split, a-okay. It was great that Nick was asking questions of the doctor and watching the procedure like a hawk, but the very essence of the process will be Sandy as the surrogate. She's going to be carrying their child -- shouldn't they be a little more concerned about who she is?

In other stories, let's give a nod to the writers for including Beth in the wedding, but not forgetting that Beth's condition will not be getting better. She has Alzheimer's and she's losing her memory. I appreciate that they're respecting the condition.

Then there's Pam getting hired by The Catwalk. Me-ow! That sounds like it'll be a blast. Donna could use Pam's energy to brighten that show. No matter how pretty Donna is, she's a dud as a hostess. She seems ill-prepared, kind of like a deer in the headlights. Pam, of course, is a bull in a china shop. She doesn't have a moment's hesitation when it comes to speaking up and asking questions. I think the Pammy and Donna show is just what The Catwalk needs to perk up the L.A. fashion scene.

Going through the mail, here's a couple of your comments - and a question, too. Keep 'em coming:

I really enjoy your column. I am left wondering is Bill being true to Katie. Katie has said she can handle Bill and we are going to see if she can. Ridge and Eric are acting like spoiled rotten kids. They lost the company all on their own. As for Brooke, I know she offered her wealth and was turned down by Ridge and Eric in the beginning but, Brooke going to Bill saying she made a mistake telling Ridge and Eric to accept it. Bill has FC and he is not going to give it back. All this eavesdropping to change Ridge's attitude was stupid. Is Steffy our new Brooke in waiting? - Marie P.

Question: I was hoping that when Guiding Light went off the air that Bold and Beautiful would finally become an hour show. Is that a possibility? - Paula W.

Answer: It's possible, Paula, but not likely. The network has been cutting back on the soaps, and that's the way of the future. Also, I interviewed Bradley Bell last year and he had no interest in expanding B&B to an hour. Also, foreign markets are big on 30-minute programs and, since The Bold and the Beautiful is the most-watched show on the planet, alienating those foreign companies that are purchasing the rights to air B&B doesn't seem like a smart business move.

Well, thank you for reading and commenting. Remember, we're here for you when it comes to the soaps. We want your input. Check us out daily at Soap Central. Till next time, your friend in soap...

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