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Didn't Eric want Forrester to be for his children, including Rick, Thorne, Felicia, and Marcus, and not just Ridge? Somewhere along the way, the message has gotten all screwy.

Just two weeks ago, I was singing the praises of The Bold and the Beautiful. I declared that the week past had been the best ever. Well, forgive me for flip-flopping, but I think this might have been the worst ever! I'm completely serious. There were scenes in which the characters were going in circles, repeating the same nonsense over and over and over again. Whining and kvetching as if their lives were in danger or their homes were being seized and they were going to be homeless! Come on, Forresters, grow a spine! Ridge, find a set and get your head out of your... well, you know what I mean.

I have had it with Ridge Forrester! What kind of a parent allows his grown child's minor career reversal to set him off like that? So Steffy's "Hollywood Glamour," Part 2 campaign was shot down by Katie. Big whoop! It's not like Hollywood Glamour was such a big hit. Remember the PR challenge on "The Catwalk?" Steffy lost that battle. And, forgive me if I'm wrong, but what else has Steffy ever done that she's now perceived as this brilliant executive who cannot be overruled? She's a neophyte, too. Sure, Hope is younger, but it's not like Steffy has that much more experience. It's ridiculous that Ridge has overreacted like this.

Ridge has also talked and talked and talked! -- about how Forrester Creations is his legacy to Steffy. What? Since when? When Steffy failed as a model and was dating Marcus, she wasn't even sure she wanted to be in the company. And if Forrester is Steffy's legacy, what about the other kids. ? Didn't Eric want Forrester to be for his children, including Rick and Thorne and Felicia and Marcus, and not just Ridge? Somewhere along the way, the message has gotten all screwy.

And while Steffy may -- MAY -- have some skills in marketing, she's not a designer. Hell, Bridget should have more of a stake in Forrester's future because she is a designer, even though she's currently at Jackie M. This past week had me screaming at the TV every time Ridge was wringing his hands and pulling at his hair over the injustice of Katie Logan choosing the "Hope for the Future" campaign over Steffy's Hollywood redux.

The ultimate idiocy of the week came when Ridge couldn't bring himself to go home because Brooke was having take-out Thai with Donna and Katie. Ridge contemplated eating pad thai with his sisters-in-law and decided to end his marriage. That's right. Just like that. At four o'clock he was boffing Brooke on the couch in his office. At six o'clock he was with Taylor, talking in riddles and then telling her he wants her back! WHAT? Are you kidding me?

I would so love it if Taylor threw Ridge out of the house, wouldn't you? He left her at the altar for Brooke. He's used her as a fall-back lover for years. Taylor deserves better. The thing with Whip is good. He's been there for Taylor. That "psych" session was proof positive that he gets her a lot better than Ridge does. He only wants her to give him a chance. Taylor, all that I'm saying, is give Whip a chance!

Katie has every reason to despise Steffy. Little miss Miss Forrester has been a divisive element in the new Forrester Creations and if Katie has the kind of smarts I think she does, she will get Steffy out of the building very soon. That girl is just trouble. In any other company, she would be fired for insubordination.

Let's talk about the Logans for a minute. This past week, Ridge, Steffy, Taylor, and Stephanie were all denigrating the contributions of the Logan family to the success of Forrester Creations. Have they all forgotten that Brooke has been an integral part of the company most of her life? Think of all she's done -- the BeLief fabric, Brooke's Bedroom... She's been a majority stockholder for years and married to the two principal creative forces of the company. She deserves much more respect than she's getting. Yes, Donna's nothing much and Katie is new to her role, but the Logans show up every day and do the job. That's more than you can say about Eric of late. Remember when he was refusing to come into the office?

Not to be overlooked during the week of whine was the one good thing -- Sandy's brother, Oliver. He seems like a good entry, a possible love interest for Hope. Will they be more than just another Steffy and Rick? God, I hope so. By the way, has have Rick and Marcus been put in the Witness Protection Program? They've got nothing to do. Same with Thorne and Felicia... Is it really so hard to write storylines for characters not named Ridge?

I know this is a soap opera, but the Ridge story has offended me! Here's a grown man who has no sensitivity at all to the reality of the world. He should be grateful to Spencer for saving the company. It was going down in flames. Maybe they should have let the company fail and reorganized as a leaner, meaner fashion house.

At a time when so many people are out of work or struggling to keep their jobs and homes, Ridge's hurt feelings are not important to me. I don't think his feelings are important to you. So he finds it hard to go to work under new management. WELOME TO MY REALITY, RIDGE! Do you know how many people hate their job but have to do it because they have bills to pay and kids to put through school?

Ridge and the Forresters are so damn lucky that Spencer hasn't fired them or docked them for wasting the company's time and resources on the ridiculous "Dare" line. This family needs a wake wake-up call and they need it now. Maybe they should talk to some workers in the cutting room. Maybe there's someone there who has family in Haiti or a family member in the military who's stationed in Afghanistan? How about this, maybe the Forrester building should have a fire and somebody's life put his jeopardy? I want something to shake Ridge and his selfish Forrester family to the core.

One last story point, it seems pretty clear that the new photographer, Graham, is the slime ball that raped Sandy. I suspect he's going to say she "asked" for it or it was consensual sex and he's not guilty of anything. I hope it's handled well and Sandy gets some justice, but I fear we're just going to see a set up for "Nick, the rescuer" to be unleashed. He better not screw up his marriage over this.

Oh, one other thought, since Hope is all grown up now -- and pretty, too -- I think it's time to for Nick to assert himself as more of a surrogate father to her than Ridge. Ridge has been treating Hope like a step-daughter and she deserves better. Nick always adored Hope. I think she should be interning at Jackie M.

Okay, that's all for this week. Except we here at Soap Central, have received some wonderful notes from the readers. Take a look:

• Wow! Great post and you were right on the money with what you said. I have a couple of questions I hope you can answer. First did Stephanie accept Bridget's request to be her baby's godmother? I must have missed her answer when she was asked. And the second question is why do you think that Brooke hasn't told Ridge about Steffy kissing Bill? She had the perfect opportunity the other day when Steffy was holding her little tirade about Hope. I still say she acted like a jealous child not getting her way. Thanks for taking the time to read my e-mail, and keep up the good work. - Judi P.

Answer: Hey, Judi, good questions. I don't think Stephanie did say yes to Bridget. It was sort of implied that she wouldn't refuse the honor. As for Brooke keeping the truth about Steffy kissing Bill from Ridge, it's typical dumb behavior by Brooke. When he finds out, he'll blame Brooke for keeping secrets. Of course, the current storylines have Ridge as so emotionally shattered, Brooke probably will say that she kept it from him because he was too distraught about the Spencer takeover. Thanks for writing! (AJW)

• I agree with some of what you had to say, but not the part about Steffy going off on the Logans. They totally deserved it! Look at how Brooke and Donna have repeatedly torn Steffy's family apart. They have been doing it since before Steffy was born. I don't think her negative attitude is a direct result of Stephanie's dislike of them. I think she's seen enough of what they do to not like them on her own. I don't understand her attitude towards Katie except that it must be because Steffy wants Bill. And who wouldn't? Now, about Donna and Brooke and their betrayal of Katie. It was wrong! Where do they get off blasting her for siding with her husband when they're doing the same thing? Isn't that a little bit of the pot calling the kettle black? Thanks for sharing your opinions with us soap fans! -- Amanda

Answer: So Steffy is allowed to despise the Logans because Ridge fell in and out of love with Brooke again and again? Isn't the point of being an adult is being responsible for your own feelings. Brooke raised Steffy (and Thomas and Phoebe) when Taylor was presumed dead for like what, five or six years? And Brooke also defended both Phoebe and Steffy to Ridge when they were in love with Rick. Steffy's new anti-Logan hatred is uncalled for. I stand by that. (AJW)

Thanks for reading! Till next time, see you on the soaps!

Allison J. Waldman
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