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Bill will need to do some fancy talking to explain what he's done to the business, and Katie is not going to take it well. Bill barely gave her a chance to do the job, and now the rug has been pulled out from under her.

So, let me get this straight? Bill Spencer is a genius at business. He's a wunderkind in the publishing industry and the smartest guy in any boardroom. He works and works for years to acquire Forrester Creations, the crown jewel in his corporate kingdom, and in one week of dueling with a strumpet who never saw the inside of a college classroom, Bill is bested by Steffy Forrester? Is that really what you think I'm going to buy?

Okay, I don't buy it. Bill's a lot of things -- arrogant, ambitious, overconfident, annoying, smug -- but he's not a dupe. See, that's what was wrong with the turn this past week. It wasn't simply that Steffy blackmailed Bill into signing the purchase agreement, it was that he didn't even read it! He scanned it. He didn't consult an attorney or ask Justin to read it for him. He just listened to the babble coming out of Steffy's pouty little mouth and let her bully him. Really? He couldn't outwit her or bluff her or even stall her with much effectiveness. And then we got the stunning surprise that Steffy not only got him to sign the document, but he was fooled into believing the R-E-S-T stood for Ridge-Eric-Sustainable-Trust, when in fact, it was Ridge-Eric-Stephanie-Taylor. Really? She thought of that?

People, people, people! This is really, really bad writing. An agreement like that would have to spell it out. It can't be filled with misrepresentations and misinformation because it would never stand up in court. That's where this will wind up. Bill will sue and the Forresters will be forced to fight for the company, defending Steffy's duplicitous actions. She lied. She cheated. She misrepresented. She disgraced the Forrester name. I can't wait to hear how her loving parents will accept that Steffy was willing to sleep with Bill, to use sex to entrap him, then lied like a criminal to get the precious family business back.

There's a famous saying that goes something like, "Never do anything that you wouldn't be comfortable seeing on the front page of the New York Times." Do you think Steffy should be proud of her actions? What does it say about Taylor and Ridge as parents that Thomas tried to blow up Rick's car and burn down his home and now Steffy is turning into a whore to get ahead in business? Do you see it in another way, because I don't. Sure, Bill played hardball with the Forresters, but he paid them royally and kept their company from going out of business! His buying the business was only made possible because the F's were late on a bank payment. That's their mistake and he took advantage. What Steffy's done is illegal; it's blackmail.

I just find all this new business mind-blowing. Did you see the look on Brooke's face when Stephanie and Taylor announced that they were taking over with Ridge and Eric? What is going on? Brooke has a huge chunk of the business -- how can she simply be aced out? And why would Stephanie betray Nick and Jackie after all they've done for her? Is she really that anxious to be Eric's office sidekick again? Donna's going to still be in Eric's bed. And if you start with the damn legacy of the Forresters, I'm going to throw up -- and remind you that Thorne, Rick and Felicia are as much Forresters as Steffy and Thomas! They're children, not grandchildren, which means they're ties are even closer. When did Forrester become Ridge's domain?

There's also the particulars of the deal -- did you hear them? Ridge, Eric, Stephanie and Taylor have to come up with $15 million each to complete the deal. What? They have that just laying around? Who negotiated this buy anyway and is that the value of the company? Also, did Bill have the sole authority to approve that purchase?

Like I said, I don't see how this would hold up in court if it's really supposed to be legit. If it's just a stupid soap story to get Bill out of the company, then anything goes. But if I were Bill, I would be out for blood with Steffy. I'd destroy her reputation. I'd go on The Catwalk and call her out as the teenage slut she's become. Is this really the same girl who wanted to marry Rick? I don't recognize her anymore -- and I don't like her. I'd dare Ridge to deny that his daughter is no better than what Stephanie thinks of the Logan women -- someone who uses her body to get what she wants.

By the way, I have to say that the "Goddess" campaign was ridiculous! I thought they were strumming harps in Heaven, or Hollywood's version of the hereafter. It was so dumb. What did it have to do with selling dresses? For once Ridge was right to complain about the campaign coming ahead of the designs. It was nonsensical!

I see major problems on the horizon for Ridge and Brooke. His actions have been selfish and cowardly and he doesn't deserve Brooke's love and loyalty. I know a lot of you are major Brooke haters out there, but seriously, she's been right by his side through all this and he's been a moping, whiny little child. She's kept the truth from him about Steffy's inappropriate actions to interfere with Katie and Bill's marriage, to protect Ridge, and now she probably regrets keeping quiet. But you just know how Ridge and Taylor are, they'll justify Steffy's behavior just like they forgave/understood Thomas's criminal activity. I think it's time Rick resume being a part of the story. He needs to bring Steffy down to earth.

Bill will need to do some fancy talking to explain what the hell he's done to the business, and Katie is not going to take it well. If I were her, I'd be disappointed and devastated. Bill barely gave her a chance to do the job -- whether you think she was up to the challenge or deserved it. Now the rug has been pulled out from under her. There's no betrayal worse than one from the person closest to her. Bill's actions will scar Katie.

There wasn't a lot going on with the Marones this week, but Bridget continues to be Queen Bitch with Aggie/Sandy. This is going to blow up in her face -- Bridget's -- because it's making her look like a shrew. Plus, Sandy is carrying the baby. You have to treat her with love and respect even if you don't feel it because she's holding your child in her uterus! Bridget would be wise to take Sandy to lunch and broker a peace. Talk it out, be fair, and make up. You get more with honey than you do with vinegar, right?

One last story point: I like Whip and Taylor. Suddenly, though, she's been pulled back into this Forrester nonsense and it's going to screw up their relationship. Like Whip told her, why does she want to go back into that negative sphere, with Ridge hurting her again and again? Taylor should also know to avoid the Logans. She's a therapist! Get wise to yourself.

Okay, that's just about it for this week, but before this column ends, here are some of the wonderful notes we've received from Soap Central readers. Take a look: • It's a pity that sentiment has taken over morals in your Two Scoops. BROOKE LOGAN AND ALL THE LOGAN GIRLS ARE THE EVIL OF BB! Don't you ever point accusing fingers on Stephanie and Taylor cause they are the only sane people on the show. And Bridget is still a darling, SHE'S JUST REACTING the way she should. Ridge, I've never seen a man so lazy before and no charisma at all. I pray my beautiful Taylor never falls back to him. -- Kimmy

• I agree with most of what you said, but if we are talking reality here, Bridget was a doctor! Now she is a designer. Come on, writers, give me a break! And for Katie, I guess Katie is getting a little pay back. Did you forget she slept with Nick while he was married to Bridget? I do agree that Taylor deserves better and I hope the writers keep her away from Ridge. Brooke and Ridge deserve each other! -- Renee

Thanks for reading! Till next time, see you on the soaps!

Allison J. Waldman
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