A reunion, a plot...and lemon bars

For the Week of May 31, 2010
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B&B Two Scoops: A reunion, a plot...and lemon bars
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Pam has been Stephanie's lackey and most loyal acolyte, and yet she should have some resentment towards her sister. Stephanie's never done a damn thing to help Pam grow as a woman.

First, let me start by saying I hope you all had a lovely Memorial Day weekend. Were you enjoying the holiday with lemon bars and crocheted bikinis? No... I guess you're not Pam Douglas. It was quite an interesting week among our friends on The Bold and the Beautiful. It began with Stephen Logan being run over by a car in the Forrester parking lot and ended with him conceiving a plot to get Pam to shoot her sister, Stephanie. Is there a connection? You have to wonder. I mean, why show Stephen's car accident if there's no payoff?

On one hand, Stephen could have been hospitalized and complained of injuries. He could have sued Forrester Creations for all their worth. Instead, he didn't even go to the emergency room. Again, why not? Well, if you're like me, the whole Stephen turning diabolical is a sudden turn. Sure, he's grieving for Beth and feels like he's failed to protect his daughters, but would that make him become nefarious? He's never been that way before. So, let's project a bit and suggest that whatever Stephen does in the weeks ahead, he has a built-in alibi. He hit his head in the hit-and-run accident and that'll excuse whatever he does.

Of course, that's later. Right now he's simply evil and that's a good thing. It's about time B&B gave Patrick Duffy something to do! Not to mention Alley Mills, who can do more than just portray a nut (lemon) bar. Pam has been Stephanie's lackey and most loyal acolyte, and yet she should have resentment with her sister. Stephanie's never done a damn thing to help Pam grow as a woman. I have three sisters and, believe me, they are my staunchest supporters and biggest critics. They see it as part of their mission in life to take care of me -- as we all take care of each other as family. But what did Steph do for Pam? She left her to care for Ann and turned her back on the Douglas family. Yes, Stephanie had reasons -- her father's abuse -- but still.

It'll be interesting to see how Stephen's seduction works. I don't think Pam will have any defense for him and she's going to fall head over heels in love. She'll be putty in his hands. Let's face it, friends, first love is powerful. Pam will not be able to resist Stephen when he becomes her lover. She'll become his disciple.

And Stephanie will be completely oblivious. She's so happy about reuniting with Eric and getting her family and Forrester Creations back that she's unconcerned with anything else. For those big-time Forrester fans out there, the dinner party had to be a warm and fuzzy moment. Although I have to wonder why Eric is so ga-ga to get Stephanie back. She's comfortable and familiar, but in her time, Stephanie gave Eric plenty of gray hair. What makes him think that she'll be a different partner now? It kind of makes his marriage to Donna look like nothing but a cheap midlife crisis. Maybe that's all it was for him...

Anyway, the Forrester family get-together would have been universally joyful if it had been more inclusive. Why does Eric insist on dividing his family into before and after? Brooke is Ridge's wife and the father of two of Eric's children -- Bridget and Rick. And yet they were all excluded. Thomas and Steffy were there, but as a reader pointed out last week, they're Marones, not Forresters. Doesn't seem right...

Eric strikes me as the kind of man who should be getting all the family together and opting for peace. But then he also strikes me as the kind of guy who wouldn't let Donna get away so easily and without much concern about his half of Forrester that she's going to win in a divorce settlement. It was so cavalier of him to assume that Donna will take property or cash or what's behind door #2 instead of her part of Forrester. She was right to assert that she and her sister's have earned a piece of the company. Frankly, if Brooke had some real gumption, she'd tell Ridge to give her half of his share because nobody is more entitled to a piece of the action than she is.

And no matter how she cries and wails, Steffy is not the heir apparent. She doesn't even have the design chops to do the job -- that's Bridget's domain! And what about the real Forrester heirs. When does Thorne get some respect? When does Rick return to his ascension? Kristin and Felicia were mentioned last week, but they have no presence. Which leaves Steffy like some diva on the rise and, truth be told, I hate her character. Mike wrote in last week's Two Scoops that her anger is misdirected and he was dead-on. She should want to lash out at Rick, not the Logans. And wouldn't it be brilliant if Rick took it upon himself to pick up the Logan flag and start battling the Steffy forces from within? He's done it before; why is he so under control now?

Not to be ignored, the Owen and Jackie storyline had some action this past week. He told her that he knew what she knew and what Bridget knows. It's only a matter of time till Nick finds out and that's when all hell should break loose. I don't expect him to take the news that Bridget cheated on him and is having Owen's baby with a shrug of the shoulders, do you? He's going to be... hmm? What? Disappointed. Brokenhearted. Anger. I can see him going through the five stages of grief like someone died, you know -- denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Until he gets to acceptance, I expect fireworks. And I expect Aggie to be there for him as a shoulder to cry on or something more, if she can wangle it.

There were some great letters in the e-mailbox this week. You can read them below and feel free to write us with your thoughts at Soap Central...

• I know this is old news, but the show where Ridge goes to the beach and builds a sign so that Brooke doesn't leave got me thinking... If he loves her so much, and can't live without her, then the feelings he had for Taylor and Caroline must not have meant anything to him. He acts as if the emotional blackmail Brooke has implemented (again) is cause for him to stop mulling over his choice between her and Taylor. I stopped watching the show after that day because Taylor, although imperfect, (as we all are) was devoted in ways that Brooke can never be. His first love, Caroline, has all but been forgotten--as if that love he shared with her and Taylor was just a glitch on his way to Brooke. I miss the show -- Stephanie, her sister, Taylor, her children, and (the late) Sally Spectra were/are favorites. Their storylines were riveting, but with Ridge deciding on Brooke Logan, the story lost its fervor with me. Steffy is losing it. Thorn is all but non-existent. Eric Forrester should not get Stephanie back after the barrage of women he insulted Stephanie with, but if, so, so be it. I wish I could watch again, but the Brooke and Ridge debacle just doesn't cut it for me. -- Brenda A.

• There's no question where YOUR loyalties lie. I don't think I've ever seen such blatant Logan-love in my life. How come when Steffy conducts her behavior in the exact same way Brooke has for the past 20-some years, SHE is acting like a whore, but when Brooke shimmied, strip-teased, cajoled, lied, seduced, tantalized (I could go on and on...), it was seen as "following her heart." Wife and children be damned, if Brooke wanted it, she was going to get it. I have to laugh at all the Brookies who cheered right along with Brooke during her exploits, that now can't tolerate seeing Steffy pull the same stunts. I'm not saying Steffy is right, but this totally smacks of double standards. And, for Brooke to call Steffy on the carpet for "using her sexuality," well, pot, meet kettle. Steffy has learned from the best. Remember, Brookies, while Taylor was presumed dead, you all like to give Brooke credit for raising the "Taytots" as you like to refer to them. There's no way this can be pinned on Taylor. You can't have your cake and eat it too. This is the legacy of your precious Brooke Logan. -- Sharon

• I know you are not a fan of Nick's, but that being said, are you serious when you state that Nick leaving Bridget after finding out that she cheated on him with his mother's hubby, got pregnant and lied to him about him being her baby's daddy would make Nick a hypocrite? Really? Why should Nick stay with Bridget after the truth comes out? Bridget didn't stay with Nick when she found out about him and Katie...she left him, as well she should have. When Nick finds out about Bridget's lies and betrayal resulting in her producing a baby with his mother's hubby (a baby that she will undoubtedly carry to term), he should leave her as well. Two wrongs have never made a right! Nick should also give his beloved mother a piece of his mind after he finds out that it was her idea to not only keep the affair from him, but to lie to him about the paternity of the baby! Shame on Jackie for allowing her son to live a lie all so she can hold on to her boy toy hubby! I thought blood was supposed to be thicker than water. Well on B&B, I guess that's just not the case! IMO, Nick and Bridget never belonged together. Nick looks too old for Bridget...heck, he looks more like her father than her hubby. Also, and more importantly IMO, they have NO chemistry! They were even voted one of soap's worst couples! I don't know if Nick will turn to Aggie after he finds out that he is the last to know about Bridget's keeping-it-in-the-family indiscretion and bundle of joy not being his, as Aggie knows the truth as well. But even if he doesn't turn to Aggie, I'd settle for him going off and spending some time alone. I'll just be glad when this train wreck that is Nidget is over and done with for good! - Carolyn

Thanks for reading! Till next time, see you on the soaps!

Allison J. Waldman
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