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Was it just a case of careless whispers when Taylor murmured Ridge's name while making love to her husband Whip? Um, no. It was the beginning of the end for Taylor's latest attempt to get over her undying love for the Ridgester.

Was it just a case of careless whispers when Taylor murmured Ridge's name while making love to her husband Whip? Um, no. It was the beginning of the end for Taylor's latest attempt to get over her undying love for the Ridgester. Oh dear, what's a woman to do when she can't even keep her head on straight when she's in bed with her spouse?

Of course, Taylor is not just any woman. This is a professional. A woman of accomplishment who is renowned for her cool-headed reason and intellectual prowess...and did I mention that she's a psychiatrist! What do you think Dr. Hayes would say to a patient who told her that she mentioned her ex-husband while making love with her current husband? What would Sigmund Freud say? If there was ever a prime example of a Freudian slip, this was it. Taylor Freudian slipped her way into a world of trouble!

I said it before, but it bears repeating, "Physician, heal thyself!" There's something seriously wrong with Taylor. She has to be more self-aware than she is. Are we really supposed to buy that she's never gotten over Ridge? If so, what on earth convinced her to marry Whip? When you're younger, you can be forgiven for romantic delusions, but when you're as old as Taylor, you're just a fool. And you know what they say, "there's no fool like an old fool!" (They also say "a fool and his money are soon parted," but that doesn't apply here -- heh.)

As ridiculous as Taylor has been written of late, Ridge isn't much better. It's been said many times over that Ridge can be a stiff, that's he's wooden. Add dumb as a two-by-four to that description. He doesn't even realize how his actions are inappropriate. Taylor's not some old pal; she's his ex-wife. His whole affectionate attitude towards Taylor -- the touchy-feely embraces, the private chats in her bedroom, even his inability to respect Whip's warning to back off -- is off-base. If the shoe were on the other foot, Ridge would be completely ticked off. You think he'd welcome Nick or Whip rubbing Brooke's shoulders, touching her hair, acting all cozy? You think Ridge would laugh it off as "no big deal"?

That's why, when Whip confronted Ridge and told/asked him to keep his hands off Taylor, I was on his side. Whip's trying to protect his marriage. And he nailed it when he said that Ridge wanted the blonde and the brunette! There's nothing innocent about the closeness between Ridge and Taylor, not when they're both married to other people and should maintain a respectful distance. Even Brooke pointed out to blockhead Ridge that he was giving Taylor false hope, implying that in the event of the end of Brooke and Ridge's marriage, he'd turn back to Taylor. By the way, if you were Taylor, would you want to know that you're Ridge's backup plan? Maybe she should have never married Whip and just remained available for Ridge. He could have put her in a glass case with the label, "Break in case of marital failure" on the front!

By the way, what was Taylor doing in the photo shoot at Forrester Creations? Jarrett was there to interview Ridge and Thomas about the men's line, but would they really choose a family photo of Ridge, Taylor, and Thomas to go with that story? As an editor, I would want Brooke in the picture because "Taboo" is all about those three -- not Taylor. I don't understand why Taylor's always shoehorned into Forrester fashion business. She's not in that business except by marriage! The photo shoot was as dumb as when she was handed 25% of Forrester. Doesn't anybody ever ask Dr. Hayes why she's spending so much time worrying about hemlines when she's supposedly a scientist?

Anyway, we now have a damn good conflict on B&B because I fully expect Whip to go after Ridge with vigor and venom. And Whip is smart. He'll find interesting ways to muck-up Ridge's life...probably with Brooke getting hurt in the process. If Brad Bell is smart -- and he is -- he'll finally let actor Rick Hearst show his stuff and play the villain role. That was how Rick won the Emmy on General Hospital; he was evil, but with a twisted sense of justice. The only thing that would make Whip Jones turning nasty even better would be if his cousin, Aggie -- actress Sarah Brown -- became his co-conspirator! Again, it's that GH connection. She was brilliant on that show as Carly when she was unhappy and vengeful. The nice Aggie is sweet, but she's disappearing in the background.

While I'm rooting for Whip to put the squeeze on Ridge, I'm also really hoping that Dollar Bill finds his spine and forgets about molding his noodle of a son into the next Spencer scion. The kid has no aptitude for cutthroat business, no ambition to bed women around the globe, and from what we've seen thus far, he can't write his way out of a paper bag! Why on earth is Bill suddenly so interested in advancing Liam's career when he barely knows the man? Instead of pushing him into the family business, why not build some family ties? They need to share some father-son experiences, like playing ball together or making a model airplane. What about trimming the Christmas tree with real dollar bills?

It was practically a side note, by the way, seeing Aggie and Nick have a nice "burying the hatchet" dinner with Owen and Jackie. Isn't it time for Jackie M. to rise up again and give Forrester some competition? Wouldn't you love to see Nick propose a deal with Spencer Publishing to create a Project Runway type TV show or online program to find a hot, new design team for Jackie M.? They could rip off Project Runway in a lot of terrific ways, and introduce some young talent into the cast ! There have been some wonderful characters who've emerged from that reality show; wouldn't it be cool if an extravagant character grew from that storyline? Jackie M. has desperately needed a Sally Spectra type to fill Darlene Conley's heels.

Seriously. I mean, how many times can Bell write about some hidden design talent for an out-of-the-blue character? Owen as a bathing suit designer? Pam's crocheted bikinis? Thomas suddenly designing men's wear, and -- my favorite -- Bridget giving up a medical career to make dresses! It's just too bizarre that Bell doesn't simply have Jackie M. recruit new talent!

There were some great letters in the e-mailbox this week. You can read them below and feel free to write us with your thoughts at Soap Central...

• Here is just a few ideas to mix it up. Bring Phoebe or Darla back from the dead. Hey, Taylor came back from the dead two or three times, so why not them? On daytime a funeral doesn't necessarily mean they are dead. I totally agreed with the column. I personally feel the writers are rehashing old story lines. I'm so sick of the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle as well as the Hope/Liam/Oliver. They have all these other characters they never actually use... Katie, Donna, Jackie, Owen, Thorn, and Felicia. It would be nice to see a new storyline involving some of these people. Also it would be nice to Donna or Felicia in a new romance with someone. -- Suzanne

• I'm a B&B fan from Australia and just wanted to write a few things on the dropped story lines. What about Marcus being adopted by Eric? I thought it was strange when they went ahead with that, when his natural daddy turned up, but what now that Eric and Donna have separated? They haven't shown him once talking over the split with his mum. Are we ever going to see Donna and Justin try and make it? Then there's Hope, who as a child was inseparable from her half brother RJ, but she hasn't so much as mentioned him since she's grown up. Where is he? Also Hope had a great relationship with Nick when she was a girl, but they have yet to have a scene together. I hope the fondness is remembered when they do. Also shouldn't she be calling Thorne, Uncle Thorne and Eric and Stephanie Grandma and Grand dad, since she grew up in the Forrester family? -- Stephen

• I am hoping that B&B does not continue with this path of incest relationship they are carving out for Brooke and Thomas. If that was the reason why they change Thomas's character then what a shame. Brooke is a scientist, maybe they can bring her back to the lab and maybe work with her daughter Bridget (the doctor) to do something meaningful. The show needs new life, meaningful life not this continued incest. Don't destroy the show and don't destroy Brooke. She can contribute so much more. Where is baby Jack and RJ? -- Maggie

Thanks for reading! Till next time, see you on the soaps!

Allison J. Waldman
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