Brooke's fallen and she can't get up

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Who is Brooke Logan? Is she the woman who went down the rabbit hole, the pop star who -- oops! -- did it again, or is she the woman who's fallen and can't get up? It may just depend on the day of the week. Help us decide in this week's Two Scoops column.

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OOops, she did it again. Brooke Logan crossed the line once again, despite all her protestations that she'd never betray Katie, she did. Katherine Kelly Lang must love going to work every day. She gets to play one of the most screwed up characters on a daytime soap. Every time it seems that Brooke's figured out her life, she falls right down the rabbit hole like Alice and gets herself into a world of trouble. Who knew all these years that she was hanging on by a Ridge?

I don't know what was worse: Brooke and Bill in post-lovemaking bliss or the very fact that they really did it? Honestly, what does it say about Brooke (more than Bill) that she showed no restraint at all. Katie was out the door for all of ten minutes after declaring that her marriage to Bill was over, and instead of going after her sister, Brooke melted like an ice cube in a cup of tea when Bill told her that he wanted her.

Look, maybe I'm old-fashioned or something, but Brooke had not an ounce of reserve about making love to her sister's husband. Did she even think of the consequences of her actions? My mother used to always tell me that family matters more than anything else, meaning brothers and sisters and children and parents. Husbands may come and go -- and they have with Brooke -- but her sisters and her kids should be paramount in her life.

Since going all the way with Bill, Brooke better be ready to endure family rejection big time. Donna will side with Katie, Hope is not going to forgive her mother's indiscretion, and I doubt Rick and Bridget will approve of Brooke's scandalous sexcapade. Was a roll in the sack with a stallion really worth it? Do you see a future for these two, and if they do stay together, their love better be the real thing, because they're going to be ostracized.

Katie is not blameless in all of this. She has been unrealistic about Bill. She married him and expected him to change. That, my friends, does not happen in real life or on a soap opera. Bill has been a crappy spouse and a pain in the butt, but she suspected that he'd be that way before saying "I do."

It was refreshing to see Katie talking with Dani. Granted, Danielle is no fan of Bill's, so I expected her to be super-critical of his actions. Nevertheless, it's about time Katie developed some friendships outside her family. There's only so much that Donna can say to Katie after a while, and Katie cannot talk to Brooke these days. It's also great to see Crystal Chappelle in action. Give that actress more to do, Brad Bell!

Speaking of Brad Bell, I have to say that I'm really disappointed in the direction of the show. Brooke's latest fall from grace is proof that she learned nothing from her relationship with Stephanie. She told Bill -- in bed -- that Stephanie was her idol. Really? Why? For two decades Stephanie disapproved of everything Brooke did. Sure, they bonded in the last few years, but not enough to change the past, or Brooke's memory of all that hatred she endured.

The new Stephanie on B&B is clearly Taylor. She's Stephanie, the second. She's not just the new matriarch of the Forrester family, according to Eric, but she's speaking out like she's never done a bad thing in her life. Did you hear how prudish she was about Brooke's Bedroom? That was pure Stephanie Forrester!

When Taylor walked into Eric's office and saw him inspecting the lingerie, she was like an old maid. Come on! Are we really expected to buy Taylor's outrage about sexy negligees and bustiers when she's been acting like a hot mama predator with Eric? After just one night of love with Eric, Taylor moved Stephanie's bedroom and never had a second thought about having an affair with her ex-husband's father. She never batted an eye about the fact that her lover right before Eric was his other son, Thorne. If Taylor is really a woman of class and integrity, how does she justify her twisted morals?

By the way, it was really gratifying to hear Bill call out Taylor the week before when she butted into his marriage. What kind of a psychiatrist actively goes to see a patient in order to spread gossip about the patient's sister? Taylor was an instigator, warning Katie of danger ahead, all the while saying she was there as Katie's therapist. It was also great that Bill mentioned that Taylor's been billing him for all of Katie's therapy sessions, even the ones when she's bitching to Katie about Brooke!

Apparently, all the stress of Brooke and Bill's relationship, topped by Bill's drunk driving episode, was enough to land Katie in the hospital. It's not unexpected because she's a woman living with a transplanted heart. The show didn't bother to show exactly how she wound up in the hospital. Brad Bell was more interested in showing us Brooke and Bill making love and basking in the afterglow. Perhaps he thought it would be more dramatic for Brooke to just receive a call from Dr. Meade. It sets up a guilt trip for Brooke and Bill that will be of epic proportions.

So Dayzee is not the angel we thought she was. Her attitude about Maya's potential romance with Rick was very snobby. Apparently, it's okay that Dayzee received a second chance for a good life thanks to Stephanie's intervention, but Dayzee doesn't want to see Maya enjoy similar opportunities? Why? It's hard to fathom because if I were in Dayzee's shoes, I think I'd feel just the opposite. Dayzee owes it to Maya to open doors for her, not slam them in her face.

Dayzee has no right telling Maya to stop seeing Rick. It's none of her business who Maya chooses to date. It should be Maya's decision if she wants to give Rick another chance at a relationship. What difference does it make that Rick is a Forrester? Why should only Caroline be worthy of a romance with the Forrester heir?

It seems bizarre to me that so many women on B&B are desperate for male companionship. Take Caroline, for example. She learned from Dayzee that Rick had been dating Maya on the downlow. Now, all things considered, why is Caroline fighting for Rick? If the guy doesn't love and want her, move on. Instead, we have this faux war going on with Caroline out to get Maya to keep Maya away from her man! It's really out of character, if you ask me. Caroline shouldn't want a man who doesn't want her. It's just that simple.

There's something very strange about Caroline's transformation, don't you think? This is the same woman with her Aunt Caroline's infinity symbol tattooed on her neck, and yet she's becoming a bitch on wheels when it comes to Maya. Caroline's not only territorial about Rick, but she's aggressively out to hurt Maya. She's not treating Maya with any respect or courtesy.

For a character who's been good since the day she arrived in Los Angeles, this quick switch to nasty rich girl who uses her status to get her way is hard to fathom. Is it possible that Mike was right in his Two Scoops speculation a few weeks ago that Caroline's suffering some kind of brain injury from the fall off Bill Spencer's balcony?

It might explain a lot of stuff, like her sudden phobia about germs? She never showed any of that before, yet at the porno office, she was comically afraid to even shake the producer's hand! By the way, how the heck did Caroline find out about the film company and make a contact in just a couple of hours?

If she wanted Maya out of Rick's life, wouldn't it have been smarter to use the ten thousand dollars to have her cast in a play on Broadway? That would have been kinder and more like Caroline's character. She's from New York, after all. She'd have connections there to get Maya out of her hair.

It's also quite a presumption on Caroline's part that Maya would be willing to do a pornographic film. And it plays into the notion that this is not the same Caroline who calls Dani and Karen her mothers. Those ladies would not approve of Caroline's behavior. If you ask me, they'd be very disappointed in her.

Pet peeve of the week came from Brooke at the height of her crisis management after the car crash. Did you hear her suggest to Bill that she could call Bridget to check him out medically? Say what? Bridget is in Los Angeles? Really? Does she ever see her mother or father? What about Rick or anyone else in the family?

I hope you enjoyed this Two Scoops look back at B&B -- and don't forget to read Mike's take next week! Also, please write and share your thoughts with us about what's going to happen in the weeks ahead, whether you agree with my assessment or not! Let's just keep the conversation going! Send comments to Soap Central, and keep on reading all the great Two Scoops here at Soap Central!

Meanwhile, here are some letters from the readers!

    • After watching Thursdays show I went back and watched some episodes of when Caroline first appeared on B&B. They may as well have renamed her character and recast the actress for all the current Caroline resembles the Caroline that was on screen before and it's the same with Dayzee and even Bill. I hate rehashing the negative but I am so frustrated watching this show. I feel the same way I did when Guiding Light's quality started to go down. I really want to have a positive for this show but I am struggling. I guess if there is a storyline I am kind of into it is the Brooke/Bill/Katie show guest staring the worst therapist in the world Taylor. When Katie is not around I am on her side. When she shows up and starts reprimanding Bill like he's a teenager, I am back with Bill. Katie has a legitimate gripe but instead of talking to him as an equal she gets more than a little condescending and acts like a shrew. Bill also has a point. His wife is ignoring his feelings. Even when he talks to her about it she placates him and does nothing. So I understand his frustration. -- Denise

    • I thought the Oliver mask-boink was bad, but Brooke sunk to a new low covering up for Bill's DUI. I'm glad Lt. Baker is on the case. -- Ron

    • I believe that B&B is just a circle, women going with each other's men they were married to and now Taylor going with Eric. Give me a break. I think they should bring back Ridge. I cannot stand Taylor and she needs to quit her purity act. Her family needs to get a grip. Rick and Maya need to fall in love and Caroline needs to get off of the show or let her and Oliver hook up. Hope needs to meet a totally different man someone who will fall for Hope hard. Steffy and Liam are awful together because Liam is so wishy-washy. Brooke needs a man of her own or bring Ridge back. Katie need to wake up and be a real wife to Bill he is quite a man, but do not let Brooke go with Bill or even make love to Bill. The producers need to come up with different story because they are going in the same direction from years ago. -- Esther

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