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by Mike
For the Week of July 22, 2013
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Rena Sofer has made her debut on B&B as Quinn Fuller, who's nervous that Hope is asking questions about Wyatt's paternity. But even Liam's umpteenth proposal paled next to Katie booting Bill from Spencer Publications! It's the return of Mike, callin' it like it is again this week in Two Scoops!

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Has your week been bold and beautiful? Did a necklace start to feel like a noose around your neck? Did you try to add syrup with your waffle? Did playing the percentages get you 100% slapped? These and more situations faced the Forresters et al this week!

How come all the good stuff happens when I'm gone? That's right, Scoopers, I'm back, with a thousand shout-outs to Tracy for filling in for me during my soapy return to Los Angeles. Laying one of your closest friends to rest qualifies as one of the soapiest things you can do in real life...so obviously, I didn't have time to catch B&B in my absence. However, I'm caught up now, and I feel the need to backtrack a bit before we tackle the current business at hand!

If we hadn't known that Hunter Tylo's final airdate was July 3, we would have assumed that Taylor had just gone to the bathroom after her disagreement with Eric. Where was the drama? No Eric getting dumped on his ass? No fists flying with Brooke? And where exactly did Taylor go? She can't have flown to Paris, because Steffy would have mentioned it, plus it would have assumed an off-screen Tridge reunion, which would have infuriated that fan base for being cheated out of seeing it. Talk about a non-event. The Huntress deserved better.

Rafael, the producer/director of Room 8, should know that you don't show unfinished work to the public outside of an official preview. Rick could have been just as upset seeing Carter on top of Maya once the episode made it online. Now Caroline is creating the show's scenarios and cheesy dialogue? What happened to the higher-ups that Rafael was responsible to when Caroline first suggested her scheme? And don't get me started on the corny "comical" music B&B uses every time we visit the set.

Again, Caroline is proving herself an ineffective manipulator, because she breezed by to fan Carter's flame and encourage Maya. After Caroline tried to sweep Maya into the porn business, wouldn't Maya be instantly suspicious the second Caroline showed her face? Thankfully, Maya knew something was wrong when Rafael sent her sexy scenes out on his email list. Casting Maya in a web series is timely and unique, but it's no way to come between her and Rick.

The real threat was Jesse, but we've not seen hide nor hair from him since B&B decided it couldn't afford Ricky Paull Goldin -- I mean since Maya saw Jesse at the club. Jesse could have inflicted maximum damage in Maya's life, and Carter could have proved his love by swooping in to rescue her. Instead, the swooning Carter busts a move on Maya and tells her that Rick never needs to know. Really? Mr. Stand-Up Ordained Minister suggesting an illicit affair? Carter lost major credibility points this week.

And either give Caroline something else to do, or send her back to New York. Even if Rick were to dump Maya over her steamy role (and at least Rick is aware enough to equate it with Forrester models hitting on him), it doesn't mean he'd take Caroline back. "Maya's still hung up on Rick," Caroline told Rafael. No, Maya's in a relationship with Rick now. Caroline's about run her course, trying to insert herself between Rick and Maya. How about she recruits Jesse to cause trouble and falls for the bad boy instead?

"Okay, what did Liam do this time?" Rick asked when he saw the distraught Hope. Finally, everyone's getting tired of Liam's shenanigans -- even Hope! Liam came back from Paris and declared he'd never leave Hope again, only to get an earful from Hope about him being passed off to his second choice because Steffy said so! Wow! Who is this stronger Hope, and can we keep her around for a while? She even walked out before Liam could "prove" his "love" by taking his wedding ring off!

What is the status of Steffy and Liam's divorce, anyway? Has Steffy filed the papers? Can she do so from another country? Do they have to wait six months like last time, or is the process instantaneous now like all other B&B divorces? It's kind of an important detail, considering Liam pulled a Ridge and went with the old engagement-ring-submerged-in-water routine. Don't do it, Hope! Not when Liam just asked Steffy to come home a week ago...and not when you've got hunky ol' Wyatt on stand-by!

Yep, Mr. Fuller has actually gotten viewers to ask the immortal question: "Liam who?" Wyatt is confident and suave, yet down-to-earth and witty. He's as self-assured as Liam was adorkable when he first arrived in 2010. Hope knows it, too, and it's given her a long-missing backbone. It's even made her cute and perky again, though a little of that goes a long way. Hope's new obsession is with what's hanging from Wyatt's...neck. What did you think I was going to say? Just because she saw him in a solar shower.

You know I have not been a fan of Brad Bell's storytelling for quite a while now. But developing a whole story around the telltale sword necklace is getting close to brilliant. It was a nice touch, building on an innocuous prop; it shows imagination. Even if potentially making Wyatt a Spencer doesn't. Everyone talks about how fertile Brooke is, but let's see: two long-lost children, one illegitimate miscarriage, and one in-wedlock baby in just four years? If you wanna stop harvesting crops, Bill, stop planting the seeds!

At least B&B acknowledged (through Rick) that Hope has already tried to help a probable Spencer find his daddy, but it's a revisit that comes off as uninspired. Besides, once Liam and Wyatt discover they're half-brothers, we'll be treated to a Y&R-style Nick/Adam rivalry, especially over Hope. Not exactly exciting or new.

Why couldn't we find out that Thorne is really Wyatt's father? With Ridge, Steffy, and Taylor gone, it's time for Thorne to take his proper place on B&B's throne. Or maybe it turns out Thorne is Caroline's father! Thorne and Karen were together, after all, and kind, gentle Thorne having a hellion like Caroline for a daughter would be an intriguing development. And imagine Caroline's undue influence on an impressionable Aly. Ah, one can dream...one can dream.

Let's talk about soap veteran Rena Sofer coming on board as Wyatt's mother, Quinn Fuller. I never watched her as Lois on GH, but I understood that Lois was quite the little spitfire. So I expected to see some spark from Quinn. So far, though, she seems to be fizzling out. Maybe it's just the writing, but Quinn's I'm-hiding-a-secret demeanor is too on the nose, and her rationalizations about the Spencers and their necklaces are very two-dimensional. Wyatt's stealing the show from Quinn, which surprises me.

I'm perfectly willing to be shown, however. It's quite apparent we're gearing up to have Quinn go up against Big Bad Bill Spencer, and maybe that's when Quinn will come to life. But Bill's got other things to think about right now besides having sired even more Spencer boys. (No girls?) Bill's contending with dear doormat Katie firing on all cylinders and firing Bill's ass from Spencer Publications like she was Donald Trump on The Apprentice!

What a sight to see! Bill has gotten away with everything, especially due to Katie always giving him a free pass. So watching her cunningly wrest control of his beloved company with one tiny percent of stock is the most satisfying thing I've seen on B&B in years! This is exactly the comeuppance I've said Bill's had coming to him, and having Karen on hand to facilitate it has also glued a smile to my face. "Consider yourself lucky Katie didn't ask for half," Karen advised. Sing it, sister!

Of course, Bill wasn't going to lie down quietly, and it led to a stunningly powerful performance from Don Diamont. The more Bill saw he was losing control, the more he ranted and raved. And thank the soap gods for Heather Tom, whose Katie has been giving us her best Victoria Newman lately. From smashing wedding photos two weeks ago to refusing to budge as Bill insisted Katie would destroy Spencer Publications, this duo has been on fire in scenes that would make Dynasty proud.

Bill just dug himself in deeper, declaring Katie's move would hurt Liam and Will. How, Bill? Your kids could live ten lifetimes off their trust funds! And all his talk about "this company that I have built!" No, Dollah, your daddy, Bill Spencer, Sr. built that company; he was making unholy alliances with Stephanie when you were in designer diapers. I loved Karen's reference to the original Bill, too, comparing father and son and saying that only power, control, and money were important to them.

And who should walk in as Karen hugged Katie? Karen's partner, Danielle! What a trippy twist, making us think for a moment that Danielle was jealous. Hmm. Maybe she should be! I thought I did pick up on a little somethin'-somethin' between Karen and Katie, though I know B&B would of course never go there. I wish Karen and Danielle could stick around for a while, especially since there were a few signs that Katie seemed to be wavering in her resolve.

If Bill Spencer appreciates anything, it's a strong woman who can play in his league. He respects it and is turned on by it. Remember how horny he was for Steffy after she manipulated Forrester Creations out of him? Katie's coup could just end up making Bill pursue Katie more. So stick to your guns, Katie Logan! Especially with sister Brooke coming in and making a case for Bill!

I know that many of you feel Brooke is evil incarnate, and you know that I've always tried to be fair where Brooke is concerned. But wow, was she out of line this week. Instead of tucking her tail between her legs like she usually does when she makes a "mistake," Brooke lashed out at Katie and demanded that she forgive her husband. Brooke told Katie she was overreacting, and that her takeover of Spencer was thoughtless and impulsive. Talk about harsh, Brooke! Seemed out of character to me.

Fortunately, Katie wasn't having it. "Only you would blame me for something you did," Katie seethed, and when Katie sarcastically "admitted" that she pushed Brooke into bed with Bill, Brooke popped off with "Pretty much!" Katie realized that Brooke's defense of Bill betrayed her love for him, prompting Katie to agree that Stephanie was right about Brooke being the slut from the Valley! Which resulted in Brooke pulling a Stephanie and clocking her sister right across the face!

Remember back in 2008, when Brooke slapped Katie for sleeping with Nick, who was engaged to Bridget? Brooke was right then. But she ain't now. And if Brooke is so into justifying sleeping with Bill, why doesn't she remind Katie about her own indiscretion? You have to admit, there is a little bit of karma going on here. Lots of viewers lost respect for Katie after she came between Nick and Bridget; Katie owning up to that might go a long way toward redeeming her in their eyes.

Speaking of eyes, did you see the look Katie gave Brooke as she cradled her stinging face? It clearly said, "You shouldn't have done that." And I am hoping like a little kid at Christmas that Katie will extend her calculated vengeance to Brooke! Wouldn't that be epic? Katie has learned from the master, and I am loving watching Victoria -- I mean Katie -- stand up for herself and cause some serious injuries! Now we just need her to really piss Bill off by seducing Justin...or Liam!

At long last, it does seem B&B is moving in at least a few different directions. What do you think of it all? Let us know your thoughts about Katie, Wyatt, Quinn, etc., on the Soap Central message boards or the comments section! Write about it in an email or leave a voicemail. Your comments could end up in a future column. Like these!

    • "It's amazing that the Spencer board approved Katie to be the CEO. She just suffered from depression a few months ago. Not to mention her heart problems. I agree with Bill that the company is going down the tubes." -- Ron

    • "Hey, what about a love story between Karen and Katie? If I was Katie I think I would want to wear off men for a while. Besides I think it's a damn good idea if I do say so myself! Think of old Dollar Bill's reaction! That would be fun to see!" -- Linda

    • "I hope stupid Katie is being used and abused by Karen and lives to regret this and Bill never takes that idiot back. Spineless Liam will again take Hopeless back for the fourth time; there must not be anyone else alive. Of course Hopeless will jump for joy because nobody is as good as she is. Liam needs to check for a brain." -- Lauren

Liam's been without that particular organ for quite some time! But that's not the only Point to Ponder:

It makes total sense that Quinn would be costumed with the funky necklaces she creates. Not so much that Wyatt would have a gushy conversation with Hope in front of Quinn, especially when she and Hope just met!... Steffy's infertility was supposed to be a big dramatic secret, with only Katie clued in. Yet Katie told Brooke straight off and then Steffy confessed to Liam, who immediately told Hope! So much for juicy secrets...

"I'm a much better match for you," Wyatt boasted to Hope. Pretty ballsy thing to say to a girl he barely knows... What was up with the bad Disney-esque music when Liam produced the big shiny ring? It made my blood sugar spike... "You don't know the reasons," Liam insisted to Brooke, regarding Steffy's departure. Actually, Liam, she does. And hmm...Brooke and Liam are both disenfranchised, alone, and they both lost a baby. Did anyone else catch a strange spark between them?

Would Maya really risk being late to a movie shoot just to play tonsil hockey with Rick? And why was Rafael narrating through Carter and Maya's scene? Room 8 isn't a silent movie; the cameras were rolling, and Carter and Maya had dialogue... Why did we have to sit through a montage of nine establishing shots of L.A. for Monday's episode? The montage of Katie cleaning out Bill's office on Tuesday was much more effective...

Loved the "Oh, No, Mr. Bill Spencer" headline on Rick's monitor, which was a quick reference to the '70s-'80s character Mr. Bill on Saturday Night Live... You know Bill is desperate when he actually offers to get marriage counseling, which he sneered through in 2011... How was it that Brooke was on her way to see Katie but inexplicably ended up at Liam's house, talking to Bill?... "No wonder you and Bill had an affair," Katie barked at Brooke. "You have the same twisted sense of logic." Heather Tom's gonna have another Emmy on her shelf next year, mark my words!

Ah, it's good to Scoop for you again. I'll be back next week, when hopefully we'll get answers to some very important questions. Will Katie cave in to Bill or continue emasculating him? Is Wyatt really a Spencer? And is Taylor still in the bathroom? There's some good stuff going on right now, so keep watching, be alert, and most of all, be bold!

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