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Every family has its problems, but the Logans and Forresters seem to have more than enough trouble for everyone. While one sister spies, another is a perpetual third wheel. And don't forget the missing in action text messagers. They may not have asked for it, but it's time to dish out a little advice in this week's Two Scoops.

Hello, my fellow Bold and Beautiful junkies! Did you know that you could fly from Los Angeles to Monte Carlo and back within a period of 24 hours? Did you know that setting up spy cameras on your lying, cheating husband is a no-no? You won't believe all the things that happened this week in Los Angeles!

Let's start off with Maya and Carter's Room 8 screening. I literally laughed out loud when Rafael rented out a movie theater to have a screening of an Internet show. I mean, really? An Internet show? You'd think that Carter and Maya were walking the red carpet to their blockbuster summer movie premiere.

Anyway, why did Maya have a fit that her boyfriend, Rick, who happens to be CEO of Forrester Creations, missed her big debut? Doesn't she realize that Thorne and Thomas came crawling out of the basement and are after his job? Come on, Maya, Rick has to focus on keeping his job right now. He really doesn't have time to spend in a movie theatre watching an Internet show. (Hence the word Internet).

Is it bad that I'm not really interested in this quadrilateral anymore? It was really exciting at first. Especially when we were teased with the presence of Ricky Paull Goldin. Why tease us with a phenomenal actor and only use him for one or two episodes? He could've brought some sort of bad boy image to the show. Lord knows we need it. (I think that's where the writers may be taking Wyatt, but I'll get into that a little later.)

Speaking of underused powerhouses, where is Rena Sofer (Quinn)? It really irritates me that she can come on for a week, captivate me, and then disappear. Please, writers, I beg you. Don't hire these powerhouse actors and not utilize them correctly.

Carter (played by the sexy Lawrence Saint-Victor) is kind of coming off as a bit creepy. If I were Maya, I'd be a little angry that a fine man like that let himself into my apartment and was waiting to make sweet love. (LOL...no, not really) Seriously, though, I don't like how Carter is being utilized. I would like to see Carter and Caroline hook up. I think they'd have more chemistry than Caroline and Rick.

Speaking of Caroline, I miss the funny, snotty, scheming Caroline. This reformed wannabe goody-goody Caroline isn't doing it for me. I hope new Caroline doesn't hang around too long. Linsey Godfrey's comic timing is spot-on. She kind of reminds me of a young Alley Mills (Pam). Pam always has great one-liners.

Let's move on to the Spencer family. Apparently, I missed the episode where Wyatt had a blood test to confirm that he was really Bill's child. I also missed the part where he legally changed his name to Wyatt Spencer. Did anyone else see it? If you did, please leave your thoughts about it or post a link in the comments section below.

Anyway, did anyone else laugh when Wyatt told the secretary that she'd be seeing a lot more of him? How about when he told Liam that he'd need some sort of pass because he'd be more visible in the office. I really like Wyatt. He's making Liam sweat. Liam has never really had to compete for Hope's affection. I don't think he likes it very much.

I swear, if I had a dollar for every time Liam said "you kissed my fiancée" or "this is my house" or "you kissed my fiancée in my house," I'd be a millionaire. That phrase is almost as bad as "we were robbed," "gondola," and "annulment."

A few weeks ago, I sang Katie's praises. She gave Bill the boot out of her home and out of Spencer Publications. Katie Logan Spencer was no longer a doormat. All of a sudden, she wants him back? My question is why? This man cheated on his wife -- twice. The first time it was a horrid emotional/physical almost turned full-blown sexual affair with Steffy. Thanks to Taylor's eavesdropping, nosy self, that affair ended rather abruptly. The second time, Bill cheated with his sister-in-law, Brooke. This affair was worse than the Steffy affair by a mile.

Katie, for some reason, went through the trouble of setting up spy cameras in the house to watch Brooke and Bill's every move. She needed to be sure that the affair was over and that Bill truly wanted to be with her. When it seemed like Bill got his head back on straight and wanted to do right by his wife and infant child, he found the spy camera and blew up at Katie (shocker). Katie then told Bill that she was sorry and begged him not to go. What?

At this point, I'm screaming at Katie through the television. Why are the writers making Katie look pathetic? In my opinion, the only thing Katie did wrong was taking Bill back after the Steffy debacle. She could've saved herself a lot of heartache.

Bill ranted and raved about trust. He can't trust Katie anymore, and his word should've been enough to her. Really, Bill? You want to go there about trust? Katie was not the one who strayed in the marriage. Katie was not the one who constantly lied and deceived. Bill, how about trying to see things through Katie's point of view?

Instead of trying to reason with Katie, he ran to the airport, hopped on the Spencer jet, and took off to Monte Carlo. He got there within five minutes, found Brooke -- who was sightseeing, and pulled her into a kiss. I guess Brooke's milkshake really brings all the boys to the yard.

Brooke, Brooke, Brooke. I was so proud of her when she resisted Bill's advances at first. I thought she really wanted to do right by her sister. For some strange reason, Brooke can't get Bill out of her system. She claims to love him. Yes, Brooke. You love him, but are you in love with him the way you loved Ridge? Remember him? Your destiny?

This storyline is very hard for me. Once upon a time, I was a diehard Brooke fan (Brookie). This latest scandal is really pushing me over the edge. Why did the writers go there with Brooke again? The same old adultery storyline with a family member's spouse. With Deacon, Brooke seemed genuinely sorry about the affair. With Bill, I don't see an ounce of remorse from either one of them.

Brooke and Bill are delusional. They're under the impression that they didn't do anything wrong. They only did what Katie told them to do. Katie was suffering from postpartum depression. Here's the thing: I don't care if I'm suffering from a hangnail. It's never okay for my sister to sleep with my husband.

There's a code. A rule. You never sleep with anyone else's husband, especially your sister's. Brooke should've shown more constraint. She should've demanded Bill to stop with all of his advances and put him in his place. Instead, she does this tiptoe dance around and caves in every time. It's sickening.

I'm really tired of the constant storyline of Brooke being an obstacle in someone else's marriage. There are so many other stories for Brooke that don't involve adultery or another unplanned pregnancy.

For example: a mental breakdown storyline. Ridge left Brooke over something as stupid as a text message. The text wasn't even an inappropriate text. It was a text from Deacon. She told him not to try to contact Hope and to stop contacting her. Ridge broke up with her over the fact that she hid the message. Ridge forgave Brooke for mistakenly having sex with her teenage daughter's boyfriend. You mean to tell me he broke up with her over a text?

After the breakup, Stephanie died. Stephanie had been a part of Brooke's life for pretty much her entire adult life. Then she died in Brooke's arms. Between Ridge leaving and Stephanie dying, Brooke should've had a breakdown or something. I would've really liked to see Brooke going through the emotions -- really trying to cope with the loss of Ridge and Stephanie -- not just jump from unavailable man to unavailable man. It gets pretty old.

Another thing that irritates me is that Bill loathes Hope. He has made Hope's life a living hell, and Brooke is still in love with him. I remember a time where Ridge kicked Rick's behind. Brooke couldn't stand to be around Ridge and broke off their engagement because Ridge hurt her child. What Bill did to Hope is much worse than what Ridge did to Rick. Yet Brooke doesn't seem to really care. In fact, Hope even pointed that same fact out to Brooke, yet she still shows no remorse. I don't get it.

I really enjoyed seeing Hope and Katie bond this week. It was really nice to see Hope return the favor and support her aunt the same way Katie supported her. My question is, whose side will Hope be on? Will she side with her mother or aunt?

I think that Hope will side with her aunt. She already hates the fact that Brooke went there again, and now the simple fact that she's actually carrying on with him, knowing that Katie is hurt? I sense a mother/daughter showdown. I don't see Hope supporting this. I kind of see Liam supporting his father, which will lead into a breakup for Liam and Hope. Enter Wyatt.

I'd love to get your input about what your thoughts are regarding this storyline, the show, or the characters. Do you see Wyatt turning into a little hellion? Do you think that he'll try to make a play to get into a top-notch position at Spencer Publications? Do you think that he and Hope are better suited for each other?

How do you feel about Thorne making a power play at Forrester even though Eric asked him first to take the presidency position? What do you think will become of Katie and Bill? Can Brooke ever gain her sister's trust again? Please comment.

Hope to chat with you all soon. Stay Tuned! Have a Bold and Beautiful week.

Tracy B. Lovell

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