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It was a week of breakups, makeups, and shake-ups -- and that's what we'll take up in this week's Two Scoops. Join us for a discussion of possible romances, failed romances, and romances that never were (at least not yet).

Hello my Bold and Beautiful peeps! It was a week of breakups, makeups, and shake-ups. Let's take a trip to Los Angeles and see what's happening with the Forrester, Logan, and Spencer families.

Rick put all of his cards on the table with the rebranding of Hope For the Future (HFTF). Thorne and Thomas were waiting with anticipation to see the line fail so that Thorne could finally crawl out of the basement and have a shot a being president and Thomas would finally have a voice. They were pretty much telling Junior to pack up his office. Did anyone else catch Thorne calling Rick "little brother" in the same condescending tone Ridge used to? That was hilarious.

Anyway, no one applauded as Hope, Maya, and the other models walked the catwalk. Surprise, surprise, T-N-T (Thorne and Thomas), the buyers loved it. Eric was proud and gave his namesake a pat on the back. He also told his first-born son to be a team player and stop whining. I would have to agree with the silver fox.

Eric asked Thorne to be president first. Thorne said he didn't want the drama, and he was just fine being in the basement, running shipping. What changed? I really wish Thorne would stop acting like he was banished to the dungeon. He chose to be there. Thomas is really working my nerves as well. Taylor made sure her little boy had a prominent position in the company. Tommy Boy is VP! They both need to stop whining, get a nice helping of crow, and go design something. Good grief.

In my last column, I mentioned that I wanted the scheming Caroline back. It looks like I got my wish. Caroline decided to inform her ex that Maya and Carter had spent the night together. Maya came clean with Rick, and he decided that he needed time alone. Rick went home after a night of celebrating with foreign buyers. Caroline showed up with a bottle of wine and a hot little number from Steffy's Intimates line. Rick, already a little faded from the drinks he had earlier, seemed to be all for some horizontal playtime. Gee, Rick, I thought you were sooooo in love with Maya.

The morning after, Rick looked a little dazed and confused. He told Ms. Spencer he was going into the office. Maya showed up, looking to talk to her man, and found Caroline wrapped in a towel. Caroline reminded Maya that Maya was a felon. She was no good for Rick. Carter was super-sexy and a successful lawyer who was totally into her -- and Maya needed to back off. Maya found Rick at Forrester, returned Grandma Forrester's necklace, and turned in her resignation.

Good for you Maya. The dude didn't even call you to try to sort everything out. Instead, he just jumped in bed with the next chick. This triangle sounds an awful lot like Hope (Maya), Liam (Rick), and Steffy (Caroline). Seriously, Rick didn't even try to get Maya to stay. He's claiming he loves her so much, yet, hours later, he's having makeout sessions in the pool with Caroline? He's so fake. Ugh.

Brooke and Bill have officially lost their minds. The new couple decided to move in together and would love to have their children blessings. I still can't get over the fact that Brooke and Bill had sex and tried to blame it on Katie. Now this? Brooke claims to be in love with her sister's husband. This is the same man that has tormented her daughter for the past two years. The same man who has called her a whore, slut, and much more.

Hope's response was on point. She reminded her mother that this was her sister's husband and that no matter how many times Katie has said she's done with Bill or wants out of the marriage, it's still Brooke's sister's husband and that he should be off-limits. No questions asked. She also reminded her mother that this is the same man who made Hope's life a living hell.

What did Liam do? What he does best. Stands there with that stupid, blank stare on his face. Typical. The only reason why Liam is supporting his father is because he wants Bill to like him more than Wyatt.

How can a woman love the man who has hurt her own child? Brooke broke up with Ridge for clocking Rick in the face, but she jumps into bed with Bill with no worries. I've been a Brooke fan from the day one. I stood by her when she wrecked Thorne and Macy (I was very upset at that). I reluctantly stood by her when she had the affair with Deacon, who happened to be married to her daughter, Bridget at the time. I even stood up for her when she accidentally slept with Oliver (I really don't understand how you can mistake a 20-year-old boy with your husband, a person who you've been with for decades). This time, the affair with Bill is the last straw. I'm officially Team Katie.

I loved that Wyatt and Katie did a little stepmom and stepson bonding. Katie let Wyatt know about his dear old dad. She filled him in on the fact that Bill chose to leave his marriage and make a life with her sister. She told him that wasn't Bill's first indiscretion. She told him about his fling with Steffy as well. Poor Wyatt looked like he was about to toss his cookies.

I was kind of upset that Katie didn't tell it all. I wanted Katie to tell him about Bill plotting to kill a pregnant woman, just because he didn't like her. I also wanted her to tell him all the dirt he did to Hope, Wyatt's new crush. The eldest Spencer son tugged on my heartstrings when he realized that Bill was leaving baby Will (played by Heather Tom's adorable son, Zane) behind. Wouldn't it be fantastic if Quinn and Katie become BFFs and make Bill's life a living hell? Or what if Wyatt and Katie hooked up? Oh, I can totally see Bill's reaction.

Did anyone else scream in shock when Brooke had the nerve to go to Katie's office and ask if they could be a family again? Seriously? Brooke is delusional. How can you ask your sister to be a family when you slept with her husband, got pregnant, and now are living with the man? Then, in the next breath blame Katie for her marital problems.

Brooke has yet to see why her relationship with Bill is so inappropriate. My girl Katie handled herself beautifully. Katie calmly yet sarcastically told her big sis not to worry. Katie wasn't going to have another heart attack. She's living her life for herself and her son. She reminded Brooke that she'll always be her sister, but their relationship will never be the same. I like this strong Katie. Please stay around. I'll be very irate if Crying Katie comes back, begging her loser husband to forgive her.

I know I wasn't the only one who laughed when Bill was trying to act like he was still CEO of Spencer Publications. I understand that Bill still owns 49% of the company. I think he needs to remember that he isn't the CEO anymore. Katie made that crystal clear for him by updating the monitors in the lobby. She replaced Bill's headshot with one of her own. Bill looked like his head was about to explode.

The father/son confrontation was of epic proportions. Wyatt let Bill know exactly what he thought about him. It looked like he wanted to choke him, but he grabbed his shirt instead. Wyatt called Bill out on his gigolo and father of the year ways. Bill listened to his son and then told him to never put his hands on him again, and to turn in his credit card and key card.

Bill also called Wyatt stupid and a punk. Really, Bill, you of all people are calling someone stupid and a punk? The same man who had the audacity to get loud with his wife for setting up spy cameras to watch his unfaithful self and sister. That just seemed to add fuel to the fire. It would've been amazing if Wyatt had punched Bill dead in his face.

Then you have Liam trying to be Mr. Tough Guy. "I want you out of my house by the time I get home." Oh Liam, you're such a silly boy. Didn't Bill tell you that it wasn't your house and that it was his house? I wonder how Hope will feel when she finds out that Liam "threw" Wyatt out because Wyatt was defending Katie and Will and calling Bill out on his crap, something that Liam will never have the guts to do.

I'd love to get your thoughts regarding a storyline or characters. Please leave a comment in the comment section below, on the message board, or even on the Facebook page. Here are a few comments that were posted by some of our Bold and Beautiful readers:

    • Alternatively, allow Katie and Wyatt to hook up and take over Spencer Publications completely kicking spineless Liam out on the way. Then bring Ridge back and let Brooke go running back to him, thus leaving Dollar Bill high and dry with no company, no wife and no family. - Sandra.

    • Great article! I agree what kind of a mother is Brooke? Bill has bullied and belittled Hope for three years now. He not once has shown an ounce of kindness toward her or Rick. Brooke is ok with the man and I use this term loosely. Brooke is "in love" with Bill. It seems like the only SL they can write for Brooke is her being a tramp. I'm no Brookie by any means but find something else for Brooke. I also think that Hope will side with Katie and that makes me happy. No one else in the Logan family has stood by Katie and given their support. - Paige.

    • Great 2 scoops Tracy! I hate the BRILL S/L. I agree TPTB should have made Brooke have some kind of breakdown. They should of left Batie alone & be happy. TPTB could have brought a new guy for Brooke. I want to see Hope dump Liam's a** ASAP. Get with Wyatt instead. Let Liam go back to Steffy. Better yet, Liam can go off to Paris to be with Steffy and hopefully never return again. LOL. - Linda.

Keep the comments coming ladies and gents. I love reading them. I agree with pretty much everything everyone has to say right now regarding the storylines.

I don't think that Brooke and Bill are meant to be. Brooke has never really loved anyone but Ridge and Nick. I really hope she realizes how inappropriate she is by getting involved with her brother-in-law, the same man who has tortured her daughter for years. I'm dying to see if Katie, Wyatt, and Quinn conspire to bring Bill to his egotistical knees. It would be hilarious if Katie fires Liam and gives Wyatt his job!

Rumors are flying around everywhere that Quinn might do some freelance work and design a few pieces for Forrester Creations. I'm thinking this might have something to do with the new HFTF line. Do I see a Quinn and Eric (Queric) pairing? How will Donna and Pam react? Will Thorne actually have a chance at love again? More rumors are saying that there's a casting for Alexandria. I think this might be a little too late. Hunter Tylo (Taylor) is gone. Aly could've come back with an axe to grind with Taylor for Taylor's part in her mother's death. That would've been an awesome story.

Mike will be back next week to give his Two Scoops about The Bold and the Beautiful. Until then, keep watching! Stay Bold and Beautiful.

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