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For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It's not just physics, it's also a rule of soap opera storytelling -- and some B&B favorites are finding that out the hard way. Find out who needs to cough up a few bucks to pay the piper in this week's Two Scoops.

Hello my Bold and Beautiful peeps! How was your week? Did you have your helping of crow? Did you sign a lucrative contract with a top-notch fashion house? Did you get a surprise marriage proposal? How about ask your estranged for an annulment? Or, wait for it, tell your sister that you miss her and that she needs to get past the fact that you slept with her husband? All of this and more occurred this week on The Bold and the Beautiful. Get your dishes ready, it's time for my two scoops!

Maya and Carter sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes Room 8, then comes marriage, then comes Rick all psycho and jealous. Yes, my peeps. Carter popped the question this week. I feel so sorry for this guy. He's such a delicious man, and he's so hung up on Maya, who is obviously longing for Rick. If Maya were any type of a good woman, she wouldn't accept this man's proposal. He deserves to have someone's whole heart. Not a piece of it. Also, if Room 8 was such a success, why is Maya still living in the shack above Dayzee's? Isn't Steffy's loft available? What about Bridget's apartment? What about Owen Knight's beach house?

Just when Wyatt thought he was down and out, in swooped his angel, Hope. Hope made a huge business proposition for the Fuller family. She wanted Quinn Artisan Jewelers to be the sole accessory designers for the brand new HFTF line. All of a sudden, Hope was no longer the spoiled, privileged little rich girl from Beverly Hills; she was Quinn's new favorite person.

Mama Fuller also noticed how Hope has an effect on her son. "She's A-okay in my book," Mama Fuller said with a huge Kool-Aid smile on her face. Quinn's smile reminded me of Queen Stephanie. You know that look she got when she saw the perfect woman for her number one son, Ridge. Man, I miss that lady. I wish Susan Flannery could come back as Brooke's moral conscience like Jerry Douglas (ex-John Abbott) does for Jack Abbott on The Young and the Restless.

Quinn seems like a go-getter. I wonder how she'll act when she gets a taste of the Forrester life. Why do I have a feeling that she'll set her sights on Eric to secure a place in the company? I don't know. I could be wrong. Maybe she'll hit it off with Thorne. Lord knows Thorne needs a substantial storyline that doesn't involve him whining about being in the basement. Enter Alexandria.

Rumors are circulating that the producers are on the hunt for a Caucasian female, ranging from ages 17 to 19. I think it'll be very interesting to see exactly how Aly will fit into this mix. I wanted Aly to return and give Taylor hell for her role in Aly's mother's (Darla) death. I know some fans want Aly to return and have an axe to grind with Hope. They want her to be jealous of the fact that Hope gets a fashion line and her dad gets the basement. I think it would be great if she came back hating her cousins, Thomas and Steffy. Here's why.

Thomas and Steffy are Ridge and Taylor's kids. Taylor killed her mother. Ridge is the prized son who has stock in the family company. Thorne doesn't. Tommy boy has 5% (he also has the voting rights of Ridge's 20%) of the company, Steffy has 25%, Ridge has 20%, Eric has 37.5%, and Bill Spencer has 12.5%. What does Thorne or Aly have? 0%. To have Aly come back only hating Hope would be senseless.

Liam and Rick had a bonding moment this week. Rick said he finally understood what it was like to be in love with two incredible women. Really, Rick? I don't think he loved either Maya or Caroline. If he loved Maya, he wouldn't have jumped Caroline's bones in the blink of an eye. I don't care what hot little lingerie number she was wearing. If he loved Caroline as much as he said he did in the beginning, he would've worked harder to make the relationship work. So please, Rick, keep your apologies to yourself.

Anyway, Liam was on top of the world that his devilish half-brother was out of "his" house and out of the Spencer family. When Liam found out that Hope hired Quinn's company, his blew his top. The hissy fit was hilarious. What was even funnier is the fact that Liam asked Hope if she even considered how he would feel about the fact that she hired Wyatt's mom's company. LOL.

Liam, Liam, Liam. You're such a silly little rabbit. It's not all about you, buddy. There's a new hottie in town. His name is Wyatt Fuller Spencer. He's coming after your girl, and most likely, he's going to get her. Liam had the nerve to talk about someone not respecting relationships. Really, Liam? You? Mr. Flip-Flopper-Waffle Boy? Please, Liam, sit down and shut up.

Does anyone else enjoy seeing Liam squirm? This fool is really a piece of work. He has toyed with Hope and Steffy for the past three years now. He finally seemed to settle with Steffy. He loves her, he claims. Not only because she was pregnant with his demon seed, but she understood him. Steffy bolts because of the miscarriage. He finds his way back to Hope. Hope asks for Liam to get an annulment; he says no. He has to respect Steffy's wishes.

Who else laughed when Liam had the nerve to call Steffy, tell her he missed her, and in the same breath say he needed the annulment? Oh, now he wants an annulment? He only wants it because he thinks that he needs to marry Hope with quickness before Wyatt swoops in and whisks her away. Yeah, I'm team Wyatt. I want Liam to finally feel the same pain and aggravation he put Hope and Steffy through. It's been a long time coming. Let me get my popcorn ready.

I loved Caroline this week. She wasn't being her obnoxious, spoiled brat self. It was kind of refreshing. I like that the writers reminded the viewers that Caroline was Bill's niece. It was nice to see the interaction between them. Caroline tracked her Uncle Bill down in Brooke's bedroom. Bill was ready to shut her down, but she said that she was pretty much in his corner. She told her sister-swapping uncle that he needed all the support he could get now that he was pretty much a disgrace.

This girl was on point. She reminded Bill that Brooke has never really kept anything going with any man for a long period of time. Well, aside from Ridge, Caroline is right. Brooke's relationships always end, and she'll always go back to Ridge, her true destiny. Bill is just another name that needs to be checked off Brooke's list. Everyone else sees it. Soon, 50-cent Spencer will see it too. The question is, will it be too late?

Brooke was acting like Taylor Hayes this week. Running around, meddling in other people's business. Not working. It seems like this woman doesn't have a job anymore. She was either trying to take a page out of Hope's father/son reunion book, or bothering the sister she betrayed at the sister's place of business. I wish she could've heard me screaming at her through the television.

How does Brooke do it? The woman sleeps with her sister's husband, twice, and gets pregnant. Yet, she still claims to be an innocent in the situation. Brooke asked Wyatt to hear both sides of this Bermuda Triangle-type of an affair story. After Brooke broke things down for Wyatt in her own way, Wyatt's attitude towards her and his father magically changed. Unbelievable.

I'm glad the only person, besides Katie, that's not cutting Brooke any kind of slack is Hope. After Brooke had her chat with Wyatt, she ventured back to her place of business and found Hope there. She tried to have small talk with her daughter, but Hope just shut her down. Hope's not trying to hear any of her mom's excuses. She's tired of them. Lord knows I am.

Katie Logan Spencer's theme song should be "Roar" from Katy Perry. Seriously. I was listening to this song a few days ago, and I thought to myself, yep, this sounds like Katie. Check out the lyrics.

"I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath
Scared to rock the boat and make a mess
So I sat quietly, agreed politely
I guess that I forgot I had a choice
I let you push me past the breaking point
I stood for nothing, so I fell for everything

"You held me down, but I got up
Already brushing off the dust
You hear my voice, you hear that sound
Like thunder gonna shake the ground
You held me down, but I got up
Get ready cause I've had enough
I see it all, I see it now"

Doesn't this fit Katie Spencer like a glove? Katie put BRILL on notice this week. Brooke and her delusional self had the nerve to walk into Katie's office, unannounced, to beg for her sister to see things from their (Brooke and Bill's) point of view. Katie told her scandalous sister to stop crying. At this point I'm screaming with delight.

"You got what you wanted, Bill moved into your house, and yet the crying continues. I'm the one mourning my marriage and here you are crying. Stop crying, and embrace who you really are!" This line was probably one of the best lines of the year so far. The way Heather Tom delivered this line proves why she is a five-time Emmy winner.

Katie is right though. Why in the world is Brooke crying? She got the man she wanted. What more does she want? Does she really expect her sister to give her a warm embrace? Tell her everything is okay, forgive her, and they can go back to the way things were? Yeah, I don't think so, Brooke. Try again. Katie was on a roll. After she told Brooke to cut off the waterworks, she told Bill she was leaving town and taking her baby (played by Heather's adorable real son, Zane) with her. Bill looked like he just got punched in the gut. Katie then went into a powerful monologue. She basically said she wasn't a perfect wife, she was sick, and Bill chimed in, "I did exactly what you wanted me to do." Katie turned and rolled her eyes. I rolled my eyes too. Gee, Bill, if I told you to jump out of the Spencer jet with no parachute, would you do that too?

The scorned wife/sister then went on to tell her soon-to-be ex that he should enjoy the lingerie and the giggles because it won't last. Donna will have a boyfriend soon, and Brooke will probably bat her eyelashes at him. Better yet, there's Wyatt and Liam. By this time, I was rolling with laughter, cheering Katie on. The next thing that came out of her mouth made me give her a standing ovation.

"Life with Brooke is like a carnival; enjoy the ride. When Ridge comes back, you'll just be another name on her list." She then gave Bill a sly smile. "Yeah, it's okay. You don't believe me. Remember this conversation, because the day will come!" At this point, I literally pictured Katie working as a circus ringmaster or something, trying to entice people to witness some sort of circus attraction. I've been saying this since day one! We long-time viewers all know that Brooke and Ridge are endgame. Point-blank.

Here comes Brooke with Baby Will, trying to make Katie rethink her decision about leaving for New York. Sorry, Brooke. The plan didn't work. Katie allowed Bill to kiss his baby goodbye. This is the life he chose. He chose to be with his mistress instead of his wife and son.

If I were Katie's friend, I would tell her that she should to do what's best for her. Be the strong, independent woman she desires to be. It's not going to be easy to get Bill out of her system. If she were ever tempted to get back with him, I'd have to remind her about the Amber mess, the Steffy debacle, pushing his mistress onto his son and forcing Katie to break bread with her, breaking Deacon out of jail, ruining Hope's life, and, oh yeah, sleeping with and impregnating her sister.

If Bill really thinks that he and Brooke were meant to be, he is surely mistaken. Bill is having second thoughts as to what he's done. Earlier this week, I noticed Bill look down at his ring finger, before Caroline came in and told him that he was Katie's one and only and another notch on Brooke's bedpost. I also saw a little twinge when Katie was breaking things down for him, once again, letting him know that once Ridge comes back -- or someone else -- it's game over for Brill.

I don't think I will ever understand how Brooke could really have a relationship with a man who has called her every name in the book, made her daughter's life a living hell, and happened to be married to her sister. No matter how much the writers try to have Brooke justify her actions, it just makes me what to slap her across the face even more.

I need Susan Flannery to come back and give Brooke a good old-fashioned double backhand slap like the one she gave her after the masked sex mistake (when Brooke had accidental sex with Hope's then-boyfriend, Oliver). If Stephanie's ghost doesn't come back to slap some sense into Brooke, at least she can tell her how disappointed she is that Brooke is repeating her old ways. Maybe Ghost Stephanie can come back and convince Brooke to go back and fight for Ridge, the only man she truly loved. This would leave Bill out in cold, all alone.

What are your thoughts on the current storyline? Spill your thoughts on the Soap Central message boards or post them below in the comments section. You could also send an email or call our 24/7 feedback line at 267.341.7627 and leave a voicemail. Maybe your comments could end up in a future column. Like these!

Katie to Bill:

"You wanna talk about what a judge would do? Well let's talk about that. Because when a judge hears that you left a woman who survived a heart transplant, who battled back from post postpartum, who gave you a child even though it almost killed her. YOU LEFT HER for her sister. I don't think there's any question what the ruling would be. And you would be lucky to ever see your son again. -- Tiara

"I have to agree with Katie. Why are you crying Brooke? Shut up... and that's was so lame. Katie is going on a business trip. It's not the end of the world. I thought she would say she was going to Texas with Stephen indefinitely. --Teresa

Bill can see Will. If he can hop on a private jet to go get Brooke, he can hop the same jet to go see his kid, why should Katie have to keep seeing her sister slobber down her husband? Its not unfair she is allowed to move. And she is coming back, also is super obvious Brooke wants Katie's approval because his dumbass feels bad that she is banging her sisters husband. -Naya Keep the comments coming, ladies and gents. I love reading them.

I can't wait for Wyatt to wreck Liam's perfect little world. It's about time Liam feels the same hurt that Hope felt for all of those years. Will Steffy grant Liam an annulment? What's going to happen when Quinn and Eric meet, and how will Pammy and Donna react?

How will Bill react to Katie leaving with his youngest son? Will Brooke be able to comfort her stallion? Will Bill have a change of heart and want to work this out with his estranged wife? Will Katie even give him the time of day? Will Maya say yes to Carter's proposal? How will Rick react?

Mike will be back next week to serve his two scoops about B&B. Until next time, keep watching and stay Bold and Beautiful.

Tracy B. Lovell
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