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CBS may have found success with its latest installment of Survivor subtitled Blood vs. Water, but if the characters on The Bold and the Beautiful have taught us anything it's that blood is not thicker than water. The tribe has spoken... in this week's Two Scoops.

Hello my Bold and Beautiful peeps! How was your week? Did your wife sign annulment papers? Did you take an overnight trip to Mexico to look at a knockoff diamond? Did you come back from a business trip only to find your husband and your sister shacking up together? Did you.. wait for it.. propose to your sister-in-law? Get your dishes ready; it's time for me to share my two scoops!

It looks like Steffy granted Liam the annulment. Now he and Hope can get married and live happily ever after -- but not if Quinn and Wyatt can help it. These two seem to be on a mission. To me, Quinn seems to want to lead the glamorous life. She already got a little taste of the Forrester life. She's been cozying up to Eric.

Do I see a Quinn/Eric (QUERIC) pairing? Anyway, I think Quinn likes what Hope can do for her professionally and personally. Where Wyatt, on the other hand, doesn't really seem all that interested in the business; he wants Hope.

Quinn stopped by Brooke's and had a conversation about their children. Quinn believes that Hope is a better fit for Wyatt than Liam. She claims that Hope is making Wyatt look at life differently. He seems truly happy when he's around her.

Brooke really wasn't objecting to the thought of Wyatt and Hope, but it seems like she's pulling for Liam and Hope. She let Quinn know that Hope and Liam had a history and planned to be married very soon. Quinn smirked and reminded Brooke that the lovebirds weren't married yet. We all know something is going to happen to prevent this wedding. As to what or whom it is? I'm not quite sure, but I have a pretty good idea.

Ms. Fuller, soon to be Mrs. Forrester if she has her way, met up with her son at Forrester. Wyatt filled in Quinn on the annulment papers being signed. She then concocted a scheme to ensure that Quinn Artisan Jewels remains a vital piece at Forrester. This same scheme will also help her son get the woman of his dreams.

It turns out Quinn does business with a guy named Ricardo in Mexico. Apparently, Ricardo is in possession of a knockoff Hope Diamond. She figured that Wyatt and Hope could go to Mexico to make a pitch to Ricardo, so they could use the diamond in the upcoming fashion show. Eric thought it was a brilliant idea and told Hope to go to Mexico with Wyatt to sell the idea. All Hope had to do was to sell Liam on the idea of her going away with Wyatt.

Here's my take on that situation. Why should Hope have to really run anything by Liam anyway? This is business. I'm still pretty ticked off that Liam even suggested that she withdraw the contract with Quinn Artisan just because he doesn't care for his half-brother. It just makes me think back to all the times Hope asked Liam not to have any contact with Steffy, and yet he completely disrespected her wishes.

Wyatt is pretty much doing the same thing that Steffy did. Interfering. The difference in this situation is that Hope has told Wyatt numerous times that she is in love with and completely committed to Liam. (For the life of me, I don't know why.) Where Liam, on the other hand, allowed Steffy to kiss all up on him or vice versa.

Hope reassured Liam that the impromptu trip to Mexico was good for the fashion line. When Hope and Wyatt met with Ricardo, he seemed a bit hesitant at first. Eventually he agreed to loan out the knockoff Hope Diamond. He then expressed how the diamond had brought many things to his life. He went on and on about how magical it is.

This is what made me laugh. When both Hope and Wyatt looked at the diamond, it started glowing like a glow stick or something. Then Ricardo said that the diamond brings love and how it's destined to be, or something to that effect. Hope then mentioned that her mom talked about destiny all the time, and she never really believed in it. That statement also had me in stitches, but I'll elaborate more on that later.

Wyatt then professed his love and affection for Hope and told her not to marry his brother. Will Wyatt and Hope fall under the spell of the magic diamond? I swear, the producers should've cued up Mario's "Let Me Love You." If you're not familiar with the song, please look it up and check out the lyrics. It's very fitting.

I'm Team Wyatt. I like him. He makes Liam crazy, and he's actually a better fit for Hope. To me, they have that same light, fun chemistry that Liam and Steffy had. This Liam, Hope, and Wyatt triangle reminds me of Ridge, Brooke, and Nick.

Back in Los Angeles, Liam told Brooke that he was happy that she was going to be his mother-in-law. He then asked Brooke to put a rush on the wedding plans. It's so obvious that this fool is insecure. Brooke said she was not really comfortable with Liam rushing the marriage plans just because he had competition with Wyatt.

I think she's right. Liam has never really had to compete for Hope's affection. He's used to people fighting over him. Now, Prince Liam is getting a taste of his own medicine. It doesn't taste too good, does it Liam? Ha-ha! I love it.

Katie, Donna, and Will returned from New York this week. The younger Logan sisters were having a heart-to-heart about their big sister. Donna believes that Brooke is truly sorry. She doesn't believe that Brooke would commit herself to Bill and ruin what is left of Katie and Brooke's relationship. Obviously, Brooke or Bill didn't get the memo on having sexual relations with in-laws. Brooke broke the sister code, and Bill broke the husband code.

Before Katie popped on Brooke's doorstep, Brooke and her brother-in-law had a midday roll in the sack. Bill was telling his new love that she shouldn't feel guilty for betraying her sister. All she was doing was following her wishes. Seriously? This man knows that his wife wasn't in her right mind when she was orchestrating this mess of a pairing. He should've been a loving, supporting husband instead of a dog in heat.

Mrs. Spencer showed up with Will in tow. Bill seemed elated to see his ex and his infant son. Katie left the Spencer boys alone to have words with her sister. When Katie got to Brooke's room, she found a sexed-up bed and her sister in her robe. Katie suggested that Brooke go take a shower or put on some clothes.

The writers have been writing great lines for Heather Tom lately. Brooke and Katie were having small talk about New York. Katie let it drop that she knew that Bill had set up surveillance on her. I guess it's okay for Bill to spy on Katie, but when Katie did it, it was criminal.

Brooke started with her "I never wanted this to happen" speech. Maybe she didn't. The fact of the matter is that it did. Brooke and Katie are sisters. Their bond should be unbreakable. As Brooke and Katie argued, Brooke thought that Katie wanted her husband back. Again, it seemed to be all about the man with Brooke.

Katie was there to try to make sense of what was left of her relationship with her sister. Men come and go, but sisters are forever. You can't divorce your sister. Katie said that there was no way for them to have a relationship if Brooke was still shacking up with Katie's husband. Brooke basically replied that the damage was already done and they needed to find a way to accept it and move on. I guess Brooke made her decision. Blood isn't thicker than water.

While Katie and Brooke were having words upstairs, Liam, Bill, and Will were having father-son-son time. Liam went on to say how happy he was with Hope and how Steffy had signed the annulment papers. Liam asked his father if he still had issues with Hope. Bill replied, "She's growing on me like a wart."

This is the same man that Brooke is head over heels in love with. The same man who has called her every dirty name in the book. This man is her new destiny. Yet he stills hates her daughter.

Katie left Brooke's love shack and returned to Spencer. Donna stopped by to get the gossip. Katie filled her sister in on her eldest sister's dirty deeds. Donna (played by Jennifer Gareis, who looks absolutely amazing) said Brooke would never fully commit to Bill and destroy their (Katie and Brooke's) relationship. Oh, Donna, you don't know your sister.

Brooke told Bill that she loved her sister and didn't want to see her hurt, but she was in love with him and couldn't let him go. Bill then chimed in that he was the one that decided to leave Katie and she shouldn't feel guilty. He loves Brooke and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Out pops the box with the engagement ring.

O.M.G. Brooke just sat there with the classic Brooke tear. Don't do it, Brooke. This is your sister's husband. If you want any kind of relationship with your sister, you'll decline the proposal and tell four quarters Spencer to get out of your house.

What is wrong with Liam and Bill? Shouldn't they at least wait until their divorces are final before proposing to their girlfriends? Bill is a bigger fool than I thought. If he thinks that he and Brooke were made for each other, he is surely mistaken. Everyone knows that Brooke and Ridge (Bridge) are endgame. As soon as Ridge returns to L.A., it'll be "Stallion who? Ridge is my destiny. We're unforgettable." Come on, B&B scoopers, you know I'm right about this.

Why are the writers taking Brooke down this road again? Isn't she tired of getting involved with relatives' spouses or significant others? Why does she have to be hung up with unavailable men? I would love to see Brooke in a different role. I'd like to see her back in the lab, trying to revamp or create a new BeLieF (wrinkle-free) formula. I'd like to see her play more of a role a Forrester. I'd like to see her do something constructive with her time instead of sexing it up with her sister's or daughter's husbands or boyfriends.

I have three sisters. I have a special and unique relationship with each of them. My sisters and I know that it's never, ever okay to have a romantic relationship with the other's spouse/significant other. That is something that you just don't do.

This column is strictly based on my opinion about the current storylines on the show. I'd love to know what your thoughts are about the current storylines. Do you agree with some of my viewpoints, or do you disagree? Either way, let your voice be heard. Spill your thoughts on the Soap Central message boards or the comments section. Send us some email or leave a voicemail. And then, there's a little thing called Facebook below. Your comments could end up in a future column. Like these!

• Why does Brooke have to have a leading man?? And why did it have to be her sister's man? Couldn't she just be alone and they write something else for her? Why must they have every man swoon for Brooke? Why did they totally have to sacrifice their one "IT" couple (Batie) for Brooke?? I get pissed off thinking about it. Ridge left her. So what? Pick yourself up, get a life, focus on your career, and realize you don't need a man. Instead she buckled and fell for the first man who paid her any attention. Never mind the fact that he is married, or that he was her brother-in-law. She is weak and just for once it would have been nice to see her stay strong. - Sherry

• I would love to see Brooke as a mature professional woman who is comfortable with her sexuality and who is also independent. Instead, the writers have Brooke as an insecure woman who can't make it through the day without a man smiling at her and feeling sorry for her. They have turned this character into a joke, and not a funny one. SMH. - Shani

• I see it differently. I'm not sorry for Katie. I'm mad for Katie. I love Brooke, but this is the first plot that's turned me off for her. I remember feeling kind of the same way when she was trying to take Jack from Taylor. I really didn't like Brooke being in Taylor's marriage to Nick back then. But this for me is even worse. I'm also mad for Katie cause so far, Karen has left her to fend for herself. I wished Katie used Wyatt to get some revenge. Brooke's half-hearted attempts to tell Bill no, and I mean AFTER they returned from Monte Carlo, are really irking me. I was totally confused when she pulled away from him last week in Liam's office. I mean, she's living with Bill. What is she pulling away for? And why can't she stay away from Spencer? GO TO WORK, Brooke! I love Brooke, like I said, but I do not recognize her with Bill. I don't like it, and I hope she does walk away. Maybe I'm mad at Brooke because after Deacon and Oliver, and after her deep relationship with Stephanie, I did not think they'd have her do something like this again. I just hate that she did this to another relative. I don't care about any other woman, but not to her sister. - Nunook

That's all for me right now. I'd like to leave you with a few things to ponder.

Will Brooke accept Bill's proposal? How will Katie, Donna and Hope react to the engagement, if there is an engagement? Will Hope and Liam finally make it down the aisle? Will the magic of the Hope Diamond bring Wyatt and Hope together?

Mike will be back next week to serve his two scoops about The Bold and the Beautiful.

Tracy B. Lovell
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