A bold and beautiful look back at 2013, Part 1

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A bold and beautiful look back at 2013, Part 1
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Looking back at the hits and misses on The Bold and the Beautiful in 2013. There was the grand slam addition of a sexy soap veteran actor taking on an iconic role, a few homeruns with new characters, and even a few strikeouts. Warm up your bats, Tracy is here with part one of The Best and Worst of B&B 2013.

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Looking back at the past year's events, there were lots of hits and misses on B&B. A grand slam hit out of the park was having a sexy soap veteran actor reprising an iconic role. A home run was the introduction of a new, spunky family. The misses, or dare I even say strikeouts, were the never-ending triangles, poor usage of guest actors, and missed storyline opportunities. Get your dishes ready; it's time to scoop out the best and worst of B&B from 2013.

Best Female Character: Katie Logan Spencer
Katie has been through a lot. She survived a high-risk pregnancy and postpartum depression. This year, she had to deal with yet another betrayal (as if the Steffy affair wasn't enough). She had to deal with the affair of her husband, Bill, and sister Brooke. Katie's portrayer, Heather Tom, delivered another daytime Emmy-worthy performance when her friend and doctor, Taylor Hayes, made the illicit affair public. The raw emotion was incredible.

Bravo Heather! Katie didn't let the let the affair keep her down too long. She decided to hit Bill where it hurt the most -- his wallet. She teamed up with her sister-in-law, Karen, and gained control of Spencer Publications. I love strong, independent Katie. I hope this version of her stays around in 2014. No more doormat Katie.

Worst Female Character: Brooke Logan
Brooke, Brooke, Brooke. I can honestly say that I am sick to death of Brooke's blunders. I understand that she was reeling from her breakup with Ridge and from Stephanie's death. That is no excuse for this woman to, once again, carry on an affair with a family member's spouse or significant other. It's bad enough she got pregnant by her son-in-law Deacon. (Girl, I get it. Deacon is very sexy, but he was also very taken by your daughter, Bridget.)

To let it happen again with your sister's husband? No. Enough is enough. Instead of getting close with another man, I wish Brooke had gotten close with her work. I'd like for Brooke to get back in the lab and create another formula or something. I'm tired of Brooke being portrayed as the woman who needs a man to function.

Best Male Character: Eric Forrester
Well, the best male character is definitely not Liam or Bill Spencer Jr., that's for sure. I thought that Eric had a pretty good year. I'm glad he stepped back into the role of patriarch of the family and the business. He's a good father and friend. I like the fact that Eric didn't let Brooke talk him into playing the role of "baby daddy." After all, his name isn't Whipple "Whip" Jones.

I also like the fact that Eric didn't take sides during the whole Thomas/Rick feud for President of Forrester Creations. I think it's high time the Silver Fox gets a woman back by his side and his bed. I know of two women who are definitely up for the challenge of becoming the next Mrs. Eric Forrester. What will Eric prefer in 2014? The blonde (Donna)? Or will it be the brunette (Quinn)?

Worst Male Character: Bill Spencer Jr.
I used to love this man. He had this bad boy sex appeal about him when he first came on the scene. Then he found love with Katie. It softened him up a bit. That's okay. Everyone loves a bad boy with a heart of gold, right? Well, I don't know what happened to that heart of gold; it must've turned into a heart of stone.

Bill has turned into a jerk. Not only did he cheat on his wife -- twice -- but he cheated with his sister-in-law. It seems like he's not even remorseful. He just blames Katie for everything. "You pushed us together! You orchestrated this whole thing," he grunted. I'm sorry, but Bill could've said no.

If he had loved and truly known his wife, he would've realized that she was totally out of her mind. If he had loved his wife, he would've never even entertained the thought of sleeping with another woman again, especially his wife's sister. Hopefully, Bill can redeem himself next year.

Best Comeback: Ridge Forrester
Two Words: Thorsten Kaye. This man pulled a Justin Timberlake and brought sexy back to B&B. From his Batman-type voice to the way he walks, I'm obsessed. I've loved him since his days on One Life to Live and more recently his stint on All My Children. He already has great chemistry with Katherine Kelly Lang and John McCook. I can't wait to see how well he interacts with the rest of the cast. But most of all, I can't wait to see how he makes the role of Ridge Forrester his own. I have very high hopes for this man.

Worst Comeback: Steffy Forrester
Who flies to California then France then back to California in one day? Steffy Forrester, that's who. Steffy was fine living a new life in France. She made a quick trip to Los Angeles to have a checkup with her doctor. She got fantastic news that the procedures had worked and she'd be able to have children again. Great. Good for you Steffy. Find a rich French guy and have a nice life.

Steffy was the one who decided to leave her husband and give him the life that she couldn't. (Even though she could have. There are several other ways to start families, even if you can't have a child of your own.) Why listen to Quinn, a total stranger, about your love life? She could've called Liam on the phone and told her former flame the great news.

The reason Steffy came back was because, deep down, she wanted Liam to sweep her up off her feet and say, "Great! Now we can pick up where we left off!" Poor thing, Steffy only wound up getting egg all over her pretty little face. If and when Steffy comes back in 2014, I don't want her mixed up with the same old triangle of Hope/Liam/Steffy. I would like her to come back, though.

Best Newcomer #1: Quinn Fuller
I love, love, love the character of Quinn. I like the fact that she's a jeweler. That's kind of getting back into the show's roots of fashion. She reminds me a little bit of Queen Stephanie and crazy Sheila Carter. She's fiercely protective of her one and only son, Wyatt (the way Stephanie was with Ridge).

We saw the mama bear come out of her when Bill wanted to be involved and play God in their son's life. Quinn wasn't having it. She gave him fair warning not to interfere in their son's life, or there would be consequences. She then scratched Bill with the sword that she had made him and licked his blood. (That's the Sheila Carter crazy coming out).

Rena Sofer is an amazing actress. I actually had her pegged for a recast for the character of Taylor. I think the writers/producers made a great choice in creating a new character for her. She's gorgeous and knows how to captivate an audience. I'm very curious to see how this new triangle of Donna/Eric/Quinn will play out in the new year.

Best Newcomer #2: Wyatt Fuller
Darrin Brooks has commanded the role of Wyatt Fuller, the eldest son of Bill Spencer. He's also a pain in his brother Liam's side, which makes me love him even more. Wyatt has this cute, sarcastic, cocky persona about him. He's very charming. He's not scared to stand up to anyone, not even the big bad Bill Spencer. He's also very perfect for Hope.

Wyatt and Hope share the same passion as Liam and Steffy do. Last week, we saw Wyatt and Hope get really "comfortable" with each other. I've never ever seen Hope act that way with Liam. I mean, her first time with Liam, they literally had fireworks, which I thought was incredibly cheesy. It wasn't that way with Wyatt.

Someone should've been in the room with a bucket full of water to splash on them. They were burning up the place. They have lots of heat and passion -- something she doesn't have with Liam. Wyatt is also completely committed to her. There's never going to be a "Steffy" situation with Wyatt, unlike his brother.

Worst Newcomer: Carter Walton
Lawrence Saint-Victor is too fine and too good of an actor to be portrayed as a creepy, stalkerish lawyer-actor-ordained minister. I mean...really? What's the point of this character? Writers, for the love of soaps, please give this man a decent storyline so he can show off his acting talents along with his gorgeous physique.

Best Parent-Child Reunion/Worst Missed Storyline: The SORAS of Aly Forrester
First, let me start off by saying that I absolutely love Ashlyn Pearce as Aly Forrester. I think she has this natural beauty about her that's absolutely refreshing. I just hate the fact that Aly was finally SOARSed, only to be thrown into the Hope/Liam/Wyatt mix-up. Why not have her come back to have an axe to grind with Taylor in regards to her mother's (Darla) death? That would've been a nice, juicy story for Winsor Harmon (Thorne) and Hunter Tylo (ex-Taylor).

I must say that the father/daughter reunion for Aly and Thorne was beautiful. Thorne saying that the best job that he'd had was being her father was very nice. It was just a moment that your rarely see on soaps. I hope to see more of it.

Best Confrontation: Katie at Brooke's birthday party
This scene was probably the best scene of the year. From the moment Taylor opened her mouth and exposed Brooke and Bill's dirty little secret, I has hooked. Katie commanded the room, screamed at all of the guests to get out her house, and then proceeded to rip Bill and Brooke apart piece by piece. It was an epic moment. I strongly suggest that Heather Tom, Katherine Kelly Lang, and Don Diamont (Katie, Brooke, and Bill) submit those scenes for their Emmy reel. It was that good. If you missed it, please YouTube it.

Best Confrontation #2: Hope to Brooke about Bill
It was nice to see that Hope was genuinely disgusted by her mother's behavior. Hope asked her mother the very same questions we viewers were asking ourselves. How could Brooke lie down with her sister's husband, the same man who had made it his life's mission to destroy her own daughter's happiness? Still waiting for the answer to this question, Brooke.

Worst Breakup/Exit: Taylor and Eric
I will never understand why Taylor wasn't really given a proper send-off. I mean, she just yelled at Eric because Eric chastised her about the way she snitched on Brooke at the party. I think Eric was right for checking Taylor. She's supposed to be a professional. I don't think it's very ethical of a supposedly highly respected psychiatrist to sneak into doctor's offices and snoop through personal medical records. I digress. For Taylor just to walk out of the bedroom and never be heard of again was just wrong.

Best Song Reference: Hope Busting the Windows
I could've sworn I heard Jazmine Sullivan's Bust Your Windows during the episode where Hope decided to tee off on Bill's head. Hope morphed into Elin Nordegren Woods and busted the windows out of Bill and Katie's house when she found out about Bill's role in busting Deacon out of jail for the Italy wedding. That was very entertaining.

Worst Use of Soap Vets: Ricky Paull Goldin
This story was supposed to be all big and bad and cause all sorts of problems for Maya and Rick. What happened? He showed up, they talked, and he disappeared. What? This man is a truly gifted actor. Why on earth would the producers bring him on? I don't really appreciate getting teased.

Best Slap #1: Brooke/Ridge
When Ridge brought his sexy self back into town, I thought Brooke was about to lose her mind. She looked like she fell into a trance when she saw him at the top of the fountain. Brooke quickly fell out the trance when Ridge said that he was sorry for leaving her. Brooke gave him a good old- fashioned backhanded slap followed by a full-on palm slap. Yes, Brooke, Queen Stephanie has taught you well.

Best Slap #2: Katie/Bill
I'm still feeling the sting of that slap Katie gave Bill when she found out about Brooke and Bill's tryst and baby. After Katie slapped him, she should've grabbed their wedding photo and smashed him over the head instead of throwing it on the ground.

Best Slap #3: Brooke/Katie
Katie told her sister that Queen Stephanie had been right all along; she was just a slut from the valley. Brooke gave Katie a look like: "I know this heifer did not quote the Queen." **SLAP**

Worst Slap: No Slap for Brooke
I want to know why Katie didn't slap the taste out of Brooke's mouth when Brooke tried to shift the blame of the affair solely on Katie. I didn't think it was very fair that Bill got the brunt of Katie's physical anger rather than Brooke.

Best Social Issue: Steffy's Miscarriage
I know that this probably seems cruel for me place this storyline into my best column, but just stick with me for a minute. Remember when Bridget (played by Ashley Jones) got on the stepladder for a stupid box while pregnant with her daughter Nicole? She fell and had to deliver a stillborn baby? That story was heartbreaking, but it let the viewers see what a talented actress Ashley really was.

This accident gave Jacqueline MacInnes Wood great story to sink her teeth into. Watching the raw emotion from the moment she realized she wasn't pregnant anymore, to the aftermath of guilt, was sad yet brilliant all at the same time. I really hope she submits those heart-wrenching scenes for her Emmy reel. She and Scott Clifton (Liam) had some really amazing, Kleenex-worthy scenes.

Worst Form of Extracurricular Activity: Bill's Mountain Climbing
Bill was so happy to be out from under Katie's controlling thumb. He was so happy he decided to take on free mountain climbing. So back to Aspen we went. Brooke and Bill were climbing the mountain, and Bill all of a sudden had a cathartic moment: everything that went wrong in his life was all Katie's fault. He had no control over anything -- his job or his youngest son. He fell. Barely.

I'm telling you, the producers really know how to hype things up. The way the previews looked, you would've thought Bill took a Humpty Dumpty fall, and all the king's horses and men couldn't put him together again. I mean, it wasn't even a fall; it was a slip. It was so weak. There could've been an awesome storyline: Half-Dollar Bill falls off the mountain, has amnesia, and doesn't remember any time he shared with Brooke. He remembers his life with Katie and wants her back.

Well, I guess in a way that kind of happened, seeing how Bill tricked the Logan sisters into believing he wanted to be with the brunette over the blonde. Too bad your little scheme didn't work, Billy boy.

Best "I Went All the Way to Aspen and All I Got Were These Stupid Leaves" Moment: Brooke Switching the Documents:
Brooke couldn't stand the fact that Bill had pulled one over on her sister in regards to signing over control of Spencer Publications. Brooke especially didn't appreciate being lied to about their relationship. So blondie got even by switching the documents with a bunch of dried-up leaves. When Bill found out, the look on his face was priceless. That move was the first baby step into Brooke rebuilding her relationship with her sister. I hope Brooke put those documents in the shredder. That was a very important loose end the writers forgot to tie up.

Best Wedding: Rick and Caroline
Finally, a couple that actually suits each other got married. Although I thought Maya and Rick were cute, I kind of secretly liked him better with Caroline. I think it's because of the way Caroline was introduced to the show last year. Rick was immediately infatuated with her. They couldn't be together due to Amber's shenanigans (where is Amber, by the way?), which drove Caroline to Thomas. Tommy boy got a taste of power, and his attitude changed, and Caroline didn't like new Tommy, so she set her eyes on Rick again.

To me, Caroline and Rick were just a better match. I think they complement very well. I think that besides Amber, Caroline is the only person Rick has truly loved. I thought their Thanksgiving wedding was very sweet, and the vows were genuine. Caroline looked very chic in her Forrester Original wedding gown. Since Caroline's portrayer, Linsey Godfrey, is pregnant, I wonder if Rick and Caroline will hear the pitter-patter of little feet soon. I hope so. I would just like a couple to be happy for once.

Worst Wedding #1: Liam and Steffy's Unconventional Wedding
First of all, no bride should wear a black lace catsuit to her wedding. Yes, it was a wedding, not a Halloween party. That should've been a sign right there that this was a marriage that wouldn't stand the test of time. Secondly, why not walk up the aisle -- um..driveway -- instead of getting your pregnant tail on a motorcycle? Some viewers loved it. They thought it was really cool. I thought it was really stupid.

Worst Wedding, or Should I Say Wedding Attempts: Hope and Liam
I don't even really have words for these two. The moment Hope saw Liam and Steffy making out in his car, she should've pulled Steffy out by her hair and beaten her down, opened a can of whoop a** on Liam, and never looked back. Why marry or attempt to marry a man who is not fully committed to you? His words say that he's committed to you, but his actions are completely different. For the love of soaps, please no more weddings for Liam and Hope. I can't take it anymore.

Best Triangle: Katie/Bill/Brooke
This triangle was so wrong in so many ways, but it kept me tuned in to the show every day. Yes, even though it was Brooke caught up again in another scandal, the way the affair started kept viewers guessing if they would really cross that line? Heather, Don, and Katherine have great chemistry together. This triangle worked.

Worst Triangle: Hope/Liam/Steffy
This triangle is supposed to be the next generation of Bridge/Tridge. I really wish that all three of these young adults would just stay away from each other. The constant flip-flopping of partners is not healthy. You would think Steffy and Hope would know better after seeing how their mothers fought over the same man. Why let history repeat itself? Break the vicious cycle, girls.

Best Couple #1: Pam and Charlie
Yes, I'm giving Pam and Charlie props. They are both very sweet, and they are crazy about each other. I love how sweet he was to hear during their whole courtship with the lemon bars, fake robbery, and Thanksgiving dinner preparation. They just click. I like seeing Pammy happy. She deserves it.

Best Couple #2: Hope and Wyatt
These two have amazing chemistry together. Hope seems carefree with Wyatt. She's not waiting for the other shoe to drop with him. Like Wyatt said, she doesn't have to worry about a "Steffy" with him.

Best Couple #3: Liam and Steffy
Just like Wyatt and Hope click, Liam and Steffy click. These two just seem more tolerable when they're together. Steffy isn't such an ice queen when she's with Liam. I think that Liam has more fun with Steffy. He laughs more. Just like Hope laughs more with Wyatt.

Worst Couple #1: Liam and Hope
I really wish these two would just give it up. They've tried numerous times to get married, and someone always seems to be getting in the way. These two could really be better off as friends, not lovers. They both seem to suck the life out of each other. Hope and her insecurities about Steffy; Liam not taking Hope's feelings into consideration after he made a video for her and then turned around and made one for Steffy; Liam getting all up in Hope's business life, demanding that she cut ties with Quinn Artisan Jewelers. I don't recall Hope demanding Liam take Steffy off of the Spencer board of directors. All in all, I just want the disaster I call Lope to end.

Well, I think that pretty much sums up my thoughts on B&B for 2013. My mentor and friend, Mike, will be on next week to give you his scoop on B&B for 2013. On behalf of the entire staff at Soap Central, I'd like to thank you for taking time out to read and comment on our columns. (Even if we don't see eye to eye on certain things.) It really means a lot to me. I look forward to scooping it out with you next year. Please be sure to check out the other best and worst columns for the other soaps. Don't forget to check out the Soap Central message boards and throw in your two scoops on the hits and misses of your favorite soaps for 2013.

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