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Katie signed away her position as CEO and Will's primary guardian. Hope sealed her new triangle of a relationship with the Spencer boys with a kiss, and Brooke delivered a special surprise to Bill and a heartbreaking blow to her baby sister. Get your dishes ready; it's time for a hearty serving of Two Scoops!

I have a question for all of my bold and beautiful Scoopers. Why is Hope suddenly okay with dating two men? I thought that she didn't want to follow in her mother's footsteps? I mean, technically, she's not. She's on a whole other lever. Brooke never dated brothers at the same time. Yes, she's been involved with brothers, but dating them? No. She was dating Nick and pining after Ridge, or was it the other way around? I don't remember. Either way, Hope needs to get it together.

I don't understand how Wyatt is accepting this foolishness. One minute, he's happy, dating the girl of his dreams. He's having great adventures with her. Then, a little pregnancy scare changes everything. All of a sudden, the girl that he's been sharing a life with -- and a bed with -- is confused. She's in love with her ex-fiancÚ. Well, Wyatt did come on the scene and inserted himself into Hope and Liam's relationship. Is this karma coming back to bite him in the derriere?

Quinn is right. I don't think Hope deserves to be with him. Wyatt has shown nothing but loyalty to her. I bet if Steffy or any other woman happens to show the slightest interest in Wyatt, Hope willl be Team Wyatt again. A part of me thinks that Hope likes being chased. She's been the chaser for years in regards to Liam.

I was kind of hoping that Quinn would turn on Hope. Everyone knows how fiercely protective Quinn is of her one and only child. I think I saw a little bit of a mean streak pop out in Quinn in regards to Hope, but then she brought it back to reality. If Hope is not romantically involved with Wyatt, where would that leave Quinn Artisan Jewelers? Quinn is a businesswoman; she's not about to let anyone mess with her money. It was time for Quinn to call in the reinforcements.

What's up with Quinn walking into rooms, houses, or offices like she owns them or was invited? This woman is hilarious. Too bad Bill doesn't think she's funny. Quinn barged into Brooke's bedroom, demanding that Bill make good on the deal they had, officially giving Wyatt the Spencer name. Quinn also demanded that Bill back Wyatt in regards to the Hope/Liam/Wyatt situation. If he didn't back her son, or if he reneged on their deal, she'd tell Brooke all about their (Bill and Quinn's) S&M sessions.

Of course, Bill seems like he's turning over a new leaf now that he's with Brooke. He claims that he doesn't want to get involved in their son's personal life. I know, Scoopers, I laughed out loud too -- Bill, of all people, saying he's not meddling. This is the same person who trapped someone in a gondola to keep his son, Liam, from marrying Hope; got a convict (Deacon Sharpe, Hope's father) out of jail to ruin Hope and Liam's Italian wedding; and, let's not forget, plotted to "get rid of" a very pregnant Amber when it was thought that Amber was pregnant with Liam's child.

Anyway, Bill doesn't want to interfere. But Quinn has a point. He doesn't really show a lot of support for Wyatt. I don't think he spends as much time with Wyatt as he does Liam. Should Bill give in to his first baby mama's request and support their son? Probably not. Should he give Wyatt his name? Yes. I would also suggest that he take a blood test. Just to make sure.

I understand that Public Service Announcements are sometimes necessary. I think that the topics of homeless people, cancer awareness, and animal abuse should be addressed. It's kind of refreshing to see the characters take a break from all of the drama and look at the real world. However, I don't want to see a week's worth of it. I swear I was just waiting for Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" to come on in the background. I digress.

It seems that Aly is blossoming into a beautiful swan. Her secret relationship with Oliver has been really good for her. Now that she's got a man, maybe she'll get rid of her teenybopper HFTF room. I'm just so torn with this pairing. I think I would be all for it if I knew that Oliver was really genuine.

This week, Oliver got a visit from the mountain-climbing deejay, Othello. He was talking about the Forrester mansion like he's never been there before. Didn't Hope date Oliver? Didn't Oliver have a wall boink boo-boo (which is why I think Ridge hates him) with Brooke at the Forrester mansion? The answer to all of these questions is yes.

I think Oliver really likes Aly, and the fact that she's a Forrester is a nice perk for him. If his feelings really aren't genuine and Aly finds out? I think she'll have a breakdown. Knowing how emotionally fragile Aly is, Oliver better slow down.

I guess that's not happening because Oliver surprised Aly with a weekend trip to the coast in Wyatt's trailer. Oliver very well knows that he's dealing with an inexperienced young lady. I don' t think a trip to the coast would be so wise. Tread lightly, Oliver.

Let's get down to the business at hand. Brooke finally showed Katie the documents she's been carrying around in her purse forever. Katie was not too pleased with her big sis. I can understand why. These documents dethrone Katie as CEO of Spencer publications, and they also give Bill equal time with his and Katie's infant son, Will.

For my new Scoopers, let me give you a crash course on how these documents even came about. As some of you already figured out, Bill and Katie were married. Bill and Brooke, Katie's sister, slept together. Katie tried to forgive her husband and rebuild their marriage, but the damage was already done. Katie and Karen (Bill's sister) teamed up to boot Bill out of the CEO seat at Spencer Publications. Bill then formulated a plan with his trusty lackey Justin to draw up papers, giving him his CEO position and equal time with Will.

His plan entailed lying to Brooke, saying that he still loved Katie, and that he was leaving Brooke to return to Katie. He lied to Katie, saying that his life was with her and their son. He wanted to return to her and be the best man and father that he could be. Katie, thinking that her life was coming back together, signed the documents reinstating Bill as CEO. After the papers were signed, Bill went back to let Brooke know that it had all been a lie -- he didn't want Katie, and he actually wanted Brooke.

Of course, Katie overheard him saying this to Brooke. Brooke didn't like the fact that she or her sister had gotten played. Brooke swiped the documents while Katie and Bill were arguing and replaced the documents with leaves. Bill lost, and the Logan sisters started rebuilding their relationship. All of this of course, was pre-Ridge.

Katie, being na´ve, assumed that her sister had destroyed the documents ending Katie's reign as CEO of Spencer. If I were Katie, I would've demanded that Brooke give me the documents so that I could destroy them as I saw fit. Of course, Katie thought that her sister was going to do right by her -- obviously not.

I know that I'm probably going to get a lot of people commenting that Katie is getting everything she deserves. Brooke did the right thing. Bill belongs at Spencer, and he deserves equal time with Will. Do I believe that Bill should have equal time with his son? Yes. I don't think it's fair for any willing father to be kept out of their child's life unless he is an unstable person.

I want to know why Brooke kept the documents. Why would she turn on her sister? I know why. She's being spiteful. She turned on Katie because Katie interfered with Brooke's relationship with Ridge -- the same way Brooke interfered with Katie's relationship with Bill.

I'm disappointed with both Brooke and Katie in this whole mess. Whatever happened to sisterhood? Why are they letting men destroy their relationship? Brooke might be sitting pretty on her high horse, but I have a feeling that her conscience will be killing her. She betrayed her sister yet again.

I'm still in awe at the fact Brooke is even in love with Bill. This is the same man that went out of his way to destroy her youngest daughter's life. This is the same man that cheated on her sister while they were married. This is the same man that called her and her daughter every mean name in the book. How does the song go? Seasons change, people change.

I'm also in awe of the fact that Katie hooked up with Ridge. Do I like them together as a couple? Yes. Do I like the way they hooked up? No. I wish he and Brooke had been completely over before Katie and Ridge decided to go down that road.

Like I said in my last column, I don't think that Bill should be kept away from his son. I also think that Bill has 49% of Spencer Publications. I think that he should get back to work. Should he be working as CEO? I'm leaning towards yes. Brooke has a point. Katie has Ridge. She has a beautiful son that she claims that she doesn't get to spend as much time with as she wants to.

Why not just let Bill go back to the company so that he can move on with his life with Brooke, until the next dude (probably Deacon) comes along? Katie can be happy with Ridge and her son. Katie will still have a sliver of the company. She's got a mansion and a pretty hefty bank account.

I think Katie will be hurt that she has to leave the company because of her own stupidity and another betrayal from her sister. It's not like the company was going bankrupt. Hey, she has Ridge. I'm sure she'll be okay.

Quick question. Where is R.J.? From the conversation Brooke and Ridge had, it seems that he's back in boarding school, and he wants to come home to Los Angeles? Didn't we see R.J. a few weeks ago in a soccer uniform with a trophy in tow? Now he's back in boarding school? What did I miss?

I wonder how long it will be before Bill cheats on Brooke? Think about it. Bill was completely in love with Katie. He cheated on her with Steffy. Then he cheats on her again with Brooke. He kind of, notice how I said kind of, cheated on Brooke with Quinn.

In reality, he technically didn't cheat on Brooke with Quinn. They weren't together. If that's the case, why did he hide Quinn in the closet? Why can't Quinn tell anyone about their midday rendezvous? Bill has a problem staying in a committed relationship. It won't be long before Brooke disagrees with a situation or she tells him that he's had enough to drink. It's only a matter of time before everything falls apart.

I did not think it was cool for Katie to send Ridge to pick up the baby. I get that deep down she's hurt and she wants to hit Bill below the belt. I guess that would be the perfect way to do it. But here's the thing. Why is it okay for Ridge to spend time with Will, and it's not okay for Bill to be in the same household with R.J.?

Are you happy that Bill is back in control of his life? Will Brooke and Katie ever have a sisterly relationship again? Is Aly ready to be in a serious relationship with Oliver? Has Hope lost her mind, dating both Liam and Wyatt? Share your thoughts below this column in the Comments section, post a message on the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit Feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column, like these! Check it out!

• Brooke claimed to be so disgusted when Bill tricked Katie into signing those papers. Now she is going to use them against her own sister, whom she claims to love so much to teach her a lesson. Where is Brooke's lesson about boinking every man she comes into contact with doesn't matter whose man it is as long as she gets to ride the mighty high. She truly is no good. -- Dani

• In the end, Brooke will hurt Katie. First, by her still having the papers, second by Bill getting his position back. While I think Bill is a pig and was horrific in what he did to Katie, he still should have shared custody with his son. But in the end, Katie will walk away the winner because something better will come for her through all of this. That might even be her going to FC. -- Sara

• Katie's taking Bill's job (regardless of the technicalities of Karen's involvement) was a means of punishing Bill. When Karen made the offer, there's no way Katie didn't think of it as the perfect revenge. Giving Bill such limited access to Will is also a way of punishing Bill. The child's being able to spend the night with his dad and Brooke is no more detrimental to him than staying with Katie while Ridge is living with her. -- Charlotte

• I think Wyatt and Steffy would make a hot couple. Of course, if that happened, Hope would decide that she wanted Wyatt back. We all know how self-centered she is (just like her mother). -- BlkBear

Thanks for flooding the message boards with your comments, Scoopers! It's really cool to see everyone's opinion on the various storylines. Keep them coming. I love reading them.

While I was checking my email, I noticed that I had an email that was sent back to me. I guess I didn't type the email address correctly so let's try this again.

    Re: Brotherly Love


    Girl, what in the world is wrong with you? For the past three years, I've had to listen to you whine about Liam. "Liam doesn't respect me." "Liam loves me, but he married Steffy, not once, twice." BLAH BLAH BLAH. You finally find a man who adores you, and only you. You have a few laughs and share a couple of good times. Then, a minor little pregnancy scare happens, and what do you do? Flake out and run back to Liam? And also want to date Wyatt at the same time? WHAT? Have you ever heard of birth control? What about using any other contraceptives? You're a smart cookie. At least I thought you were.

    So, tell me, Hopey, what is the purpose of dating two men at the same time? Even worse, two brothers? I could've sworn you said that you didn't want to follow in your mother's footsteps. I know I've heard you say several times that you would never want to treat anyone the way Liam treated you during that whole Steffy debacle. Was that a lie?

    Hope, STOP THE MADNESS. Make a choice and stick with it. Stop stringing these men along. It's not a good look. Is that the message you want to send all of your faithful HFTF followers? I think not.


Hopefully, this email will be delivered in a timely manner. Time is of the essence. I don't know how much more of this foolishness I can take.

A huge congratulations goes out to the entire staff of The Bold and the Beautiful. The show was nominated for Best Drama for the 41st Daytime Emmy Awards.

A special kudos goes out to the incredible actors/actresses on their Emmy nominations: Scott Clifton (Liam), Supporting Actor; Linsey Godfrey (Caroline) and Kim Matula (Hope), Younger Actress; and Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and Heather Tom (Katie), Lead Actress.

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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