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While Hope still can't figure out her love life, her mom has jetted off to the Middle East to marry the man the love of her life. Well, at least the man of the moment. But will anyone be there to catch the bouquet? Find out in this week's runaway edition of Two Scoops.

Hey, Scoopers! I hope everyone had a Bold and Beautiful week. I'm just going to cut to the chase. I'm really getting annoyed with Hope. Enough is enough. Quinn claims that Hope has class. What's classy about stringing two men who happen to be half-siblings along for a roller-coaster ride? It hasn't been that long since she went through a very similar scenario that involved her former stepsister and Liam.

I can recall Hope saying that Liam's decision should be easy. Nothing could compare to what they had, and she'd never put anyone through the pain she went through with Liam. Blah, Blah, Blah! Doesn't it look like Hope is pulling a page out of Liam's book? She wants to date both brothers. She needs to make sure she makes the right decision. It's going to be one of the biggest decisions of her life, and it affects everyone. **Rolling my eyes**

I wish that Wyatt would just end his "relationship" with Hope. I put the word "relationship" in quotation marks because I don't feel that you can claim to be in a relationship with someone and then tell the person that you've decided to date his brother as well. That's just not cool.

Honestly, Scoopers, I really don't care who Hope winds up with. I just need this storyline to be done and over with. I'm tired of it. I really am. I wanted Hope's character to grow up some. Why should she have to choose to be with anyone? Why can't she choose to focus on herself? She needs to have The Pussycat Dolls' "I Don't Need a Man" on repeat in her car or on her IPod.

I was kind of hoping that Quinn would turn on Hope. Everyone knows how fiercely protective Quinn is of her one and only child. I think I saw a little bit of a mean streak pop out in Quinn in regards to Hope, but then she brought it back to reality. If Hope is not romantically involved with Wyatt, where would that leave Quinn Artisan Jewelers? Quinn is a businesswoman; she's not about to let anyone mess with her money.

What's up with Quinn locking people, mostly Liam, in weird places? First it was the elevator, and now it's the steam room? Quinn needs to be careful; these harmful pranks could have serious consequences. Liam was okay. He was just steaming mad with Quinn. Of course he did what Liam always does -- whines and threatens to press charges. Quinn just looked on and smiled. I swear her facial expressions and body language crack me up.

I think that Scott Clifton and Rena Sofer have amazing chemistry together. I think it would've been so hot if Liam had grabbed Quinn in a hot, steamy, passionate kiss and proceeded to have a little adult playtime in the steam room. Wyatt told mommy dearest about his father's elopement with Brooke in Dubai. It was obvious that Quinn was hurt. She has a thing for him. She wants to be wanted and desired. She claims that she can give Bill everything he wants and needs because Brooke will only let him down and run back to Ridge.

The wheels in Quinn's pretty little head started to turn. She decided that it's time for Ridge to see the infamous S&M selfie of her and Bill. This selfie will prove that Bill wasn't loyal to Brooke, and Brooke will dump him. At least, that's what Quinn hopes.

Here's my gripe with the whole S&M situation. Brooke and Bill weren't in a relationship. They were just talking about getting back together. Brooke pulled the whole "time" card. Bill was growing impatient and decided to play with Quinn. I don't see that as being unfaithful. I see that as two adults have a good time, no strings attached.

How will Brooke react when she sees the selfie? I have no idea. Does she have a right to be angry? No.

In my opinion, Quinn is too hot to be pining over Bill. She should hold out for the original bad boy, Deacon Sharpe. I'm already predicting that Deacon and Quinn are going to tag team and wreak havoc in the Spencer/Logan/Forrester families.

I can picture it now. Deacon comes back from running from the law. He decides to make a pit stop in L.A. to get money from Bill and to see Hope. Only Deacon comes back to find a married Brooke and Bill. He then starts having flashbacks of the wild office rendezvous he used to have with Brooke. He decides that he wants to give it a go with Brooke. It's obvious that Quinn wants Bill. You see where I'm going with this, Scoopers?

I'm still very surprised at the fact Brooke is even involved with Bill after the way he treated her daughter. Bill went to great lengths to ruin Hope's life. Yes, he's apologized for all of the meddling he did in the past. I don' t know about some of you, Scoopers, but I can't really be with a person who brings any kind of harm, whether it's physical or emotional, to my child.

With that being said, Hope wasn't too pleased when she heard of her mother's elopement. Neither was Ridge or Katie. My question is why hasn't Hope encouraged her mother to reconnect with Nick Marone? Hope loved Nick when she was a child. I could've sworn that Brooke wanted Nick to adopt Hope, but I don't remember what ever happened with that. Brooke and Nick share a child together. Hope should encourage her mother to try to reconnect with Nick and Jack. She shouldn't be dealing with Bill.

Brooke nonchalantly flaunted her old/new engagement ring at Forrester. Ridge was disgusted at the fact that Brooke would get involved with a man a ruthless as Bill. He claimed that Bill wasn't worthy of being a part of Brooke's life or his son's. Really, Ridge? You want to play the R.J. card? Here's a question: why is it okay for you to help raise Bill's infant son, and it's not okay for Bill to raise your son? Yes, Bill is a jerk, but you're no prize either. I digress.

Who does Ridge think he is, snatching Brooke's ring and giving back to Bill? Did he forget that he was engaged to Brooke but couldn't get over the Brill affair? Did he also forget that he gave his poetry-loving girlfriend, or I should say fiancée Katie, a red string for an engagement ring? Yes, Scoopers, Ridge and Katie are engaged, and he's running around after Brooke. But wait for it, Scoopers: she's R.J.'s mother. He has to protect her. **Rolling eyes, yet again**

So, my LOL moment of the week was when Ridge took a swing a Bill and missed. Then Bill punched Ridge in the stomach. Ridge then got Bill in a chokehold on his desk. Meanwhile, Brooke was screaming, "Stop It!" Please. She knows that she loves the fact that she has two fine men fighting over her. Oh, wait, I forgot. Ridge is fighting for R.J.

I thought that fight was weak. I wanted to see more punches actually connect. Maybe Ridge needs Deacon to come back so he can show him how to do that roundhouse kick that he laid on him before. Remember that, Scoopers? Ridge was being a jerk and running his mouth about Deacon and Amber, calling them trash and such. Ridge threw Rick up against the wall. Deacon had heard enough of Ridge's mouth and gave him a roundhouse kick to the face and the stomach. That was a good fight!

Tell me something, Scoopers. Is it appropriate for you to tell someone that you love them and you only want to protect them while you're engaged to be married to someone else? Exactly. The answer is no. Here's my other question: why is Katie still with Ridge?

Katie knows darn well that Ridge and Brooke do the same song and dance every few years or so. One of them gets involved with someone else, the other whines and pines away for the other, and they wind up leaving their newfound "loves" for a magical reunion. Those words already came out of her mouth. Is she still with Ridge to try to one-up Brooke? Like "Oh you took the love of my life, so I'll take yours, now we're even"? I don't get it. Katie girl, the writing is on the wall. Ridge still wants Brooke.

Katie and Brooke had great dialogue this week. Brooke stopped by to let Katie know about the trip to Dubai and her upcoming wedding to Bill. Katie's reaction was warranted. I can imagine it's not easy to watch the man that you loved more than life itself and your sister -- your best friend -- get married. I just don't understand why she feels it was okay to do the same thing with regard to Ridge. Los Angeles is a huge city. Heck, the state of California is enormous. I seriously doubt that these women can't find a single guy, who has no ties to their family, to date.

After Ridge and Bill's brawl, Bill decided to give R.J. a special gift. Since R.J.'s going to be his stepson, Bill thought it was only proper for R.J. to have a Spencer sword necklace. Ridge looked like Bill had stabbed him with the sword himself when he saw R.J. wearing it during their Facetime chat, which has me thinking. When did R.J. return to boarding school? I thought Ridge brought him home?

Do I think that Brooke is genuinely happy with Bill? No, not really. I think she's unintentionally using him as a bed warmer until she and Ridge get back together. The same goes for Ridge and Katie. It doesn't matter how many times Ridge says they he and Brooke grew apart or Brooke says Bill is loyal, it doesn't change the fact that she only, truly wants Ridge. Again, this is only my opinion.

I'm not sure if this wedding in Dubai is actually going to happen. I have a feeling that the S&M selfie will get into the wrong hands.

Moving on to the Aly/Thorne/Taylor/Oliver confrontation. I thought that this confrontation had the opportunity to be epic. It had potential to expand into Aly's rage. We could also see Taylor really struggle with the fact that she was responsible for taking someone else's life, even though it was unintentional. Yes, we did see Taylor go through the motions a few years back when everything happened. I just think it would've been great if we could really see a grown Aly interact with Taylor for more than five minutes.

I would've liked to see Taylor and Thorne maybe sneak around in Los Angeles. It would have been great if Aly had walked in on Taylor and Thorne like she walked in on Wyatt and Hope. I wouldn't want Aly to have a psycho killer reaction. I would've wanted her to stay calm, leave the room, and plot her revenge. Maybe tamper with Taylor's brakes, switch her medication, or even spike her iced tea. I don't know. I wanted Aly to do something diabolical. I'm talking Sheila Carter diabolical.

Instead, I get a few minutes of a teenager crying and yelling and a grown woman getting loud and snippy with the teenager. Did anyone else notice that? I thought Taylor needed to calm down a bit. What would've been really good is if Ghost Darla had appeared to Aly, all battered and bruised. Aly would have surely taken a nice swing with that axe.

Taylor shouldn't have told the girl about her relationship with Thorne in the first place. That information should have came from Thorne. Anyway, I am mad that it all ended with a big hug-it-out fest. I just wanted the story stretched out more so I could see more of the delicious Winsor Harmon.

When did Oliver turn into a younger version of Dr. Phil? I know he was trying to help Aly with her anger, but come on. I think that the whole situation has shown that Ollie is actually serious about his feelings for Aly, or should I say Ms. F? I wish Maya were there to witness everything. Maybe she would get off her quest to protect Aly from Oliver. I didn't know that Aly needed protection. I also didn't know that Maya and Aly were besties. I think Maya needs to focus on walking down the aisle with her man instead of recording conversations without the consent of the other party.

By the way, can someone please tell me why Maya was in an executive board meeting? Wait a minute, before I go off on her, I think she is the HFTF lead spokesmodel, and it was an HFTF jewelry meeting, so I guess she could have a say in designs or whatever.

This week, I've heard Donna, Brooke, and Hope sing Bill's praises on how loyal he is to Brooke. Bill is only loyal to himself. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Think about it. Bill was completely in love with Katie. He cheated on her with Steffy. Then he cheated on her again with Brooke. He kind of (notice how I said kind of) cheated on Brooke with Quinn.

In reality, he technically didn't cheat on Brooke with Quinn. They weren't together. If that's the case, why did he hide Quinn in the closet? Bill has a problem staying in a committed relationship. It won't be long before Brooke disagrees with a situation or she tells him that he's had enough to drink. It's only a matter of time before everything falls apart.

Do you think that Brooke and Bill will marry in the beautiful country of Dubai? Will Quinn expose her S&M session with Bill to Ridge? Does Katie have Ridge's whole heart? Or does she have to share another man with her sister yet again? Do you agree with Hope playing with the Spencer boys' emotions? Share your thoughts below this column in the Comments section, post a message on the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit Feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column, like these! Check it out!

• I used to be one of Hope's steadiest supporters. However, she's a sad version of a woman since she decided to date two men...and began waffling around. One would think that she had learned something from watching Ridge and Liam (champion wafflers), and the harm they have done. I'd like to see Wyatt with a woman who deserves him...and Hope doesn't. She is too immature to realize that love is more than a kitten. -- Penny

• I'm sorry but I've seen what a happy Brooke looks like and this is not It. She's faking it. She wants to believe that she's doing the right thing by marrying Bill. She's settling for him because he adores her and because she is in pain. Deep down inside she wants Ridge and Only Ridge. I've seen happy Brooke when she was about to marry Nick and Ridge. With both men you could see REAL joy coming out of her. There was something genuine about her interactions with both men. With Bill she's just Really trying way too hard. She wants to convince herself of something. I'm sorry but Bill is really in love but Brooke is on a rebound. I know Brill fans won't agree or won't like this, but I think deep down inside Brooke wants Ridge to come rescue her LOL. The more I see Brill together the more I'm convinced that Brooke will dump Bill before the summer ends and will run back to her "destiny". -- Leah1986

• I just took a real good look at that selfie and Bill's eyes are closed, looks like he is sleeping. He can get out of this pretty easy. He got drunk, passed out, Quinn hops in bed, takes picture. But because he let her blackmail him (pretty stupid for such a smart man, he didn't learn anything from letting Steffy blackmail him), he has all these problems. Back when Steffy blackmailed him I said he should have told Katie that she came over, he tried to get her to leave, and she went into the bedroom and stole the ring. Katie would have believed it, but that's how the Forresters' got the company back. Sometimes Bill is just not that smart. -- SunshineLizzy

Thanks for flooding the message boards with your comments, Scoopers! It's really cool to see everyone's opinion on the various storylines. Keep them coming. I love reading them. I'm in total agreement with all of the comments stated above. I truly feel that Brooke is just going through the motions. The only real time that I've seen Brooke truly happy was when she was with Ridge or Nick. I'm hoping that the powers that be could make a Bricky reunion happen. Scoopers, I just had a brainstorm. I know lots of people are hoping that Steffy will come back and rock Hope's world again. Wouldn't that be too obvious? What if someone came in and started to notice Liam or Wyatt? What if that person was Hope's sister, Bridget? Personally, I loved Bridget and Nick together, but it looks like that storyline faded when it was revealed that Owen, and not Nick, fathered Logan. Anyway, I think that Bridget and Liam would be kind of hot. I wonder how Hope would react if they hooked up? Naturally, this would happen when Hope finally makes her decision and chooses to spend her life with Wyatt. Enter Bridget. She and Liam click. Hope will then want to be with Liam. Forget Wyatt. Right?? What do you think? Post your thoughts in the comment section. I think that I need to send my girl Katie an email. It's time for her to keep it real.

    Re: Keeping it Real.

    Katie --

    Girl, I know you're not blind or stupid. It's pretty obvious that Ridge is still in love with Brooke. You deserve better. You're a beautiful, smart, and successful woman. L.A. is a huge city. Find yourself a man who has no ties with Brooke. You deserve to be happy. Even though Ridge is sweet, sexy, and fine, we all know that his heart belongs with Brooke. No matter how much he says he's changed and that he and Brooke have grown apart, they're like magnets. They always find their way back together. But hey, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you're the woman who can officially burn down "Bridge." I just hope you don't lose yourself in the process. We all know that your heart can't take it.

    -- Tracy

Hopefully, Katie will take my advice and do some self-reflection.

Did anyone else crack up when Quinn said that Wyatt was more of a woman that she was? That Quinn is hilarious. I love her.

R.J. told Ridge that only three other people had the Spencer sword. If my memory serves me correctly, didn't Bill have a sword made for his then-sidepiece-turned-daughter-in-law, Steffy?

**In casting news**

The role of Ivy Forrester, niece of Eric Forrester, has been cast. Rumor has it that Ashleigh will be a new designer for HFTF, and she'll be mixing it up with the younger generation of the show. Could Ivy be a thorn in Hope's side? Get all the details here.

Mike will be back on next week to cover the blessed union of Bill and Brooke in Dubai. I've got five dollars saying that this wedding doesn't happen. Any wagers? Until next time, Keep Calm and stay Bold and Beautiful.

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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